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Top 200 Rachel Vincent Quotes (2023 Update)

Rachel Vincent Quote: “Whoever said it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved was full of crap.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You don’t know me. Don’t ever think you know me. The only things you know about me are the things you made me do, and that illustrates your character, not mine.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “When you push someone too far, they will push back and they push hard.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “If I love you more than you love me, I’m as good as dead. Yet I can’t make myself take it back. I can’t just walk away from you, because every time you pass by me without smiling, without touching my hand, or at least making eye contact, it feels like I’m dying inside.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I want you. I want only you. I want all of you. But I’ll take whatever you’re ready to give.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Yeah. She wants him back and has decided I’m in her way. But I have news for that little sleep-terrorist – it’s going to take more than a couple of bad dreams to scare me off, so I hope she has something bigger up her sleeve.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “If you live in the dark long enough, you start to forget what light looks like.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “It was an addiction. A pointless, self-destructive addiction. But really, is there any other kind?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I love you, Kaylee. More than I’ve ever loved anyone. More than I will ever love anyone. If I could freeze this moment in time and never have to let you go, I would do it without a second thought.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Even before the withdrawal sets in, you’ll do anything to get that feeling back, because as long as it lasts, nothing’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if you forget something, or lose something. Or if you fail someone. Nothing’s wrong and everything feels good, and you never want it to end.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Congratulations. Your official super-nerd badge is in the mail.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’m searching for a shred of humanity in that shriveled tangle of arteries you call a heart.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Whatever your weakness, there’s a hellion to exploit it.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Wonderful, a death match on my first day behind bars. Some girls have all the luck.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Stay for me. Stay with me. There will never be anyone else. Not in my bed. Not in my life. And not in my heart.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand. Which should leave you pretty damn quiet.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’m dead, not impotent. Nasty rumors like that must be squashed before they gain momentum. Feel free to emphasize how very functional I am.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I wanted a do over. A time machine. That magic wand. But real life didn’t have any easy outs, and very few happily-ever-afters. The real world was more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, with most of the choices ripped out before you even opened the cover.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Some things are private. Some things needed to be said, even when the person who needed to hear them couldn’t hear anything. Ever again.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You just say the word, and I’ll make the rest of the world go away. I’ll take you someplace safe, where no one else can reach us.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “The worst memories stick with us, while the nice ones always seem to slip through our fingers.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You know, most girls sleep with a teddy bear or an extra pillow. But I gotta say, that’s kinda hot...”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Ask for the impossible, then settle instead for what you really wanted in the first place.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “He shrugged, looking right into my eyes. “Right now, this is all I feel.” He held our intertwined hands up for me to see and I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t break the hold his gaze had on me, like he could see more than anyone else saw. Things I couldn’t see myself.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Sometimes I suspected Ryan was merely visiting the real world, on vacation from his permanent residence in la-la land.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “My word is my honor.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “How is it wrong to put everything you have into getting what you want most in the world?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Regret couldn’t fix what he’s broken. Apologies couldn’t bring back what he’s lost. What we’d lost.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I don’t have you, and without you, it feels like what I do have doesn’t matter.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “What if I was the sexual equivalent of popcorn? Suitable for light snacking only?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Maybe I won’t look so bad when you’re not standing next to me.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I want you, Kaylee, like I’ve never wanted anything. Ever. I want the fire. I want the heat, and the light, and I want the burn.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “His safety was more important than anything to me. Even if he would never know enough to understand that.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I got swirling eyes and the capacity to shatter windows with my bare voice. Tod got teleportation and invisibility. The supernatural world is so far from fair.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Just smart enough to be dangerous, it turned out, wasn’t really very smart at all.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “But if there was a protocol for how to say goodbye to your newly ex-boyfriend’s brother, right after you kissed him and probably sent your ex into the arms of his willing ex-girlfriend, I didn’t know what it was.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “You’re not lost, Kaylee. You can’t ever be lost, because I’ll always know where you are. And if I’m not there with you, I’m on my way, and nothing standing between us will be standing for very long.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Walking around nude in front of humans was not a good way to keep a low profile with the community. It was an excellent way to make new friends, though.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “The world lost something when you died, Tod, and I know that wasn’t easy for your family. But the world’s loss was Kaylee’s gain. I hope the two of you have the forever her mother and I never got. I will do my damnedest to make sure of that. I know you will.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “In the end, it only comes down to one thing: choosing the one you can’t live without.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Did you think you could dump me, and I’d bounce back to her and miraculously be happy? I’m not a Ping-Pong ball. You can’t just swat me back and forth and expect me to be content wherever I land. If Tod dumped you tomorrow, would you come back to me?”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I fell into that kiss like Alice into Wonderland, headfirst and flailing, heart pounding the whole time. The world spun around me and still I fell, and I only crashed down to earth again when someone called my name.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “The world isn’t black and white, good or bad. The battles that make a real difference are fought in the murky area in between, where the greater good requires brutal sacrifice. Where both the means and the ends are just shadows in a featureless gray landscape. And that was the death of my idealism.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I am not cute. I am the dreaded Grim Reaper. People fear me, you know. There’s a whole song about it.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’d just stepped out of the kiddie pool and into the deep end, with no floaties. And drowning was not an option.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I want you. I want you so badly I can’t stand it. When you left, it felt like the world got darker. Like I couldn’t truly see anything. Couldn’t feel anything.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “Unfortunately, what my head wanted and what my heart wanted were two completely different things.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “I’m glad you think so. I’ve always considered my sense of humor to be largely underappreciated, so it’s nice to finally meet a fan.”
Rachel Vincent Quote: “So, ‘reaper’ is really just a nice word for ‘covert pervert?’ Is that what you’re saying?”
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