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Veronica Roth Quotes
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Veronica Roth Quote: “I realize that the decision might be simple. It will require a great act of selflessness to choose Abnegation, or a great act of courage to choose Dauntless, and maybe just choosing one over the other will prove that I belong.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Why do you say vague things if you don’t want to be asked about them?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Every faction conditions its members to think and act a certain way. And most people do it. For most people, it’s not hard to learn, to find a pattern of thought that works and stay that way... But our minds move a dozen different directions. We can’t be confined to one way of thinking...”
Veronica Roth Quote: “His fingers slide into my hair, and I hold on to his arms to stay steady as we press together like two blades at a stalemate. He is stronger than anyone I know, and warmer than anyone else realizes; he is a secret that I have kept, and will keep for the rest of my life.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Seeing people who are actually reading your book and listening to the wide variety of reactions they have to it, is really special.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “God Tris, are you even human?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Maybe I was afraid to trust him with something so personal as my devotion.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Because even a sliver of distance between us is infuriating.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I know that I am birdlike, made narrow and small as if for taking flight, built straight-waisted and fragile. But when he touches me like he can’t bear to take his hand away, I don’t wish I was any different.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Suffer the fate, for all else is delusion.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I watch her blond head until it disappears around the bend, and I feel bare, like there’s nothing left to protect me against pain. Her absence stings worst of all.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I don’t see any elderly people in the crowd. Are there any old Dauntless? Do they not last that long, or are they just sent away when they can’t jump off moving trains anymore?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Peter leans forward and looks into my eyes. “The serum will go into effect in one minute,” he says. “Be brave, Tris.” My heart begins to race. Why would Peter tell me to be brave? Why would he offer any kind words at all?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “From one tyrant to another. That is the world we know, now.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I’m going to shoot a muffin off Marlene’s head.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “There are no safe rooms, no safe truths, no safe secrets to tell.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Some people believe that I will go nowhere, and maybe they’re right, but maybe they’re not.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You die, I die too.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I used to go outside every day and invent these elaborate worlds and scenarios in my head, and when I grew too old for playing pretend, I started to write everything down instead.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Every faction has a serum,” Johanna says. “The Dauntless serum gives hallucinated realities, Candor’s gives the truth, Amity’s gives peace, Erudite’s gives death – ” At this, Tris visibly shudders, but Johanna continues as if it didn’t happen. “And Abnegation’s resets memory.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Fear is more powerful than pain.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “What do I believe? I do not know; I do not know; I do not know.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Independent and uninvolved. Must be nice. -Tris.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “If someone offer you an opportunity to get closer to your enemy, you always take it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Before she got here everything had stalled inside me, and every morning I was just moving toward nighttime.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I want to cry because something terrible happened, and I saw it, and I could not see a way to mend it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Relax Beatrice, I’ve driven a car before.? MARCUS ‘I’ve done a lot of things before, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good at them!’ TRIS.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I frown at him. How does he know all this information? And why, after two years of avoiding becoming a Dauntless leader at all costs, is he suddenly acting like one?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Oh for god’s sake. I’ll just carry you.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “And then the screaming begins.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “If they told us what to believe, and we didn’t come to it on our own, is it still true?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Just because they didn’t shoot you all in the head doesn’t mean their intentions were somehow honorable. Why do you think they came here? Just to run through your hallways, knock you conscious, and leave?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “This was the first place I everfelt strong. Every time I breathe this air I feel it again.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It would be nice if life worked this way, stripping the dirt from our lives and sending us back out into the world clean. But some dirt is destined to lingered.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I love the Wikipedia link chain because it has led me into some strange articles. Wikipedia is one of my favorites.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “So how can I hold Tobias’s desperation against him, like I’m better than him, like I’ve never let my own brokenness blind me?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Stiff. That’s why you’re strong, get it? – Tobias Eaton.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I decide to do what I always do when I’m not sure what’s going on: I act like everyone else.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “And I stand in the hallway, alone, grinning like an idiot.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He pulls me over the railing and against his chest, gathering me into his arms, easing an arm under my knees. I press my face into his shoulder, and there is a sudden, hollow silence.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You always look like someone’s sucked the life right out of you when something fascinates you. -Tris.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I wonder how I seem to them. They must see someone I don’t see. Someone capable and strong. Someone I can’t be; someone I can be.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “She wanted us to have more than five choices. Now we have none.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I settle into their pace. The uniform pounding of feet in my ears and the homogeneity of the people around me makes me believe that I could choose this. I could be subsumed into Abnegation’s hive mind, projecting always outward.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Looking at her is like waking up.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He holds my face in both hands and kisses me back. I press into the distance between us until it is gone, crushing the secrets we have kept and the suspicions we have harbored-for good, I hope.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “They all laugh. We all laugh. And it occurs to me that I might be meeting Tobias’s true faction. They are not characterized by a particular virtue. They claim all colors, all activities, all virtues, and all flaws as their own.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I feel like what I have become is halfway between my mother and my father, violent and impulsive and desperate and afraid. I feel like I have lost control of what I have become.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Little girl, he called me. A little girl who is stressed out to the point of paranoia. That is not me, but now, it’s who the Candor think I am.”
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