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Top 450 Timothy Keller Quotes (2024 Update)
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Timothy Keller Quote: “If you have a small view of your sin, God’s grace will be small to you.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We should let Scripture interpret us more than we interpret Scripture.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “In the end, we love people into belief. We do not argue them into belief.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We are regularly in danger of having too light a view of our sin and also too light a grasp of what Jesus has done to free us from our sin.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “There seems to be a human instinct for prayer. Swiss theologian Karl Barth calls it our ‘incurable God-sickness.’”
Timothy Keller Quote: “At the cross, we see the worst that sin can do, as humanity – of which each one of us is a part – crucified the Lord. But at the cross, we also see that the most that sin can do cannot thwart God’s salvation.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The sin under all other sins is a lack of joy in Christ.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “All I know is, if I don’t care about the poor, if my church doesn’t care about the poor, that’s evil.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “There is no sin that is a match for God’s grace.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “To the degree you experience God’s love towards you – seeing you as beautiful and radiant – to that degree sex won’t ruin your life.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “To say doctrine doesn’t matter, only how you live matters, is itself a doctrine. It’s the doctrine of salvation by works.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If the evolutionary mechanism of natural selection depends on death, destruction, and violence of the strong against the weak, then these things are perfectly natural. On what basis, then, does the atheist judge the natural world to be horribly wrong, unfair, and unjust?”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The more you understand how your salvation isn’t about your behavior, the more radically your behavior will change.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The gospel has supernatural versatility to address the particular hopes, fears, and idols of every culture and every person.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Suffering is the stripping of our hope in finite things, therefore we do not put our ultimate hope in anything finite.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus’s teaching consistently attracted the irreligious while offending the Bible-believing, religious people of his day.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Our character is mainly shaped by our primary social community – the people with whom we eat, play, converse, and study.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “When the world sees us doing evangelism, they just see us recruiting. When they see us doing justice, they see God’s glory.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We must go back again and again to the Gospel of Christ crucified, so that our hearts are more deeply gripped by the reality of what He did and who we are in Him.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The main human problems often are that we misidentify what will make us happy; and we ask people and things to save us beyond their ability.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Prayer is a recognition of the greatness of our God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “As long as we think we are not that bad, the idea of grace will never change us.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “When people say, “God is love,” I think they mean that love is extremely important, or that God really wants us to love. But in Christian conception, God really has love as his essence.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Pride is that which claims to be the author of what is really a gift.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Nothing we formulate or do can qualify us for access to God. Only grace can do that- based not on our performance but on the saving work of Christ.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If God is real, why does he align perfectly with our views? We should expect God to challenge us on what we think is right somewhere.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “What you do today is shaped by what you believe about tomorrow.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The Gospel is news of what God has done to reach us. It is not advice about what we must do to reach God.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If you aren’t constantly astonished at God’s grace in your solitude, there’s no way it can happen in public.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If we pick out which parts of the Bible we dislike, we actually have a god we’ve created. How can that god ever call you out on anything?”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We are called not simply to communicate the gospel to nonbelievers; we must also intentionally celebrate the gospel before them.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “God has become human. The absolute has become particular. The ideal has become real. The divine has taken up a human nature.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “It is possible to avoid Jesus as Savior as much by keeping all the Biblical rules as by breaking them.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “No one is too bad for Jesus. A lot of people think they are too good for Jesus.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The human race doesn’t need more books telling them what to do. They need the power to do what they already know.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The life of faith is not the perfect life; it is the life which clings on to what God has said he will do.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Because of the Cross, God can be both just towards sin and yet mercifully justifying to sinners.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The Christian faith gives us a new conception of work as the means by which God loves and cares for his world through us.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “You should not begin to pray for all you want until you realize that in God you have all you need.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “The cross is the place where the Judge takes the Judgment.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “To love our success more than God and our neighbor hardens the heart, making us less able to feel and to sense.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “We are free to fight sin, and free to win; but we must still fight.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Jesus is not asking us to do anything for him that he hasn’t already done for us, under conditions of difficulty beyond our comprehension.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “One of the signs that you may not grasp the unique, radical nature of the gospel is that you are certain that you do.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Holiness gives us new desires and brings old desires into line with one another.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “What greater value could you possibly have than to be delighted in and sacrificed for by the Maker of the universe.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “Without the gospel we hate ourselves instead of our sin. Without the gospel we’re motivated through all sorts of awful fear and pride to change and it doesn’t really change our hearts; it just restrains our hearts.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “If the preaching of our ministers and the practice of our parishioners do not have the same effect on people that Jesus had, then we must not be declaring the same message that Jesus did.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “God loves and defends those with the least economic and social power, and so should we.”
Timothy Keller Quote: “How could you possibly know that no religion can see the whole truth unless you yourself have the superior, comprehensive knowledge of spiritual reality you just claimed non of the religions have?”
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