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Top 450 Timothy Keller Quotes (2024 Update)
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Timothy Keller Quote: “Paul sees all kinds of sins in himself and all kinds of accomplishments too, but he refuses to connect them with his identity.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Are you living to justify yourself, or are you living because you are justified?”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Grace is humbling and restorative. It pulls you down because Christ had to die for you, but also lifts you up because he wanted to die for you.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Ministry to the poor is a crucial sign that we believe the gospel.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “It’s important to remember the Gospel is a story; not a set of bullet points.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The most liberating act of free, unconditional grace demands that the recipient give up control of his or her life.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Christians necessarily believe we depend on God for everything-a prayerless Christian, then, is a contradiction in terms.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus was much more interested in the quality of the people’s response to him than in the quantity of the crowd.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Occasionally God rips aside the veil, and you begin to see this very fact: All things happen for you. All things. Everything is knit together.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We are so quick to tweet, Facebook, and Instagram but we treat prayer with a sense of delay?”
Timothy Keller Quote: “No writer or thinker has taught me as much as James Hunter has about this all-important and complex subject of how culture is changed.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “For every one look at your sins, take five looks at your Savior.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Where you find your significance is where you find your salvation.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Suffering dispels the illusion that we have the strength and competence to rule our own lives and save ourselves.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “By praying with friends, you will be able to hear and see facets of Jesus that you have not yet perceived.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Your heart is smothering under your small ambitions.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you come to recognize the beliefs on which your doubts about Christianity are based, and if you seek as much proof for those beliefs as you seek from Christians for theirs – you will discover that your doubts are not as solid as they first appeared.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If God is treated as God during suffering, then suffering can reveal and present him in all his greatness.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “One of the most frequent responses I get from non-Christian readers is: ‘I’m not sure I agree with all this, but I must say this is the first book I’ve read by a Christian that didn’t treat me like I was an idiot.’”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you need something in addition to God to make you happy, that is your true King.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If there is a God, you owe him far more than a morally decent life.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “A Christian is somebody whose eyes have been opened, who admits that Jesus is not what you expected, but he’s what you need.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Faith is not opposed to reason, but it is sometimes opposed to feelings and appearances.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We must neither confuse evangelism with doing justice, nor separate them from one another.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We tend to see God as a means through which we get things to make us happy. For most of us, He has not become our happiness.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Our moral efforts are too feeble and falsely motivated to ever merit salvation.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Big cities have a lot of ‘younger brothers’ who have left traditional parts of the world and their families for a more liberal lifestyle. But cities are filled to the gills with ‘elder brothers’ too.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Ironically, the insistence that doctrines do not matter is really a doctrine itself.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The best people often have terrible lives. Job is one example, and Jesus – the ultimate ‘Job,’ the only truly, fully innocent sufferer – is another.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you have to run away from something that used to be an idol, you’re actually still enslaved by it. It’s still controlling you.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “God so loved us and hates suffering that he was willing to come down and get involved in it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Suffering is actually at the heart of the Christian story.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “When Job was prospering, he prayed. When he was suffering, he still prayed.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Only on the cross do you have a totally holy God and a totally loving God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “It’s a mistake to think that you must feel love to give it.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The primary means-of-reviva l that everyone agrees upon is extraordinary prayer.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you didn’t earn your salvation how are you going to un-earn it?”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Christianity does not set faith against thinking. It sets faith against assuming.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Let us preach grace till humility just starts to grow in us.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We’ve got at least two other streams of that are filled with good, helpful material on meditation – the Catholic stream and the Quaker stream that are not primarily based on meditating on the Scripture.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “What you do in secret tells you who your God is.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The world says you are loved because of what you do. Jesus says you can now do all things because you are loved.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “A Christian is one who stops working to be saved, not one who stops working!”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The gospel has two parts. It has the part that says you’re a sinner, and it has the part that says you’re loved and accepted.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Grace is to be let into a place that you don’t have a right to be.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “All Christians have opportunities to serve those who might never come to church or listen to a sermon.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Important reminder: It’s not fair of you to demand more proof of Christians for their beliefs than you demand for your own.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Most apologetic books are really written for Christians, even the ones that purport to be written for non-believers.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you come from insignificance and when you die you return to insignificance, then nothing is significant now.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Christianity is not just for the strong; it’s for everyone.”
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