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Rachel Vincent Quote: “Relief washed over me like that first air-conditioned breeze on a hot summer day.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’m glad you think so. I’ve always considered my sense of humor to be largely underappreciated, so it’s nice to finally meet a fan.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Kaylee, you’re adding two and two and coming up with seven.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Great. I’m psychotic and sparkly.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Anger is great. It’s powerful, when you need something to hold you up. Something to steel your spine. But in the dark, when you’re alone with the truth, anger can’t survive. The only thing that can live in the dark with you is fear.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “What matters is the face you show the world, not the quaking mess behind it.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Ethan was loyal and funny and protective. When we were little, he was the brother most likely to make me cry – and mostly likely to wipe away my tears.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “He went down like a cheerleader after prom.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Then strong, warm arms wrapped around me from behind. “I’ve got you,” Tod whispered in my ear.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “The problem with getting everything you want in life is that you’re not prepared for disappointment when it comes.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Welcome to the menagerie, where beauty and grace shine from every cage and peek from every shadow. You’ve never seen anything like the exotic wonders within, so keep your eyes open, ladies and gentlemen, because in our world of spectacle and illusion, what you see isn’t always what you get.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “If she were going to die, I’d already be screaming. I’m a Banshee. That’s what we do.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I wanted more firsts with Tod. But all I had left was a handful of lasts.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “In the office, Michael sat behind our father’s desk, clicking away at the computer with his right hand, and making notes with his left. Ambidextrous freak.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Survival strategy. If you’re not careful, this place will eat you alive, and Kaylee’s like bait for the beasts.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I liked that about her. I liked how laid back she was, when she wasn’t trying to stab me.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “The school sent you flowers. I’m sure that totally makes up for the fact that they hired the psychotic, soul-stealing pedophile who murdered you in your own home.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “From adult diapers to bedpans? Move over, Elvis, I’m the afterlife of the party!”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “When he finally stopped calling, the hush felt strange. It felt like the whole world went silent when Marc did, as if I could see peoples mouths moving, but I couldnt hear what they were saying. Like I’d gone deaf.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “He’s like the Rasputin of reapers.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Oh fine. I’ll play nice with the pretty people.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “The moment the door opened I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable. Whether I’d be giving it or receiving it was still a bit of a mystery.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Think of it as a second opinion on his value. If he wasn’t worth the fight, wouldn’t she just let him go? Wouldn’t you?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I held her tighter, just because I could. Because she was fierce, and beautiful, and mind.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Crap. He was actually crying. I didn’t know how to deal with a crying father. I barely knew how to deal with a normal one.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “There were a million What Ifs that could have stopped the whole thing. A million things I wished I’d done differently. But in the end, I was left with what actually happened. With my mistakes and his.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Because the alternative sucks!”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “She just got out of the hospital. Why don’t you go gossip behind her back, like decent people?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’m saying that I can wait. For now. But when things get back to normal – assuming that ever happens – I want my shot. We can make each other happy, Faythe. I know it. And I’m done walking away from things I want just because they don’t come easily. You’re worth the work.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Sabine gestured to him with the half-eaten crust. “I like him. Not sure why he’s wasting his time with the pole dancer, though.” Tod laughed out loud and I groaned. “Sophie takes ballet and jazz. She’s not a pole dancer.” “There’s more money in pole dancing,” Sabine insisted.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Can’t clean up after you anymore, baby brother, so don’t punk out. Make it count.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “He took both of my hands, twisting to face me more fully on the flattened box beneath us, and again the colors in his irises seemed to pulse with my heartbeat.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “He’s not like you, Tod. Aside from a couple of notable exceptions, you tend to think things through, but Nash is ruled by his heart –.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Marc didn’t want to win by default. He wanted to win for real. Forever.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “My shirt got torn in a fight. Yours evidently has a fast-release tab.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Pain is what I feed from when nothing else will nourish the noxious fury in my heart. It’s what I cling to when everything else – everyone else – slips right between my grasping fingers.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Talking. According to Marc, I could talk the color off a crayon.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “It’s not the amount of time that matters, Nina. It’s what you do with it.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Most aspects of my training didn’t agree with me. There wasn’t as much bossing around as I’d hoped for, and there was way too much following orders.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Nash has been the sun lighting up the horizon of my life, outshining everything else in my world. I’d thought once that he was to good to be true. Turns out I was right.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “And anyway, considering that her mother dies and her boyfriend’s spending a small fortune to get high off someone else’s bad breath, I’d say Sophie’s next in line for therapy.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’m confiscating your hair dryer – you’ve fried your brain.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “If Eastlake High School were the universe, I would be one of the moons circling Planet Emma, constantly hidden by her shadow, and glad to be there. Nash Hudson would be one of the stars: too bright to look at, too hot to touch and at the center of his own solar system.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’d learned that my mother was a badass in disguise. She was Van Helsing in an apron and heels, and – at least for the time being – I couldn’t think of a single thing cooler than that.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Anyway, I was the one in real danger. I got cornered by a pack of wild sorority girls in the food court. Apparently it’s mating season.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “He was half again my size, but when we embraced, I felt like I was holding him up, and it was all I could do to remain standing. He buried his face in my hair, his body shaking against me with the spasmodic rhythm of unrestrained sobs. It was almost more than I could bear gracefully.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Eastlake High makes Buffy’s hellmouth look like a crack in the sidewalk.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Apparently the complete works of Shakespeare packed quite a wallop. To think, my mother said I’d never find use for an English degree. Ha! I’d like to see her knock someone silly with an apron and a cookie press.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Harmony glanced to her left, and my gaze followed hers to the living room, where my aunt had died, my cousin had been restored, and I’d whacked a psychotic grim reaper with a cast-iron skillet. Weirdest. Tuesday. Ever.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “She wasn’t feeling nothing. She was feeling too much. She was blocking it all out. That was a survival skill, and her still-beating heart was proof that it worked.”
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