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Robert Bloch Quotes

Robert Bloch Quote: “Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Sure God created man before woman, but then again you always make a rough draft before creating the final masterpiece.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “People hear that I am a horror writer and they think that I must be a monster, but actually I have the heart of a small child – I keep it in a jar on my desk.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Norman Bates heard the noise and a shock went through him.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Mothers sometimes are overly possessive, but not all children allow themselves to be possessed.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Horror is the removal of masks.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “I think perhaps all of us go a little crazy at times.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “That’s the way girls were – they always laughed. Because they were bitches.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “So I had this problem – work or starve. So I thought I’d combine the two and decided to become a writer.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “I haven’t had this much fun since the rats ate my baby sister.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Funny how we take it for granted that we know all there is to know about another person, just because we see them frequently or because of some strong emotional tie.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Norman Bates heard the noise and a shock went through him. It sounded as though somebody was tapping on the windowpane.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “You make yourself sick.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “She’d thrown something at the mirror, and then the mirror broke into a thousand pieces and she knew that wasn’t all; she was breaking into a thousand pieces, too.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Magic – that’s just a label, you know. Completely meaningless. It wasn’t so very long ago that people were saying that electricity was magic.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “We’re all not quite as sane as we pretend to be.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Talk about not knowing other people – why, when you came right down to it, you didn’t even know yourself!”
Robert Bloch Quote: “The thought came creeping, just as the numbness came creeping, stealing over his senses, softly, smoothly, there in the silken silence.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Norman stirred, turned, and then fell into a darkness deeper and more engulfing than the swamp.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “He pressed a switch and the bedside lamp blossomed and sent forth yellow petals of light.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Norman sighed and shook his head. He couldn’t afford the risk. Not while that thing still sprawled in the shower stall back at the motel. Leaving it there was even more risky.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “He winced at the realization, then took a deep breath. This was no time to be self-conscious or self-critical. One had to be prctical. Very practical, very careful, very calm.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “You hate people. Because, really, you’re afraid of them, aren’t you? Always have been, ever since you were a little tyke. Rather snuggle up in a chair under the lamp and read. You did it thirty years ago, and you’re still doing it now. Hiding away under the covers of a book.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “So much for modern science and its wonderful discoveries that just about everything can kill you. Life is only a bedtime story before a long, long sleep.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “But first he was going to take a drink, a big drink, because he needed one. And it didn’t matter whether he drank or not, nothing mattered now; it was all over. All over, or just beginning.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “There are times when you must stop analyzing and depend on your emotions.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “And then, as he ripped back the shower curtains and stared down at the hacked and twisted thing sprawled on the floor of the stall, he realized that Mother had used her keys.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly...”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Yes, Norman, I suppose you’re right. That’s where I’d probably be. But I wouldn’t be there alone.” Norman slammed the door, locked it, and turned away. He wasn’t quite sure, but as he ran up the cellar steps he thought he could still hear her chuckling gently in the dark.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Besides, that thing was waiting for him. Waiting for him –.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Nobody would be quite as surprised as my wife, when I killed her.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Lila closed her mouth, but the scream continued. It was the insane scream of an hysterical woman, and it came from the throat of Norman Bates.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “You didn’t really forget. It’s just that you don’t want anyone to come, you hope they don’t come.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “As she reached the landing, the thunder came. The whole house seemed to shake with it.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “It was really a fascinating book – no wonder he hadn’t noticed how fast the time had passed.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Norman took another drink, just a sip. He could feel the wetness trickle down the side of his chin. He must be drunk. All right, he was drunk, what did it matter? As long as Mother didn’t know. As long as the girl didn’t know. It would all be a big secret. Impotent, was he? Well, that didn’t mean he couldn’t see her again.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Norman Bates heard the noise and a shock went through him. It sounded as though somebody was tapping on the windowpane. He looked up, hastily, half prepared to rise, and the book slid from his hands to his ample lap. Then he realized that the sound was merely rain. Late afternoon rain, striking the parlor window.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Evil exists everywhere. Sometimes I think our limited senses are designed to protect us from awareness of its presence. We trust them to provide us with knowledge but it may be that they block out realization of horrors we cannot bear.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Lowery would half kill himself to make an extra dollar, and he’d be perfectly willing to kill any of his employees for another fifty cents. But.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Mother would be in real trouble right now.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Forget the past, let the dead bury the dead. Things were working out fine, and that was the only thing he had to remember.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “He managed to retain a cheerful smile at all times – though, in the dreams, he screamed.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “And here, all along, she’d thought of herself as being so calm, so cool, so composed.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “It’s all right”, he said, wondering at the same time why there were no better words, why there never are any better words to answer fear and grief and loneliness. “It’s all right, believe me.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “If she sat there without moving, they wouldn’t punish her. If she sar there without moving, they’d know that she was sane, sane, sane.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “Strange how everyone tried to disguise truth with nonsense. Like the slang for death: kicking the bucket, wiped out, snuffed, wasted, blown away. The light touch to dispel the heavy fear.”
Robert Bloch Quote: “No trouble at all. Mother’s gone back to bed, and she won’t be doing any cooking – I was only going to set out some cold cuts and make some coffee. If that’s all right with you.” “Well – –.”
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