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Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The origin of the universe might be forever unknown, but all that had happened after obeyed the laws of physics.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “At this point, there flashed briefly through Stenton’s horrified mind the memory of that timeless classic, H. G. Wells’s “The Star.” He had first read it as a small boy, and it had helped to spark his interest in astronomy.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “How foolish that expectation had been! He knew now that one might as well hope to see the wind, or speculate about the true shape of fire.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Miss Pringle was not much larger than the handheld personal assistants of his own age, and usually lived, like the Old West’s Colt 45, in a quick-draw holster at his waist.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He had sometimes wondered if the real reason why men sought danger was that only thus could they find the companionship and solidarity which they unconsciously craved.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “When the reality was depressing, men tried to console themselves with myth.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Someone had once said that you could be terrified in space, but you could not be worried there.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He was still prepared to go on collecting all that life could offer, like a chambered nautilus patiently adding new cells to its slowly expanding spiral.”
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