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Terence McKenna Quotes
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Terence McKenna Quote: “I could see the light of eternity, a la William Blake, shining through every leaf. I mean, a bug walking across the ground moved me to tears.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I believe in extraterrestrials, but I believe that real extraterrestrials are so peculiar that the job is to recognize them.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Culture is another dimension.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “To me, the most amazing the most amazing transformation in my lifetime is not the revolution of the Sixties but the counter revolution of the Seventies, where they managed to put the cuckoo clock back together again.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I can’t think of a society on Earth where people don’t take drugs that any of us would want anything to do with.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It’s the impossible become possible and yet remaining impossible.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The central point about the psychedelic experience is the content of the experience. And this has been occluded or obfuscated by the behavioral and statistical and scientific methods that have been brought to bear to study hallucinogenic experience.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “At the interface of the say-able and the unsay-able is the novel, the new, the never before seen, said or done. And that’s what I think it’s important to try and bring out, ideas. Because I think we are the animals that bring back ideas.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The leading edge of reality is mind, and mind is the primary substratum of being.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Since the very beginning of culture, what we seem to be are animals which take in raw material and excrete it imprinted with ideas.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The only frontier now left to exploit is not a frontier in space but a frontier in time. We steal the future from our children by plunging massively deeper and deeper into debt.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I’m fascinated by hallucinations. I mean, to me that is the sina qua non that you’re getting somewhere.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “What I like to talk about, and what I have very little competition in terms of talking about, is the content of the psychedelic experience.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Television, while chemically non-invasive, nevertheless is every bit as addicting and physiologically damaging as any other drug.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “What is happening here is we are living past the age, by the millions, living past the age where cultural values make any sense at all.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The possibility seems to be that what we call styles, or what we call motifs, are actually categories in the unconscious.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “History is anomalous, and there is no way to get used to it.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Culture is more and more consciously becoming a project carried out in the domain of language by, for instance, propaganda both governmental and commercial.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “What foods are, essentially, are idea-neutral drugs.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Plants seem like an excellent model for the kind of future that we should be building.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It’s pretty simple, the ethical life. It’s just demanding.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The history of man that you don’t know is what your unconscious is made out of. Just as the history of yourself that you don’t know is what your personal unconscious is made out of.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The whole of the Amazonian narcotic complex, as it’s called in the old literature, is based on activation of DMT by one strategy or another.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “History is a series of approximations of the final singularity.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Nowhere is it writ that anthropoid apes should understand reality.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We now know enough to fantasize realistically about what the alien would be like, and I think that this then sets up polarities in the collective psyche that previously we have only seen at the level of the individual.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We need a metaphor that can contain the daemon of the future that we have conjured into being.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The surface of things is not where attention should rest.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The real justification for psychedelics is that they feed new data into your model.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We are the damaged heirs of a damaged cultural style which has been practiced now for about seven thousand years.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The psychedelic sets you at the beginning of the path, and then people do all kinds of things with it.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “One way of assessing the toxicity of a drug is how do you feel the next day?”
Terence McKenna Quote: “You can stand back and look at this planet and see that we have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love, and the community to produce a kind of human paradise.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It is the people who are ‘far out’ who are gaining advantage in the evolutionary jostling for efficacious strategies.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “What I’ve observed, and I think it’s fair to give credit to the psychedelic experience for this, what I’ve observed is that nature builds on previously established levels of complexity.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “There is a morphological enfoldment occurring on this planet. It is bringing forth some entirely new order of being. We are a privileged part of this.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Spaceflight is nothing less than the exterior metaphor for the shamanic voyage. In other words, in our terms, the hallucinogenic experience. This is the way engineers get high. They go to the moon!”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It’s as important to be well informed in this area, if you’re going to do it, as it is to be well informed about procedures in skin diving and that sort of thing if you’re going to do that.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It seems to me that information is the thing which uses matter, uses light, uses spirit, uses whatever it can put its hands on to organize itself into higher and higher levels of self-reflection.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Is there a necessary succession in style, or are these things pure chance?”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Only responsible human beings can exist in an anarchistic society.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The tryptamine molecule has this unique property of releasing the structured self into the over-self.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “One of the things that people don’t do enough of when they do psychedelic work is spend time in the library.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Language is something that springs from the biological matrix, and the neurological matrix, within us.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I would argue that it’s almost better to do heroin than to watch TV. At least when you’re doing heroin you’re responsible for your own reveries and thought processes. When you’re mainlining TV what is it but endless messages to fetishize products?”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I’m not an advocate for everything that rolls out of the laboratory. I’m an advocate for things sanctioned by millennia of usage.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I’m not trying to sign people up to a creed, I’m much more interested in the people that disagree. These ideas are powerful but this isn’t mysticism in the ordinary sense to be protected by mumblings about faith and all that. This is the real thing.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “But what I really am interested in is not the end of the world but everything which precedes it.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Safety is really a concern of mine, and what I’ve been telling people recently is that until there’s animal and human data on a drug it should probably be looked at very carefully.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Our theories are the weakest part of what we say. What we’re working from is the fact of an experience which we need to make sense of.”
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