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Rachel Vincent Quote: “She wasn’t feeling nothing. She was feeling too much. She was blocking it all out. That was a survival skill, and her still-beating heart was proof that it worked.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I should have mixed something stronger than Coke floats.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “It would be so much easier if there were a secret password, or handshake. Netherworld, open sesame! Yeah, that didn’t work, either.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You should be careful, tossing descriptors like that around in a situation like this. My ‘problem’ isn’t little. Unless you’re drawing some pretty wild comparisons. Please tell me you’re not drawing wild comparisons. Or blood-relative comparisons.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “If you cut off my hands, I’ll write with my feet, and if you cut off my feet, I’ll write with my nose, and if you cut that off, you may as well cut my whole head off, because no matter how you slice and dice me, you can’t control what I think, or what I feel. You can keep me locked up for the rest of my life, however brief that may be. But you will never, ever own me.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Should I assume the lure is a certain attractive young dead man?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “My aunt and overprivileged cousin only recognize two states of being: glitter and grunge. And if you weren’t glitter, well, that only left one other option.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I had no desire to hear another woman tell my boyfriend how hot he was. If I wanted him to know, I’d damn well tell him myself.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “When mice run, cats give chase.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Not even if you fed me your firstborn, still wet and screaming.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Screw this. He’d blown his shot at nice-and-easy, which only left quick-and-brutal – my favorite way to play.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Was I wearing my ‘I’m done with my virginity, please get rid of it for me’ T-shirt?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You thought you could figure that out online? Somehow I don’t think hellions are much into social networking.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “It’s not the length of the word; it’s how well you use it!”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I can’t believe they even bothered filling that faculty position again. They might as well rename the class Defense Against the Dark Arts. I mean, seriously, who would answer an ad for this job?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “So, did the costume come with a condom, or is that sold separately?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Of every moment I’ve ever not-lived through, this one is the best.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Like I’m going to pass up an opportunity to smack your cousin.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Now if you’ll excuse me, Death waits for no man. Except me.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “10:38 AM – Third period. Kaylee has no class this period. I have no one to kill. Coincidence, or fate?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Her mouth was open, as if she wanted to say something, and I wanted to kiss her to show her that sometimes you don’t need words. Sometimes they only get in the way, and you end up talking yourself out of things you need. People you want.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Bold. Risky. Dramatic. I approve.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Tod laughed. He was always able to find the humour in even the creepiest situations. I’d thought that it was an undead thing, until I became a member of the undead. Then I realized it was a Tod-thing.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I don’t believe every cryptid should be allowed to roam free, just like I don’t believe every human should be allowed to roam free. We have psychos, too. People kill their coworkers. Kids kill their classmates. Parents kill their own children. Those people are every bit as monstrous as the worst cryptid predator you can ever point to, yet they’re human, just like we are.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “But I had no plans to end my own life, and accidents couldn’t be predicted. Neither could murder, unless my aunt and uncle were planning to take me out themselves.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Can we save the live demo for later, please? Bean Sidhe in angst, here.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’ve seen this episode. This is the one where Sylvester eats Tweety.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Uh, yeah, I do. The scythe was a little tricky at first, but – much like golf – turns out it’s all in the swing.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Is that a joke? Please tell me you’re joking. -Sophie I never joke about carnivorous bunnies. -Luca.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I think I was born ‘in to deep,’ and bad things happen every day. Sometimes I have to stab hellions. Sometimes I have to frame friends for murder, and stab evil math teachers, and watch my best friend die. Again. We deal with it, then we move on.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Nash Hudson. Holy crap. I almost looked down to see if ice had anchored my feet to the floor, since hell had surely frozen over. Somehow I’d stepped off the dance floor and into some weird warp zone where irises swam with color and Nash Hudson smiled at me, and me alone.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “There’s pressure, but that’s true no matter who you are or what you do.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “There was just no good way for a dead son to greet his mother almost two weeks after his funeral.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Okay, you’ve primped enough. Now go bug someone else,” Ethan said, shooing me out the door. “I have to clean the bathroom.” “That should be interesting,” I quipped. “Maybe I should stay and watch.” “Maybe you should stay and help.” Cupping one hand behind my ear, I grinned, pretending to listen. “I think I hear Marc calling.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “And the council doesn’t recognize any kind of temporary insanity defense. Which was a real shame, because most of the councilmen had considered me crazy for most of my life.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I don’t hate it. It does no good to hate something you can’t change.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “So, you reap souls and crush hopes? Is that part of the job, or just a service you offer for free?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “She was destruction given form and purpose. Hers was an elegant savagery.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “So you’re saying the afterlife is hard on the libido? FYI, that’s probably not a good bullet point for your recruiting brochure.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “She watched me with a creepy sort of detached curiosity, as if I were a bug crawling across the sidewalk in front of her. I wondered briefly if she was the ant stomper type.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “It’s kind of like when a clock battery runs down. The hour and minute hands don’t disappear, but they don’t keep ticking either. They freeze on the last minute they measured.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I opened my mouth to tell her that everything would be okay, but the words melted like sugar on my tongue-sweet yet insubstantial.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “So could we please not mob the three-thousand-plus-year-old reaper like tweens at a boy-band concert?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Because in most cases, I believe that people deserve a second chance. And because I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d stood by and let them both die souless, when I could have helped.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Forever used to feel like a curse. Now it feels like a promise.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I grabbed another. Aerosmith. Nope, can’t throw classic Aerosmith. I snatched a copy of the Thompson Twins’ greatest hits and chucked it at him.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Sorry doesn’t mean anything! Not when you’re still with him. It’s not just that you cheated – it’s that he’s still here, and you’re still with him. It just goes on and on, and it hurts every single time I see you with him. I hate it that he makes you smile, and that there’s nothing I can do to stop this. I can’t think straight, and everything hurts, and nothing makes sense anymore. You’re shredding my heart with one hand and stroking his ego with the other. And it’s killing me, Faythe. You’re killing me. And it’s only going to get worse, now that everyone knows.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You think he left a big flashing arrow pointing to a filing cabinet labeled ‘Evidence Here!’? He’s a Stray, Ethan, not Wile E. Coyote!”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “If I love you more than you love me, I’m as good as dead. Yet I can’t make myself take it back. I can’t just walk away from you, because every time you pass by me without smiling, without touching my hand, or at least making eye contact, it feels like I’m dying inside. And I’m pretty sure that hurts worse than whatever Marc would do to me. Whatever your dad would do. Hell, Faythe, I’m pretty sure that never touching you again would hurt worse than the nastiest death Calvin could think up for me.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “But more than any of that, I was thankful for the possibility he’d shown me: that a man really could love a woman enough that he’d do anything to protect her. That’s how much Tod loved Addy. That’s how much I wanted Nash to love me.”
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