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Veronica Roth Quote: “I read somewhere, once, that crying defies scientific explanation. Tears are only meant to lubricate the eyes. There is no real reason for tear glands to overproduce tears at the behest of emotion. I think we cry to release the animal parts of us without losing our humanity.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I have never had parents who set good examples, parents whose expectations were worth living up to, but she did. I can see them within her, the courage and the beauty they pressed into her like a handprint.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “They try to make you think they care about what you do but they don’t. They don’t want you to act a certain way. So you’re easy to understand. So you won’t pose a threat to them.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am better off doing as abnegation taught me: turning away from myself, projecting always outward, and hoping that in whatever is next, I will be better than I am now.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Now she looks pale and small, but her eyes make me think of wide- open skies that I have never actually seen, only dreamed of.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I get the strange urge to hit my head against the wall. Other people’s sobs make me feel uncomfortable.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “His hand touches my waist, steadies me. The touch sends a shock through my body, and all my insides burn like his fingers ignited them. I pull close to him, pressing my body against his, and lift my head to kiss him.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am brave, I am selfless, I am Divergent.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I wish I could say I felt guilty for what I did. I don’t.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “My problem might be that even if I did go home, I wouldn’t belong there, among people who give without thinking and care without trying.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It’s stupid to miss a thing when there are so many people to miss instead, but I miss this train already, and all the others that carried me through the city, my city, after I was brave enough to ride them. I brush my fingers over the car wall, just once, and then jump.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Can you tell me where to find Tobias’? I ask. When I imagine his face, affection for him bubbles up inside of me and all I want to do is kiss him. ‘Four, I mean. He’s so handsome, isn’t he? I don’t really understand why he likes me so much. I’m not very nice, am I?’ -Tris.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “La gente solo quiere ser feliz, aunque la felicidad no sea real.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Because life is not fair, Albert. And the world is conspiring against you.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You know what mom told me once? She said that everyone has some evil inside them, and the first step to loving anyone is to recognize the same evil in ourselves, so we’re able to forgive them.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am too strong to break so easily, and I become better, sharper, every time I touch him.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I feel like someone is pressing me into a mold that does not fit my body, forcing me intothe wrong shape.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “No selfishness or insecurity kept him from seeing the full extent of her goodness, as it so often does with the rest of us. That kind of love may only be possible in Abnegation. I do not know.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Our eyes meet. I hear a train horn, so faint it could be wind whistling through an alleyway. But I know it when I hear it. It sounds like the Dauntless, calling me to to them.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “We kiss again and this time, it feels familiar. I know exactly how we fit together, his arm around my waist, my hands on his chest, the pressure of his lips on mine. We have each other memorized.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You chose us. Now we have to choose you.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Scrubbing the floor when no one else wanted to was something that my mother would have done. If I can’t be with her, the least I can do is act like her sometimes.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I guess I always knew there was something wrong with me, but I thought it was because of my father, or my mother, and the pain they bequeathed to me like a family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation. – Tobias Eaton.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I have to face the fear. I have to take control of the situation and find a way to make it less frightening.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It will be difficult to break the habits of thinking Abnegation instilled in me, like tugging a single thread from a complex work of embroidery. But I will find new habits, new thoughts, new rules. I will become something else.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “It would be stupid to confide your entire plan to one person. It’s infinitely smarter to give little pieces of it to each person working with you. That way, if someone betrays you, the loss isn’t too great.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You want to see people as extremes. Bad or good, trustworthy or not. I understand. It’s easier that way. But that isn’t how people work.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I wipe my face with my sleeve, laughing so hard my stomach hurts. If my entire life is like this, loud laughter and bold action and the kind of exhaustion you feel after a hard but satisfying day, I will be content.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Maybe forgiveness is just the continual pushing aside of bitter memories, until time dulls the hurt and anger, and the wrong is forgotten.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I also don’t believe that whatever come after life depends on my correctly reciting a list of my transgressions-that sounds too much like an Erudite afterlife to me, all accuracy and no feeling.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I am a Shotet. I am sharp as broken glass, and just as fragile. I tell lies better than I tell truths. I see all of the galaxy and never catch a glimpse of it.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I don’t need to relive my fears anymore. All I need to do now is try to overcome them.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “That is how it feels. Like everything between us is twisted together, friendship and love and family, so I cant tell the difference between any of them.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “If you are really one of us, it won’t matter to you that you might fail. And if it does, you are a coward.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “And I don’t want to die anymore. I am up to the challenge of bearing the guilt and the grief, up to facing the difficulties that life has put in my path. Some days are harder than others, but I am ready to live each one of them. I can’t sacrifice myself, this time.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “In some parts of the ancient world, the hawk symbolized the sun. Back when I got this, I figured if I always had the sun on me, I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Ingenuity requires creativity.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Few people who are born into Abnegation choose to leave it. When they do, we remember.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Fear is more powerful than pain.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “One thing I know: For helping me forget how awful the world is, I prefer her to alcohol.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “You are far less likely to soil your pants and cry for your mother if you’re prepared to defend yourself.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Beatrice. We should think of our family. But. But we must also think of ourselves.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I didn’t realize until that moment that Dauntless initiation had taught me an important lesson: how to keep going.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Los seres humanos en su conjunto no aguantan mucho tiempo siendo buenos; al final la maldad regresa para volver a envenenarnos.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Your powers of deductive reasoning are stunning,” spits Tobias. “Consider me awed.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I traded cowardice for cruelty; I traded weakness for ferocity.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “Courageous? Courageous would have been admitting weakness and leaving Dauntless, no matter what shame accompanied it. Pride is what killed Al, and it is the flaw in every Dauntless heart. It is in mine.”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I don’t see any elderly people in the crowd. Are there any old Dauntless? Do they not last that long, or are they just sent away when they can’t jump off moving trains anymore?”
Veronica Roth Quote: “I know some things – I know that I’m not alone, that I have friends, that I’m in love. I know that I don’t want to die, and for me that’s something – more than I could have said a few weeks ago.”
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