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Terence McKenna Quotes
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Terence McKenna Quote: “What the churches are peddling is high abstraction, and you really have to work yourself up into a lather to be able to accept that as worthy of that kind of attention. The psychedelic subset of society is into an experience, and it’s accessible.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Part of what is wrong with our society, and hence with ourselves, is that we consume images, we don’t produce them. We need to produce, not consume, media.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The “just say no” campaign at this point is a lot like drawing sea-monsters over certain unexplored areas of the map and expecting people to stay away. It may work for some, but explorers live for this kind of thing.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “People without plants are in a state of perpetual neurosis, a state of existential wanting.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Ninety percent of the difficulty in your intellectual life would never have happened if you just had better taste.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The problem is we have to transcend cultural languages and fall into a phase with the communication systems that nature has placed all around us.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We tend to disempower ourselves. We tend to believe that we don’t matter. And in the act of taking that idea to ourselves we give everything away to somebody else, to something else.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The terror of drugs is a terror of giving up control. This is what people are most alarmed about by psychedelics, is the giving up control.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We have changed. We are no longer, as I said, bipedal monkeys. We are instead a kind of cybernetic coral reef of organic components and inorganic technological components.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We can begin the restructuring of thought by declaring legitimate what we have denied for so long. Lets us declare Nature to be legitimate. The notion of illegal plants is obnoxious and ridiculous in the first place.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think psychedelics are sort of like doing calisthenics in preparation for the marathon at the end of time.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think the entire message of the psychedelic experience, which is basically the sine qua non of the rebirth of alchemical understanding, the very basis of that understanding is that nature seeks to communicate.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Science works its miracles by turning its enterprise into a kind of parlor game confined to the category matter and energy.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “If we were to place our power at the service of our imaginations rather than our primate politics we would create a civilization worthy of the name.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Human beings are co-partners with deity in the project of being. This is the basis of all magic.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “What we now have is the freedom which attends decadence, or the decadence which attends freedom.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I’m proposing on one level that hallucinogens be thought of as almost as social pheromones that regulate the rate at which language develops, and therefore regulate human culture generally.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Mind conjures miracles out of time.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Even a billion people is too much. There’s no way back to the simplicity we once knew, but there may be a way forward to the simplicity that we once knew.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The apocalypse is the millennium, and the psychedelics move you into the future.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Just because you have a nut theory it doesn’t mean that you agree with other nut theories. In fact, it often makes you very hostile to them. After all, there’s a limited pool there that we’re all after.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We’re not going to save the monkey unless we can shed the monkey. And the greatest impetus, the greatest inspiration to the expression of our higher selves comes in the confrontation with psyche that occurs in the psychedelic experience.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The only real experience that counts, is your own.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I discovered early in life a stunning truth that’s made my life very complicated in its wake, but that I still think is true, and it’s that people are very easy to love.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “All of you who have been through high dose psychedelic experiences know that it’s very hard to carry stupid baggage through that keyhole. In fact you’re lucky if you just get your soul and yourselves through and intact.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think really what unites psychedelic people is the faith in the power of the imagination.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Shamanism is just show business and philosophy is just a branch of that vaudevillian impulse.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “What is revealed through the psychedelic experience, I think, is a higher dimensional perspective on reality. And I use ‘higher dimensional’ in the mathematical sense.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The main thing going on in the 20th century is a dissolving of boundaries, all the boundaries that historical civilization put in place.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “These religions that are so freighted with their own pomposity are no better than inspired guesses.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I’m as against restricting access to drugs as I am to burning books. It offends me in the same way.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I have a skeptical and cranky side, and I’m forever puzzled why people believe the, seeming to me, dumb things that they choose to believe.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Our culture takes us out of the body and sells our loyalty into political systems, into religions, into inanimate objects and machines, collections, so forth and so on. The felt experience of the body is what the psychedelics are handing back to us.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “There is not the Newtonian universe deployed throughout the parsecs and kiliocosms of physical space and the interior mental universe. They are the same thing.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “One of the things that’s so striking about shamanism in the native context is the absence of mental illness.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The mind is a far bigger domain than we ever imagined.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Because I believe psychedelics are a kind of higher dimensional sectioning of reality, I think they give the kind of stereoscopic vision necessary to hold the entire hologram of what’s happening in your mind. The old paradigm is gone.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Notice that the whole story of Eden is the story of the struggle over a woman’s relationship to a psychoactive plant.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Biology seems to be a chemical strategy for amplifying quantum mechanical indeterminacy so that it leaves the subatomic realm and can be present in a hundred and forty five pound block of meat.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I believe that the place to search for extraterrestrials is in the psychic dimension.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “In a sense, what’s happening is that the unconscious mind is a luxury the human species cannot afford at this point in our dilemma, and so the unconscious mind is simply rising into consciousness by being hardwired into this global infrastructure.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We are like coral animals in a vast reef of excreted technological material that is wired for solid state data transfer.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Wherever we press beyond the thin curtain of rationalist culture, we discover the incredibly rich, erotic, scary, promising presence of this intelligent Other, that beckons us out of history, and says, you know: ‘The galaxy lies waiting.’”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The central figure in the archaic revival is the shaman.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Nature is actually the goal at the end of history.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The message coming back at all of us is: live without closure.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We have to claim anarchy and realize that systems have a life of their own that is anti-humanist. There is definitely an anti-humanist tendency in all systems.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The human imagination, in conjunction with technology, has become a force so potent that it really can no longer be unleashed on the surface of the planet with safety.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Information is just simply bootstrapping itself to higher and higher levels of self-reflection and self-coordination using whatever means are necessary.”
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