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Top 120 Snoop Dogg Quotes (2023 Update)
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Snoop Dogg Quote: “When I turned 16, I thought I was a man. I needed the money. When you don’t have it, crazy thoughts go through your mind.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m a smoker, my name is Snoop Dogg, and I’m a stoner.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m not complicated at all. I say raps that your two-year-old son can learn.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “A song ain’t why people kill cops.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I used to get stressed out all the time when I thought winning was important. I wanted to try to win and help my kids win. Once I figured out it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about teaching these kids about being men, that’s when I started to relax.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “People don’t understand that you can actually lose your life going to jail. There’s more violence in the jail-house than there is on the streets.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I move with the time. Whatever’s happening in time, I’m in.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “People who don’t know me are so negative about me. When they finally meet me, they change that negative into a positive.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Just giving the people a great show, leaving it all on the stage. Like when I’m finished I don’t want to go home with nothing, I want to leave it all there on the stage, that’s what I’m thinking about before I hit the stage.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Trouble comes looking for you. Lots of times I just stay in the house and enjoy my family. I try to be a father to my child, I’ll stay out of trouble if I can, because I have lots to do. Other folks have different hardships. It’s hard for a black man to raise a family.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “An older guy, he’s going to show you things that a young man can’t show you. He’s going to show you how to stay alive. He’s going to show you how to turn corners where your young friends will show you how to turn right into that wall, you know what I’m saying?”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Now people think it’s cool to have a baby, but it ain’t cool to take care of it. We have to change that. You make your life for that baby. That’s the future.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “This is for my G’s, this is for my Hustlas.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “That’s why I’m so successful because peace is my main thing, it’s not about money. It’s about making sure everybody is having a good time and loving and living and enjoying life.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Ain’t nothing greater than an x-rater with a nickname like Vibrator.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I went out and got little jobs. I was selling candy as a teenager, selling newspapers. But as I got older, I didn’t want to sell that anymore. I wanted to make more money.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m a business first and foremost so whatever my business is, it’s separate from my personal. It’s like whatever I do business wise, it’s done in the business fashion whether it’s promoting, marketing, whatever I’m doing.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Your only gain is to try to get me to fall down to your level. Man, you worser than devils.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “That’s how we do it in the black community; we give back to the people who made us who we are. We never forget that.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Snoop Scorsese, that’s my director name.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I used to be focused on being the dopest rapper in the game, and then once that became what I was, I wanted something different, and I wanted to become the best businessman in the game. I wanted to learn how to master the business like I mastered the rap.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Drugs are so easy to get in the ghetto. They might not be easy to get in nice areas like Beverly Hills, but in Long Beach and Compton and South Central they’re easy to get.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Anytime you’re with somebody, you become a reflection of that person. I believe the first five years of our relationship was me grooming her, getting her tough and getting her ready for all of this and how to deal with it. The last was just her being a strong Black woman who has her man’s back.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “You won’t hear any more alcohol songs from Snoop Dogg – unless I stumble upon some Hennessy.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I would like people to put down the guns. If you have a problem, talk about it or fight about it.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “If they would have put positive opportunities in front of me to make $1000 a week, I would have done it. But they didn’t. They put $1000 in front of me and an illegal way to make it. And they expect me not to do it because they say it’s wrong.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “The streets will teach you about racism and capitalism and survival of the fittest. Don’t worry about that. The only thing you’ve got to worry about is if you’ve got enough cold-blooded ambition to apply the lessons you get taught.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “The red carpet is a beautiful situation for people. I think everybody appreciates it and loves it and honors it. Nobody really acts a fool because they know this is a one-time thing.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “A lot of brands, you can’t touch them. When you’re dealing with Snoop Dogg, he brings you closer to the brand and it feels like it’s a part of you.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m not rapping, I’m conversing. It’s just a conversation between me and you.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “There’s so much that I want to do. I feel like I’m the Magic Johnson of rap. You know, Magic was great on the basketball court, but he’s bigger as a businessman.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “When I was a small boy, if we had a problem, we would fight about it with our fists. We wouldn’t shoot somebody, killing them or wounding them. That’s not hard to do. I would like people to put down the guns. If you have a problem, talk about it or fight about it.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “My younger son, Cordell, aka Lil Snoop, loves me like a fan loves Snoop Dogg. He’s inspired by making me happy. My older son, Corde, aka Spank, does everything I say, with effort and determination – but he does it for himself. He gets his thrill out of seeing his own results on the football field.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m looking for a deal from one of you TV networks to give Snoop Dogg his own hood TV show where I can find America’s hottest hood artists.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I like going to areas where the murder rate is high and dropping it.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “My liberty is about living. It’s about spreading more love. Even though I was always a peaceful, loving individual, my music sometimes didn’t reflect that. But now it’s different. My music is reflecting the way I feel.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “On ‘Old School,’ I was not an actor, I was Snoop Dogg, so I came to the set with a whole different vibe, and a different crew of people. And on ‘Starsky and Hutch,’ I was more of an actor. I wasn’t Snoop Dogg, the rapper.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I make music that makes you dance, so I mean, it’s appropriate, you know what I’m saying? I make the kind of music that DJs can grab a hold of and spin the record and people just love rocking out to the big Snoop D O double G.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Nobody likes not having freedom.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Nobody cared about the riot until they thought it might spill into their nice neighborhoods. Then they got scared and called the National Guard.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “It’s hard for a black man to raise a family.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “People get killed every ten or 20 minutes. When we die, we are just another statistic.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Barack Obama makes me feel good to be a black man.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I love making music and I’m falling in love with making records, so it’s like having two girlfriends. But I can handle it.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I just change with the times. I really don’t have a say in what’s going on. Music was here before me.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “There are so many people in the closet, and we are giving them an opportunity to come out of the closet and just admit they like to smoke.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I was like the class clown in school so I guess I would say I did like the attention. In church I did a lot of plays, my mother made me play characters, do a lot of drama and acting, trying to become someone else. So it helped me create who I am, to create Snoop Dogg.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “As a black man, I have to respect myself and have nice things. As a man in general.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m destined to live and say things.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “A lot of people don’t know that I love to love. To have a different kind of mask on me where people feel like I’m not a loving individual. I just love to love, I love everything and everybody, I’m about peace that’s my spirit.”
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