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Veronica Roth Quote: “Siempre hay algo que se aprende, siempre se aprende algo importante.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am the instrument of my own destruction.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Now i remember why I chose Dauntless. Not because they were brave or anything. But because they were free.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Maybe time would not feel as heavy if I didn’t have this guilt – the guilt of knowing the truth and stuffing it down where no one can see it, not even Tobias. Maybe I should not be so afraid of saying anything, because honesty will make me feel lighter.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “His fingers slide into my hair, and I hold on to his arms to stay steady as we press together like two blades at a stalemate. He is stronger than anyone I know, and warmer than anyone else realizes; he is a secret that I have kept, and will keep for the rest of my life.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “And I stand in the hallway, alone, grinning like an idiot.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I realize that the decision might be simple. It will require a great act of selflessness to choose Abnegation, or a great act of courage to choose Dauntless, and maybe just choosing one over the other will prove that I belong.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Every faction has a serum,” Johanna says. “The Dauntless serum gives hallucinated realities, Candor’s gives the truth, Amity’s gives peace, Erudite’s gives death – ” At this, Tris visibly shudders, but Johanna continues as if it didn’t happen. “And Abnegation’s resets memory.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “We believe in bravery. We believe in taking action. We believe in freedom from fear and in acquiring the skills to force the bad out of our world so that the good can prosper and thrive. If you also believe in those things, we welcome you.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It was him or me. I chose me. But I feel dead too.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “There are no safe rooms, no safe truths, no safe secrets to tell.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I should wonder what courage – which is the virtue they most value – has to do with a metal ring through your nostril.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I didn’t choose the blood that runs in my veins, any more than you chose your fate. You and I, we’ve become what we were made to become.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “For a few minutes we kiss, deep in the chasm, with the roar of water all around us. And we rise, hand in hand, I realize that if we had both chosen differently, we might have ended up doing the same thing, in a safer place, in gray clothes instead of black ones.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It’s not often real that you encounter the real person behind a good-natured mask, the darkest part of someone. It’s not comfortable what you do.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It takes me five rounds to hit the middle of the target, and when I do, a rush of energy goes through me. I am awake, my eyes wide open, my hands warm.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I get up, because I’m supposed to, but if it were up to me, I’d stay in my seat for the rest of time.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I glance at Tris. She grins at me, then leans in to whisper something to Christina. “Are you here to help or what, Stiff?” I say.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “No need to continually insist upon your unshakable masculinity.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black shoes – new clothes, but beneath them, my Dauntless tattoos. It is impossible to erase my choices. Especially these.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “God Tris, are you even human?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Pride is what killed Al, and it is the flaw in every Dauntless heart. It is in mine.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am proud. It will get me into trouble someday, but today it makes me brave.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Soon I will honor my parents by dying as they died. and if all they believed about death was true, soon I will join them in whatever comes next.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I reach out and take his hand. His fingers slide between mine. I can’t breathe.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I will not be a pawn, not for my mother, not for my father, and not for them. I will not belong to anyone but myself.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I look up, and stop breathing. Eyes glitter in the darkness. Dark shapes sit in the car, more numerous than we are. The factionless.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Living without virtues is to live divorced from society, separated from the most important thing in life, community.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Sometimes all I want is to be a few inches taller so the world does not look like a dense collection of torsos.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Blood is a strange color. It’s darker than you expect it to be.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He kisses me again, more insistent this time, his hands squeezing my waist. His breaths, his body, my body, we are so close there is no difference.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Or maybe we’ll make a home somewhere inside ourselves, to carry with us wherever we go- which is the way I carry my mother now.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I feel myself acting like a lunatic, but I can’t stop. It would be like refusing to breathe.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Why is your heart racing Tris?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “There’s really no way to be perfect. Perfectionism is a silly trait to have, so in a lot of ways that inspired the world of ‘Divergent,’ in which everyone is striving toward that ideal and falling short of it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Sometimes I still forget to look for the gentler parts of her. For so long all I saw was the strength, standing out like the wiry muscles in her arms or the black ink marking her collarbone with flight.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I know that I am birdlike, made narrow and small as if for taking flight, built straight-waisted and fragile. But when he touches me like he can’t bear to take his hand away, I don’t wish I was any different.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He smiles in my memory. A curled lip. Straight teeth. Light in his eyes. Laughing, teasing, more alive in memory than I m in reality. It was him or me. I chose me. But I feel dead too.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I pause a second. He doesn’t look at me the way Will, Christina, and Al sometimes do – like I am too small and too weak to be of any use, and they pity me for it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You don’t have to tell me everything right away, but I have to tell you everything right away? Can’t you see how stupid that is?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I hold the gun out from my body, my arms straight, just as Four taught me, when that was his only name. I used a gun like this to defend my father and brother from simulation-bound Dauntless. I used it to stop Eric from shooting Tobias in the head. It is not inherently evil. It is just a tool.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I settle into their pace. The uniform pounding of feet in my ears and the homogeneity of the people around me makes me believe that I could choose this. I could be subsumed into Abnegation’s hive mind, projecting always outward.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I don’t have a bullet in my head, do I? So I’m fine.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “From one tyrant to another. That is the world we know, now.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Any idiot can stand in front of a target,” I say. “It doesn’t prove anything except that you’re bullying us. Which, as I recall is a sign of cowardice” “Then it should be easy for you,” Eric sys. “If you’re willing ot take his place.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He is strong, and lithe, and certain. And he is mine.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Maybe it’s a little depressing to think that my vision of a perfect world is actually so messed up, but I think it means that I don’t really understand what ‘perfect’ is.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am a naturally curious person. -Tris.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “He leans his face close to mine and wraps his fingers around my chin. His hand smells like metal. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I’d rather eat out of a can than be strangled by a faction.”
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