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Top 450 Timothy Keller Quotes (2024 Update)
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Timothy Keller Quote: “Faith journeys are never simply intellectual exercises.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Your feelings come from where you find your hope. Where is your happiness and your significance?”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The Gospel is the deepest consolation you can offer to the human heart.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If we give God things in hope that they’ll earn us blessings, we’re really not doing anything for him. It’s for ourselves.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Every treasure on this earth says, ‘Give your life to purchase me.’ Jesus says ‘I’m the one treasure who died to purchase you.’”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Adam wasn’t lonely because he was imperfect but because he was perfect. The ache for friends is not the result of sin.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We have to be careful not to elevate our preferences to moral standards and judge others by them. We only do so to feel superior.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Love is primarily giving. It’s an action that leads to a feeling, not a feeling first.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Proper wedding vows are more a promise of mutually binding future love than a declaration of your present love.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The rich brother needs to let the gospel humble him while the poor brother needs to let the gospel affirm him.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Success and suffering will either darken your heart or make you wise, but they won’t leave you where you were.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Only if God can say things that make you struggle will you know that you have met a real God and not a figment of your imagination.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “In the secular view, suffering is never seen as a meaningful part of life but only as an interruption.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Just because we don’t see a reason for evil and suffering doesn’t mean there’s not a reason for it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Change won’t happen through ‘trying harder’ but only through encountering the radical grace of God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If we have not seen our sin and sought radical forgiveness from God, we will be unable to forgive and to seek the good of those who have wronged us.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We deserve to be forgotten because we forget Him. But because Jesus died on the cross, we will never, ever be forgotten by God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “It takes pride to be anxious – I am not wise enough to know how my life should go.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “It takes more than a great church to reach a city, it takes a great movement of churches.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “You don’t fall in love. You commit to it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Doing justice includes not only the righting of wrongs but generosity and social concern, especially toward the poor and vulnerable.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Covenant community is like air. We don’t miss it until we need it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “People only get in the afterlife what they have most wanted-either to have God as Savior and Master or to be their own Saviors and Masters.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Marriage is two broken people having little broken people.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “To take a person out of slavery takes an instant. To take slavery out of a person takes a process.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If the church does not identify with the marginalized, it will itself be marginalized. This is God’s poetic justice.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Reason can get you to probability, but only commitment can get you to certainty.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The irreligious don’t repent at all and the religious only repent of sins. But Christians repent of their wrongfully placed righteousness.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We must not settle for an informed mind without an engaged heart.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “When we try and use fear or pride to stop from sinning, we are forgetting that we sin because of either fear or pride.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you can’t show the difference between religion and the Gospel, people will confuse morality with a changed heart.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We get angry when we feel like God owes us a better life than we have.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Friends become wiser together through a healthy clash of viewpoints.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “A god of less wrath than the God of the Bible is necessarily a god of less love. His anger is a product of his love.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Secularism and Religion are both all about your personal performance. The Gospel is the performance of another applied to you.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Change happens not just by giving the mind new arguments but also by feeding the imagination new beauties.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Marriage does not so much bring you into confrontation with your spouse as confront you with yourself.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If I have the smile of God, all other frowns are inconsequential.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We need to remember that we are saved by grace when we fail. But we need to remember it much more when we succeed.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Honor the image of God. Human beings are not accidents, but creations.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “To preach the gospel is to show people their need for salvation against a backdrop of God’s nature and the character of sin, and then present Jesus as the only remedy for what ails them and the world. In my weekly preaching in the worship services I always call people to believe in Christ.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “In cities you have more image of God per square inch than anywhere else on Earth.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus is the ultimate Job, the only truly innocent sufferer.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you’re a Christian how do you deal with stress without Jesus? You don’t.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The gospel humbles us into the dust and at the very same time exalts us to the heavens.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Because sin is not just breaking the rules, it is putting yourself in the place of God as Savior, Lord, and Judge just as each son sought to displace the authority of the father in his own life.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If Christianity is really true it will be offending and correcting you somewhere.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If God does not have our highest allegiance, we will use prayer to try to get things that have that designation.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Only in Jesus Christ do we see how the untamable, infinite God can become a baby and a loving Savior. On the cross we see how both the love and the holiness of God can be fulfilled at once.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you’re avoiding sin and living morally so that God will have to bless you and save you, then you may be looking to Jesus as a teacher, model, and helper, but ironically you are avoiding him as Savior. You are trusting in your own goodness rather than in Jesus for your standing with God.”
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