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Top 120 Snoop Dogg Quotes (2023 Update)
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Snoop Dogg Quote: “Black folks don’t have a chance, so they are in the hood, dealing drugs, in a shoot-out. They do it again and one more time they are out.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I learned how to take other people’s mechanisms of promoting their stuff through me as opposed to promoting my own stuff, as far as getting Snoop DeVilles, SnoopDeGrills, Snoop Doggy Dogg biscuits, Snoop Dogg record label, Snoop Dogg bubble gum, Snoop Youth Football League.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Nobody ever got their ass out of the ghetto by letting someone else step ahead of them in line. And no-one ever got rich and famous by laying back and hoping someone would notice who they are and what they do.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I love Benny Hill. He one of my favourites of aaall time. Like, the way Benny did it, he was just amazing. Just seeing how he put songs together and comedy and the timing and the sketches. He was way ahead of his time.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Equality is about achievement: whoever achieves the most gets treated the most equal.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “In the black culture, certain kids are given nicknames that they roll with forever; the nicknames outweigh their real names. I’m one of those scenarios.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Look at music for what it’s worth around the world and not just America. In other countries, people are still buying CDs and going to record stores. But in America, it’s all about digital. The game is breaking down. But, look at me, you need to know how to play the game the right way.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “So many people representing different sections of our community are taken down one way or another. The system was designed to break us down. The three-strike rule is to break down a black man.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “My mama couldn’t give me what I wanted. I had all right clothes, but the people I was with had better clothes. I felt that I had to have better clothes.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Word: I’m not saying the races don’t have a common human bond. I’m just saying that bond isn’t about compassion and equality and tolerance. What we all share together is the drive to get what’s ours and keep it for as long as we can.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I’m a musician – I’m always making music. Kobe Bryant is always playing ball. Well, Snoop Dogg is always recording.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I think people understand me, me as a person and what I went through because I kept it on the plate. I never hid nothing. I was never in the closet. I smoked dope, I gang banged, I did this, I did that; whatever I did it was always out.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “What I try to push and promote is peace through the whole music industry.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “That’s how we do it in the black...”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “There’s certain classes you have to take, certain things you have to do, certain money you must have. Then, if you listen to the counselors and social workers and everybody else talking at you, you would think that once you got out of high school and college, life would be beautiful. But it’s not.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “The process for doing voice work goes by much quicker as opposed to shooting a feature. You can pretty much go in and knock it out in a day or two. It feels very natural for me to express myself using only my voice, so it wasn’t too difficult.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Nobody needs a movie to give them an idea.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “You got two black folk representing us through the Sixties. One of them was for violence, one was against it, and they both are dead.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “I don’t want anybody shooting, but I can’t stop it.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “When I heard the royal family wanted to have me perform in celebration of Prince William’s marriage, I knew I had to give them a little something. ‘Wet’ is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin’.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “The ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’ shows, they’re great shows. But I think I need to make a show like that, directed straight to the hood, to the artists that don’t get the attention, that don’t have the money to make themselves representable.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “You got to be who you are when you are.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “Know when to lie to your kids.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “The more information you have, the better you will be.”
Snoop Dogg Quote: “The message is always going to get through. Me being able to speak is a message in itself.”
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