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Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Because each of us is the sum of all we have ever experienced. Only the very young have a clean slate. The rest of us must live forever with everything we have ever been.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Because each of us is the sum of all we have ever experienced.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It was good to be alive; it was better to be young; it was best of all to be in love.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “For well-bred people do not, after all, care to read about the social gaffes of others.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “While there was life, there was hope;.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “There’s an ancient philosophical joke that’s much subtler than it seems. Question: Why is the Universe here? Answer: Where else would it be?”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Michael O’Toole had no difficulty recognizing which questions in life should be answered by physics and which ones by religion.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Dr. Brown considered all engineers to be nothing more than glorified carpenters and plumbers.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The eruption had hurled the thing out of its normal environment, deep down in the flaming atmosphere of the sun. It was a miracle that it had survived its journey through space; already it must be dying, as the forces that controlled its huge, invisible body lost their hold over the electrified gas which was the only substance it possessed.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He might himself be putting on a superb act, following the performance by logic alone and with his own strange emotions completely untouched, as an anthropologist might take part in some primitive rite. The fact that he uttered the appropriate sounds, and made the expected responses, really proved nothing at all.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “We wanted you to have a feel for the size of your habitat, in case you needed that to be more comfortable with the design process.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Absence of noise is not a natural condition; all human senses require some input. If they are deprived of it, the mind manufactures its own substitutes.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Evolution and science had come to the same answers; and the work of Nature had lasted longer. At.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “One sample is poor statistics, my math prof used to say.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Enjoy them while you may,” answered Rashaverak gently. “They will not be yours for long.” It was advice that might have been given to any parent in any age: but now it contained a threat and a terror it had never held before.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “A truly intelligent race is not likely to be unfriendly.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “This would involve disconnection – the computer equivalent of death. Despite.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Nevertheless, when you did not know what you were looking for, it was important to avoid all prejudices and preconceptions; something that at first sight seemed irrelevant, or even nonsensical, might turn out to be a vital clue.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “For the last time, David Bowman slept.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Don’t believe anything I’ve told you – merely because I said it.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Soon after her beloved young brother was killed, she asked me, “What is the purpose of grief? Does it serve any biological function?”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “As to the nature of that drive, one thing was now certain, even though all else was mystery. There were no jets of gas, no beams of ions or plasma thrusting Rama into its new orbit. No one put it better than Sergeant Professor Myron, when he said, in shocked.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Yes, it made sense, and was so absurdly simple that it would take a genius to think of it. And, perhaps, someone who did not expect to do it himself.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Astronomy was full of such intriguing but meaningless coincidences. The most famous was the fact that, from the Earth, both Sun and Moon have the same apparent diameter.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Men knew better than they realized, when they placed the abode of the gods beyond the reach of gravity.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Because each of us is the sum of all we have ever experienced. Only the very young have a clean slate.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I agree that was terrible – but what could my government do about it?” “A great deal – if it wished. But that would have offended the people who supplied it with oil – and bought its weapons, like the land mines that killed and maimed civilians by the thousands.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “News that is sufficiently bad somehow carries its own guarantee of truth. Only good reports need confirmation.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Myron, like countless NCO’s before him, had discovered the ideal compromise between power and responsibility.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Whatever their origin, the human race was fortunate to have seen such a wonder; it could exist for only a brief moment of time in the history of the Solar System.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It seemed unfair that this should have happened in his time, after all these centuries of rest. But men cannot bargain with Fate, and choose peace or adventure as they wish.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The history of the Universe must be a mass of such disconnected threads, and no one could say which were important and which were trivial.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I don’t believe all this just happened,” Nicole said. “Not on another planet. Not anywhere. Natural evolution simply does not result in the kind of interspecies harmony we have witnessed the last two days.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “There was no objection when he said: “I’m going after it.” Nor did he expect there to be; his life was now his own, to do with as he pleased. He.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It seemed altogether unfair and unreasonable that the sky should be so hard.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Poole and Bowman had often humorously referred to themselves as caretakers or janitors aboard a ship that could really run itself. They would have been astonished, and more than a little indignant, to discover how much truth that jest contained.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “And then there came a sound which Moon-Watcher could not possibly have identified, for it had never been heard before in the history of the world. It was the clank of metal upon stone.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He did not wander aimlessly, though he never knew which village would be his next port of call. He was seeking no particular place, but a mood, an influence – indeed, a way of life.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I am unable to distinguish clearly between your religious ceremonies and apparently identical behavior at the sporting and cultural functions you have transmitted to me.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The ladies were quite uninterested; either because they did not care for mathematics, or preferred to ignore birthdays.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Even the few serious crimes that did occur received no particular attention in the news. For well-bred people do not, after all, care to read about the social gaffes of others.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Martin’s one of the nicest fellows you could meet, as long as you don’t do it too often.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “However much the universe and its mysteries might call him, this was where he was born and where he belonged. It would never satisfy him, yet always he would return. He had gone half-way across the Galaxy to learn this simple truth.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Like every human being, Alvin was in some measure a machine, his actions predetermined by his inheritance. That did not alter his need for understanding and sympathy, nor did it render him immune to loneliness or frustration. To his own people, he was so unaccountable a creature that they sometimes forgot that he still shared their emotions.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “They no longer formed a single group, united in the common cause of survival. Now their lives had diverged again into a score of independent aims and ambitions. Humanity had swallowed them up once more, and the ocean swallows a raindrop.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Even a doomed man might reasonably be expected to take some slight interest in a few thousand square meters of gems. He.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Nicole’s intuition told her not to follow the fireflies, but she said nothing.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It seemed to him that his ship was rather like a stranded whale that had managed a difficult birth in an alien element. He hoped that the new calf would survive.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “They would never know how lucky they had been. For a lifetime, mankind had achieved as much happiness as any race can ever know. It had been the Golden Age. But gold was also the color of sunset, of autumn: and only Karellen’s ears could catch the first wailings of the winter storms.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The existence of so much leisure would have created tremendous problems a century before. Education had overcome most of these, for a well stocked mind is safe from boredom.”
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