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Top 450 Timothy Keller Quotes (2024 Update)
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Timothy Keller Quote: “Bad evangelism says: I’m right, you’re wrong, and I would love to tell you about it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “God relentlessly offers his grace to people who do not deserve it, or seek it, or even appreciate it after they have been saved by it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “While marriage is many things, it is anything but sentimental. Marriage is glorious but hard. It’s a burning joy and strength, and yet it is also blood, sweat, and tears; humbling defeats and exhausting victories.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “A life of gratitude to God for being saved is far more pleasing than a life based on self-righteousness over being good.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Even if our own troubles are great, we should still serve. Jesus washed His disciples feet on the way to the cross.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Legalistic remorse says, “I broke God’s rules,” while real repentance says, “I broke God’s heart.””
Timothy Keller Quote: “God’s salvation does not come in response to a changed life. A changed life comes in response to the salvation, offered as a free gift.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “A common vision can unite people of very different temperaments.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Easter means that Christmas worked.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “It is no more narrow to claim that one religion is right than to claim that one way to think about all religions is right.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The basic purpose of prayer is not to bend God’s will to mine, but to mold my will into His.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The only love that won’t disappoint you is one that can’t change, that can’t be lost, that is not based on the ups and downs of life or of how well you live. It is something that not even death can take away from you. God’s love is the only thing like that.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Describe the God you’ve rejected. Describe the God you don’t believe in. Maybe I don’t believe in that God either.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “I am accepted by God through the work of Jesus Christ – therefore I obey.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you are a child of God, you don’t lose your status if you have a bad week.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The more you rejoice in your own forgiveness, the quicker you will be to forgive others.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Money isn’t an idol. It just shows you where your idols are.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Grace is the free, unmerited favor of God, working powerfully on the mind and heart to change lives.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The way to find your calling is to look at the way you were created. Your gifts have not emerged by accident.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus smashed two of the rich young ruler’s assumptions: Christianity is something you can ADD and something you can DO.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Our Christian hope is that we are going to live with Christ in a new earth, where there is not only no more death, but where life is what it was always meant to be.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus does not just bring good news; he is the good news.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Faith is not primarily a function of how you feel. Faith is living out and believing what truth is despite what you feel.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “No one is so good that they don’t need the grace of the gospel, nor so bad that they can’t receive the grace of the gospel.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Prayer is both conversation and encounter with God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Christ’s resurrection not only gives you hope for the future; it gives you hope to handle your scars right now.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The world values power, comfort, success, and recognition. Jesus frees us to value grief, sacrifice, weakness, and exclusion.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “God invites us to come as we are, not stay as we are.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus took the tree of death so you could have the tree of life.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you don’t love the poor, you don’t know what God’s done for you.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Humility is so shy. If you begin talking about it, it leaves.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “There is no evil that the father’s love cannot pardon and cover, there is no sin that is a match for his grace.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Faith in God’s promises means not always following the expected, rational path.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Through the person and work of Jesus Christ, God fully accomplishes salvation for us, rescuing us from judgment for sin into fellowship with him, and then restores the creation in which we can enjoy our new life together with him forever.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If his suffering did not make Jesus give up on us, nothing will.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Holding a grudge against someone means you think you know what they deserve and you take it upon yourself to give it to them.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “You are worse than you think you are, but also far more loved than you feel you are.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “There are some needs only you can see. There are some hands only you can hold. There are some people only you can reach.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The great basis of Christian assurance is not how much our hearts are set on God, but how unshakably his heart is set on us.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “There is a joy available that the deepest grief cannot put out. No circumstance or person can take away the joy God gives.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Our need for worth is so powerful that whatever we base our identity and value on we essentially ‘deify.’ We will look to it with all the passion and intensity of worship and devotion, even if we think ourselves as highly irreligious.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Religion operates on the principle ‘I obey-therefore I am accepted by God.’ But the operating principle of the gospel is ‘I am accepted by God through what Christ has done-therefore I obey.’”
Timothy Keller Quote: “As many have learned and later taught, you don’t realize Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Every single emotion you have should be processed in prayer.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “You won’t be able to change the world, yourself, anything, if you don’t change yourself inwardly, deeply, enduringly.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Don’t obey God to get things, obey God to get God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Fear-based repentance makes us hate ourselves. Joy-based repentance makes us hate the sin.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Falling in love in a Christian way is to say,’I am excited about your future and I want to be part of getting you there. I’m signing up for the journey with you. Would you sign up for the journey to my true self with me? It’s going to be hard but I want to get there.”
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