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Ryan Holiday Quotes

Ryan Holiday Quote: “The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Focus on the moment, not the monsters that may or may not be up ahead.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “The Germans have a word for it: Sitzfleisch. Staying power. Winning by sticking your ass to the seat and not leaving until after it’s over.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “It’s okay to be discouraged. It’s not okay to quit. To know you want to quit but to plant your feet and keep inching closer until you take the impenetrable fortress you’ve decided to lay siege to in your own life – that’s persistence.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Failure shows us the way – by showing us what isn’t the way.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “True will is quiet humility, resilience, and flexibility; the other kind of will is weakness disguised by bluster and ambition.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Where the head goes, the body follows. Perception precedes action. Right action follows the right perspective.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Problems are rarely as bad as we think-or rather, they are precisely as bad as we think.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great individuals, like great companies, find a way to transform weakness into strength.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “To do great things, we need to be able to endure tragedy and setbacks. We’ve got to love what we do and all that it entails, good and bad. We have to learn to find joy in every single thing that happens.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “We decide what we will make of each and every situation. We decide whether we’ll break or whether we’ll resist.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Ordinary people shy away form negative situations, just as they do with failure. They do their best to avoid trouble. What great people do is the opposite. They are their best in these situations. They turn personal tragedy or misfortune – really anything, everything – to their advantage.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Discipline in perception lets you clearly see the advantage and the proper course of action in every situation – without the pestilence of panic or fear.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “When intelligent people read, they ask themselves a simple question: What do I plan to do with this information?”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Am I saying this because I want to prove how smart I am or am I saying this because it needs to be said?”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Dollar for dollar there is no better investment in the world than a book.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “You know what’s better than building things up in your imagination? Building things up in real life.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Great times are great softeners.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “An entrepreneur is someone with faith in their ability to make something where there was nothing before.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “I run 5 miles every night. It’s where I go to digest my day, hash out the multitude of information that’s been poured into me in the last wild six months or so, and to try and condense it down to some sort of cohesive strategy to live my life by.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Our first idea is a grand opening, a big launch, a press release, or major media coverage. We default to thinking we need an advertising budget. Our delusion is that we should be Transformers and not The Blair Witch Project.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “No one will argue that writing is an easy profession. Getting someone to pay you for your words isn’t easy. But there are strategies you can use to simplify the process and transform what you can produce.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “What I’ve learned most clearly from blogs is that the majority of them write about the problems from the outside for a reason – because they are missing the abilities that allow people to move to the inside.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “The most powerful predictor of what spreads online is anger.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “What is known can’t jerk us around unwittingly. Before anything can be resolved, the implicit must be made into the explicit.”
Ryan Holiday Quote: “Conning the conmen is one of life’s most satisfying pleasures.”
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