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Suze Orman Quote: “It pays to be a fee fiend.”
Suze Orman Quote: “In order to create lasting security you must learn to stand in your truth.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Never, ever invest money that you will need prior to three to five years – minimum.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Ignore the annual percentage rate when shopping for a mortgage.”
Suze Orman Quote: “With success comes unhelpful criticism – ignore it.”
Suze Orman Quote: “The truth is that you are nothing more than the custodian of your inner and outer wealth while you are on this planet. All you have to decide is what kind of custodian do you want to be? Do you want to be a good custodian of your inner and outer wealth? Or a bad custodian?”
Suze Orman Quote: “One has to ask what is the goal of life? What is the goal of life? My interpretation of it for myself, a very wise teacher once taught me this, is to meet the needs of the people, places and the times around you and offering those services to God.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I love, love, love that you want to use your debit card. But to keep your credit score solid, you still need to keep a few credit cards and use them at least once every few months.”
Suze Orman Quote: “The world needs another vehicle to get people to pay in cash.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I have a million dollars in the stock market, because if I lose a million dollars, I don’t personally care.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Learn how to prioritize all your debt. And did you know student loan debt is the most dangerous debt any of us can have?”
Suze Orman Quote: “If the relationship between you and your money is harmonious, regardless of how much you have, your financial transactions will be harmonious as well.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I get more inspired by seeing everyday people succeed against the odds than anything else in life.”
Suze Orman Quote: “The chances of a bank going out of business are extremely slim, but it’s always a good idea to spread around major sums so every penny is backed by insurance.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I think they’ve been baby bummers.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I get more emails and calls when it comes to money than probably any other single person on television when it comes to money.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I’ve learned an encyclopedia version of life from Oprah Winfrey.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Like your home’s closets, your financial clutter needs an overhaul every now and again, and the payoff will go far beyond the psychic satisfaction of neatening up.”
Suze Orman Quote: “We need to give people more of an incentive to work, to save, to invest, to create a true future for themselves.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Just because one of you earns the paycheck doesn’t mean that person should lord over how the money is handled.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Money doesn’t bring courage, I learned. It’s the other way around. Once I took that lesson to heart, I began to rebuild my life.”
Suze Orman Quote: “To make the most of your money, I recommend sticking with mutual funds that don’t charge a commission when you buy or sell.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Opt for a fixed-rate rather than an adjustable-rate mortgage.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I’m in a relationship with life. My life is just out there. I’m on the road every day. I love my life.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Rich means different things to different people,” she wrote. “Financial security is your lifeblood. Creative freedom and expression is mine. If you can experience life in all its forms and experience that you are one with it, then you are the richest person in the world. And when one is in tune with this and one knows the value of material things in creating that environment, the senses are in high creative alert all the time.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Lasting net worth comes only when you have a healthy and strong sense of self-worth.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Never invest emergency savings in the stock market.”
Suze Orman Quote: “How you end something as profound and important as a marriage is a reflection of how you live your life – financially, emotionally, and spiritually.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Here’s my gift-giving rule: Respect your current financial situation.”
Suze Orman Quote: “We each focus on what we’re going to buy, but that’s an incorrect focus. Focus instead on why you want to spend the money on this or that. What feeling in you does it satisfy?”
Suze Orman Quote: “We never had it as rough as the kids have it today. Look at the price of a gallon of gas or a piece of real estate or a college education.”
Suze Orman Quote: “How we behave toward our money, how we treat our money, speaks volumes about how we perceive and value ourselves. If we aren’t powerful with money, we aren’t powerful period.”
Suze Orman Quote: “I have always advocated doing everything possible to pay off credit card balances; it’s good financial management and the ticket to a strong FICO credit score.”
Suze Orman Quote: “When you start really respecting yourself, those you love, and your money, the result is that you start having control over your money. What follows from that is control over your life.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Money will respond to you just like people do.”
Suze Orman Quote: “When it comes to tackling your financial goals, whatever they might be, there’s no time like the present.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Make yourself worthy of money and money will make itself worthy of you.”
Suze Orman Quote: “If you make time each month to give your money some attention, you’ll start the next year in fabulous financial shape.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Oprah deserves the best. I am not the best when it comes to divorce. What do I know about divorce? Nothing at that time.”
Suze Orman Quote: “There isn’t a part of our lives that money doesn’t touch – it affects our relationships, the way we go about our everyday activities, our ability to make dreams reality, everything.”
Suze Orman Quote: “When it comes to money, if you have it, you may feel that you don’t deserve it – guilt. If you don’t have it, you may feel that you should have it – guilt.”
Suze Orman Quote: “It’s only when we give to ourselves as passionately as we give of ourselves that we create the life we want and deserve.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Here’s what’s interesting about women. When it comes to their babies, when it comes to their children, they become these financial warriors like I have never seen before. They will not turn their back on the battlefield.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Liking who you are and liking what you do can make you an incredibly successful person.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Who would you want to be giving you advice? Somebody who doesn’t have any money?”
Suze Orman Quote: “I look around and there are needs that people have. Places have needs. These times have needs, and I have the education and the ability to communicate with it and help to solve those needs.”
Suze Orman Quote: “We have to develop a healthy, honest relationship with our money. And we have to see this relationship as a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.”
Suze Orman Quote: “You need face time, not computer time. When you’re in a tough job market, it’s the personal touch that gets you the job.”
Suze Orman Quote: “Self-worth equals net worth.”
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