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Terence McKenna Quotes
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Terence McKenna Quote: “There is no mundane dimension really, if you have the eyes to see it, it is all transcendental.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Basically, for me the psychedelic experience was the path to revelation. It actually worked on somebody who thought nothing would work.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We need a pharmacological intervention on anti-social behavior or we are not going to get hold of our dilemma.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Eros is an ego-overwhelming, boundary dissolving, breakthrough creating force scripted into human life that is pretty intrinsically psychedelic.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “And the whole schtick of the psychedelic experience, I think, is reclaim immediate experience, realize that you out vote all parliaments, police forces, and major newspapers on the planet because, who knows, they may be illusions.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think what electronic culture permits is incredible diversity, and what the print-created world demanded and created was tremendous suppression of diversity.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We have to recognize that the world is not something sculptured and finished, which we as perceivers walk through like patrons in a museum; the world is something we make through the act of perception.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “By manipulating queuing, by manipulating expectation, you can lead people to a fundamental confrontation, not only with themselves, but with the Other.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Now, through the catalytic interaction with technology, the human species is getting set to redefine itself.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “And psychedelics now, as we de-condition ourselves from the post-medieval world, they are present to hand as tools.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Standing outside the cultural hysteria the trend is fairly clear. It is a trend toward temporal compression and the emergence of ambiguity.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Our medium is meat, but we are made of information.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “This rising global humanism is, in fact, the rising into consciousness of a tribal god similar to the kind of tribal god that functioned in these pre-Hellenic societies.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The real truth is splintered and spread throughout time.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Apparently, in the Avesta classical period no one would have dreamed of having a spiritual experience without resort to drugs.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “To me, the psychedelic experience is the experience of trying to make sense of reality.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think with the work we do with these drugs we are the earliest pioneers in what over the next 100 years will lead to an understanding of consciousness almost as a thing apart from the monkey body and brain.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We’re not mere spectators, or a cosmic accident, or some sideshow, or the Greek chorus to the main event. The human experience IS the main event.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “History is the in-rushing toward what the Buddhists call the realm of the densely packed, a transformational realm where the opposites are unified.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The psychedelic issue is a civil rights and civil liberties issue. It is an issue concerned with the most basic of human freedoms: religious practice and the privacy of the individual mind.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The content of the dialogue with ‘the Other’ is a content that indicates that man’s horizons are infinitely bright, that death is in fact, well, as Thomas Vaughn put it, ‘the body is the placenta of the soul’”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The good news about psychedelics is that they are incredibly democratic. Even the clueless can be swept along if the dose is sufficient.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think transcending our cultures is going to be extraordinarily necessary for our survival. I don’t think we can carry our cultures through the keyhole of the stretch of the next millennium.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Fine tuning the institutions built by powdered wig guys two hundred years ago is a long shot at holding the whole thing together.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “History is just this froth of artifact production that has appeared in the last ten to fifteen thousand years. It spread across the planet very quickly. But that mind in man just goes back and back into the darkness.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “For me, the glory of the human animal is cognitive activity.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The immediate future of man lies in the imagination and in seeking the dimension where the imagination can be expressed.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “By passing into the psychedelic phase, the space-faring phase, the entire species is passing into adolescence.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “For unknown reasons, there is a tremendous concentration of psychoactive plants on the South American continent. The South American continent has more known hallucinogens than the rest of the planet combined.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The party impulse is a very subversive impulse. I mean, you know, a lot of artists have too much integrity to sell their art as a brand; but who has so much integrity that they would turn down a party?”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The psychedelics are this immense tool for the inspection of our own nature.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It’s a relationship like to a crusty Zen master, or something like that. And it is really like another entity because you cannot predict the answers.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “If you’re truly psychedelic the difference between living and dying is quite immaterial. No pun intended.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We can will the perfect future into being by becoming microcosms of the perfect future.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Life, carefully examined, is actually a form of allegorical literature with a very tight constructural grid laid over it.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Terror of the future can be put out to pasture with psychedelic shamanism.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Take it easy man, but take it.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We get to the point then with modern science where you could almost say that modern science is the art of describing those systems so crude in their structure that they are not subject to temporal variables.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “Our assumptions are the edges of our worlds.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I’m not an advocate of drugs. I’m an advocate of psychedelics.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “To carry language from two dimensions into three is the task of the poets, and the rebels in the 20th Century.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “One has attained a very fortunate incarnation, I think, to be in a culture, in a place, in a time when psychedelic knowledge is available.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The western mind, because of it’s unique history, is the most sensitive mind to the impact of psychedelics.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It seems to me far more likely that an advanced civilization would communicate inter dimensionally and telepathically.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The future holds no terrors for a person who knows how process inevitably unfolds. They are always right and with it each moment.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “We have wandered into a state of prolonged neurosis because of the absence of a direct pipeline to the unconscious and we have then fallen victim to priestcraft of every conceivable sort.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “It’s the only hallucinogen I know, where if it’s made right, the next day, or the day after the experience, you actually feel better than if you hadn’t done it.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “I think that the whole thing, the crux of the whole psychedelic issue, is that it accentuates personal responsibility by making people take their own experiences seriously.”
Terence McKenna Quote: “The discs which haunt the skies of Earth indicate that the unconscious cannot be kept waiting forever. These things are going to have to be dealt with.”
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