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Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Children grow fast in this low gravity. But they don’t age so quickly – they’ll live longer than we do.” Floyd stared in fascination at the self-assured little lady, noting the graceful carriage and the unusually delicate bone structure.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Nothing in this scene will be changed by my death, Nicole thought. There will just be one less pair of eyes to observe its splendor. And one less collection of chemicals risen to consciousness to wonder what it all means.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “This was the fundamental problem with rockets – and no one had ever discovered any alternative for deep-space propulsion. It was just as difficult to lose speed as to acquire it, and carrying the necessary propellant for deceleration did not merely double the difficulty of a mission; it squared it.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Anything that had happened once on Earth should be expected millions of times elsewhere in the Universe; that was almost an article of faith among scientists.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Can you sum up your ideas in less than – oh, a thousand bits?”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “On the placidly flowing river of time, he wished only to make a few ripples: he shrank from diverting its course.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Futilitarianism.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “In Lys, it seemed, all love began with mental contact, and it might be months or years before a couple actually met. In this way, Hilvar explained, there could be no false impressions, no deceptions, on either side. Two people whose minds were open to one another could hide no secrets.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “All that had gone before was not a thousandth of what was yet to come; the story of this star had barely begun.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “There was little work left of a routine, mechanical nature. Men’s minds were too valuable to waste on tasks that a few thousand transistors, some photo-electric cells, and a cubic meter of printed circuits could perform.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “There was nothing wrong, he reminded himself, with healthy fear; only when it escalated into panic did it become a killer.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Floyd made it a rule never to worry about events over which he could have absolutely no control; any external threat would reveal itself in due time and must be dealt with then. But he could not help wondering if they had done.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “With no further clues, it might take the station Computer quite a while – perhaps as much as ten minutes – to locate the line in the whole body of English literature.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Long ago it had been decided that, however inconsequential rudeness to robots might appear to be, it should be discouraged. All too easily, it could spread to human relationships as well.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “What had been a perceived threat, a lien in a sense on future human behavior, was quickly reduced to a historical curiosity.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “So the problem of Evil never really existed. To expect the universe to be benevolent was like imagining one could always win at a game of pure chance.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Only Time is universal; Night and Day are merely quaint local customs found on those planets that tidal forces have not yet robbed of their rotation. But however far they travel from their native world, human beings can never escape the diurnal rhythm, set ages ago by its cycle of light and darkness.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Yet there was also something slightly spooky about them. Norton could never understand how men with advanced scientific and technical training could possibly believe some of the things he had heard Cosmo Christers state as incontrovertible fact.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “An author should never turn down the opportunity for a new experience.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Pat’s knowledge of terrestrial history was vague; like most residents of the Moon, he tended to assume that nothing of great importance had ever happened.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “All bureaucracies are the same. They drain the life out of the truly creative people and develop mindless paper-pushers as their critical mass.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The more wonderful the means of communication, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seemed to be. Accidents, crimes, natural and man-made disasters, threats of conflict, gloomy editorials – these still seemed to be the main concern of the millions of words being sprayed into the ether. Yet Floyd also wondered if this was altogether.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The billion-year battle against the force of gravity was over.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It was fascinating to watch that agile mind trying one opening after another, testing and rejecting all the theories that Stormgren himself had abandoned long ago.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I agree with you, Captain,” he whispered. “The human race has to live with its conscience. Whatever the Hermians argue, survival is not everything.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “For relaxation he could always engage Hal in a large number of semimathematical games, including checkers, chess, and polyominoes. If Hal went all out, he could win any one of them; but that would be bad for morale. So he had been programmed to win only fifty percent of the time, and his human partners pretended not to know this.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “When all else failed, you had to rely on eyeball intrumentation.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “They would probably never even know that the human race existed. Such monumental indifference was worse than any deliberate insult. When.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I’m a tone-deaf siren, a wallflower at the mating dance. And I do wonder why men can’t want me for me. I’m smart, I don’t defer, and I didn’t put making babies number one on my list of priorities.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “For it was their world, not Man’s. However he might shape it for his own purposes, it would be his duty always to safeguard the interests of its rightful owners. No one could tell what part they might have to play in the history of the universe. And when, as was one day inevitable, Man himself came to the notice of yet higher races, he might well be judged by his behaviour here on Mars.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Behind Alystra was the known world, full of wonder yet empty of surprise, drifting like a brilliant but tightly closed bubble down the river of time. Ahead, separated from her by no more than the span of a few footsteps, was the empty wilderness – the world of the desert – the world of the Invaders.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “We’re particularly anxious to get our hands on Pioneer 10 – the first man-made object to escape from the Solar System.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The long-heralded global village is almost upon us, but it will last for only a flickering moment in the history of mankind. Before we even realise that it has come, it will be superseded – by the global family.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Do we use models to help us find the truth? Or do we know the truth first, and then develop the mathematics to explain it?”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “And as for the Council – tell it that a road that has once been opened cannot be closed again merely by passing a resolution.’ The.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “But was even this the end? A few mystically inclined biologists went still further. They speculated, taking their cues from the beliefs of many religions, that mind would eventually free itself from matter. The robot body, like the flesh-and-blood one, would be no more than a stepping-stone to something which, long ago, men had called “spirit.” And if there was anything beyond that, its name could only be God.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “After the struggle for sheer existence, they had no energy left for a civilization.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Lucretius hit it on the nail when he said that religion was the by-product of fear – a reaction to a mysterious and often hostile universe.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Tom hated to admit defeat, even in matters far less important than this. He believed that all problems could be solved if they were tackled in the right way, with the right equipment. This was a challenge to his scientific ingenuity; the fact that there were many lives involved was immaterial. Dr. Tom Lawson had no great use for human beings, but he did respect the Universe. This was a private fight between him and It.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Historically, both fear and public opinion were notoriously unconcerned about morality.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I’d hate to do arithmetic, George thought to himself, in a system based on fourteen.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Now that they were no longer half-numbed with starvation, they had time both for leisure and for the first rudiments of thought.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Science can destroy religion by ignoring it as well as by disproving its tenets.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “She was certain that it was wise to prevent Wilson and Brown from working closely together during sorties inside Rama. Nicole chastised herself for not having raised the issue with Borzov on her own. She realized that her mission portfolio included mental health as well, but somehow she had difficulty thinking of herself as the crew psychiatrist. I avoid it because it’s not an objective process, she thought. We have no sensors yet to measure good or bad mental health.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “First rule of government of the people, by the people, for the people: Never tell the people!”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I hope you’re right. Apart from that, won’t there be trouble when he discovers what you’re trying to do? Because he will, you know.” “I’ll take that risk. Besides, we understand each other rather well.” The physicist toyed with his pencil and stared into space for a while. “It’s a very pretty problem. I like it,” he said simply. Then he dived into a drawer and produced an enormous writing pad, quite the biggest that Stormgren had ever seen.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Do you believe in ghosts, Dim?” “Certainly not: but like every sensible man, I’m afraid of them. Why do you ask?”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “President of the Society for Creative Anachronisms.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He broke open the first of the meal packets, and inspected it without enthusiasm. The name on the label – SPACETASTIES – was enough to put him off. And he had grave doubts about the promise printed underneath: ‘Guaranteed crumbless’.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It is not easy to run a shipping line between destinations that not only change their positions by millions of kilometers every few days, but also swing through a velocity range of tens of kilometers a second. Anything like a regular schedule is out of the question; there are times when one must forget the whole idea and stay in port – or at least in orbit – waiting for the Solar System to rearrange itself for the greater convenience of Mankind.”
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