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Veronica Roth Quote: “Because even a sliver of distance between us is infuriating.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Caleb and Tris exchange a look. The skin on his face and on her knuckles is nearly the same colour, purple-blue-green, as if drawn with ink. This is what happens when siblings collide – they injure each other in the same way.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Don’t say I never take you anywhere nice.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I have to admit that Christina is good – though I don’t like giving credit to Candor smart-mouths – and so is Peter – though I don’t like giving credit to future psychopaths.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “By the time we leave, I have red lips and curled eyelashes, and I’m wearing a bright red dress. And there’s a knife strapped to the inside of my knee. This all makes perfect sense.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Where’s Marcus, Destroyer of Lives, going to meet us?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “They say that if the sacrifice is the ultimate way for that person to show you that they love you, you should let them do it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It’s not that I ever sat down and outlined a trilogy, but I always have a sense of what size an idea is when I start it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “She is a woman of muscle twisted around bone.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I think they’re going to force us to eat lots of cake and then take an unreasonably long nap.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Grabbing hold of facts in the midst of shock is very Erudite of him.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Please. They’re like the Cult of Four.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I don’t believe it is more important to move forward than to know the truth.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He looks like a man who has spent most of his life frowning.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Cowardice is how you decide to be in real life.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He should be the one to die, part of me thinks. I don’t want to lose him, another part argues. I don’t know which part to believe.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I need the protection of seeming weak.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I can’t tell him I need him. I can’t need him, period – or really, we can’t need each other, because who knows how long either of us will last in this war?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It’s not cruelty, maybe, but a desire to understand that motivates them.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “In ‘Insurgent’ we realise how large the world really is.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “If I let a little of the emotion out, all of it will come out, and it will never end.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I feel like what I have become is halfway between my mother and my father, violent and impulsive and desperate and afraid. I feel like I have lost control of what I have become.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “There is a difference between admitting and confessing. Admitting involves softening, making excuses for things that cannot be excused; confessing just names the crimes at its full severity.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Christina,’i say,’The factionless have all the guns.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “She believes that Tobias belongs to her now. She doesn’t know the truth, that he belongs to himself.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I understand why she did all those things, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still broken.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “The division is based on knowledge, based on qualifications – but as I learned from the factionless, a system that relies on a group of uneducated people to do its dirty work without giving them a way to rise is hardly fair.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I settle into their pace. The uniform pounding of feet in my ears and the homogeneity of the people around me makes me believe that I could choose this. I could be subsumed into Abnegation’s hive mind, projecting always outward.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “But there’s so much that was a lie, it’s hard to figure out what was true, what was real, what matters.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I’ve done without doing things, like sleeping and eating, but I need to write.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Our ability to know about ourselves and the world is what makes us human.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I shift from one foot to the other, trying to get a good look at him. When I finally do, I look away. His eyes were already on me, probably drawn by my nervous movement.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “This is what I wanted most to avoid: for my rises and falls to become Tobias’s rises and falls. That’s why I can’t let him step in to defend me now.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “If you see someone in trouble, you should help them. Experiment or not.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “The gun goes off. I fall.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He holds my face in both hands and kisses me back. I press into the distance between us until it is gone, crushing the secrets we have kept and the suspicions we have harbored-for good, I hope.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “That our world is so massive that it is completely out of our control, that we cannot possibly be as large as we feel.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Which means that in order to defeat her, I have to think of a way to defeat myself. And how can I be a better fighter than myself, if she knows the same strategies I know, and is exactly as resourceful and clever as I am?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It’s like he knows, he knows I have a thing for her.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It’s strange to see people you don’t know well in the morning, with sleepy eyes and pillow creases in their cheeks.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He moves his thumb in a slow circle over the back of my hand. It is meant to comfort me, but it frustrates me instead. I need to talk to him. I need to look at him.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “So you’re her brother? Says Linn. I guess we know who got the good genes.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I point at a window to my left, and it explodes. Particles of glass rain over us. ‘You’ll have to do better than that,’ I say.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am collecting the lessons each faction has to teach me, and storing them in my mind like a guidebook for moving through the world. There is always somthing to learn, always somthing that is important to understand.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “In the days that follow, it’s movement, not stillness, that helps to keep the grief at bay.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Yeah, well, we’re all afraid.” I sighed. “The angry more than most, I think.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I might be in love with you. I’m waiting until I’m sure to tell you, though.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Four sets his hand on my back and says, “Welcome to Dauntless.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I wake wondering how I did not notice, every day I sat across from her at the breakfast table, that she was full to bursting with Dauntless energy. Was it because she hid it well? Or was it because I wasn’t looking?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “There is always somthing to learn, always somthing that is important to understand.”
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