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Arthur C. Clarke Quotes
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Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I agree with you, Captain,” he whispered. “The human race has to live with its conscience. Whatever the Hermians argue, survival is not everything.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The dismantling of the vast and wholly parasitic armaments industry had given an unprecedented – sometimes, indeed, unhealthy – boost to the world economy. No longer were vital raw materials and brilliant engineering talents swallowed up in a virtual black hole – or, even worse, turned to destruction. Instead, they could be used to repair the ravages and neglect of centuries, by rebuilding the world.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “For the last time, David Bowman slept.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “History never repeats itself – but historical situations recur.” As.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “But what finally ended this cycle was Verdi’s Requiem Mass, which he had never heard performed on Earth. The “Dies Irae,” roaring with ominous appropriateness through the empty ship, left him completely shattered;.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “But please remember: this is only a work of fiction. The truth, as always, will be far stranger.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It was the mark of a barbarian to destroy something one could not understand; but perhaps men were barbarians, beside the creatures who had made this thing.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I seem to be having difficulty – my first instructor was Dr. Chandra. He taught me to sing a song, it goes like this, ‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you.’” The.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “However much the universe and its mysteries might call him, this was where he was born and where he belonged. It would never satisfy him, yet always he would return. He had gone half-way across the Galaxy to learn this simple truth.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Nothing in this scene will be changed by my death, Nicole thought. There will just be one less pair of eyes to observe its splendor. And one less collection of chemicals risen to consciousness to wonder what it all means.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Think of such civilizations, far back in time against the fading afterglow of creation, masters of a universe so young that life as yet had come only to a handful of worlds. Theirs would have been a loneliness of gods looking out across infinity and finding none to share their thoughts.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Absence of noise is not a natural condition; all human senses require some input. If they are deprived of it, the mind manufactures its own substitutes.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The fax machine now allows us to exchange ideas almost in real time; it’s far more convenient than the Electronic Mail.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Cassini – who discovered Japetus in 1671 – also observed that it was six times brighter on one side of its orbit than the other.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It seemed altogether unfair and unreasonable that the sky should be so hard.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “And because, in all the Galaxy, they had found nothing more precious than Mind, they encouraged its dawning everywhere. They became farmers in the fields of stars; they sowed, and sometimes they reaped. And sometimes, dispassionately, they had to weed.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “It was idle to speculate, to build pyramids of surmise on a foundation of ignorance.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “During the first half of the twentieth century, a few of your scientists began to investigate these matters. They did not know it, but they were tampering with the lock of Pandora’s box. The forces they might have unleashed transcended any perils that the atom could have brought. For the physicists could only have ruined the Earth: the paraphysicists could have spread havoc to the stars.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The sixth member of the crew cared for none of these things, for it was not human. It was the highly advanced HAL 9000 computer, the brain and nervous system of the ship.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Naturally, the system would have to be rigidly closed, recycling all food, air, and other expendables. But, of course, that’s just how the Earth operates – on a slightly larger scale.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “In Brohier’s eyes, violence was not merely the last refuge of the incompetent. It was the gloating revenge of the sore loser.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “They were not in the least deterred when a celebrated Washington humorist claimed that his calculations proved that the world ended on December 31, 1999 – but that everyone had had too much of a hangover to notice.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Now that they were no longer half-numbed with starvation, they had time both for leisure and for the first rudiments of thought.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “The outermost – Jupiter XXVII – moved backwards in an unstable path nineteen million miles from its temporary master. It was the prize in a perpetual tug-of-war between Jupiter and the Sun, for the planet was constantly capturing short-lived moons from the asteroid belt, and losing them again after a few million years. Only the inner satellites were its permanent property; the Sun could never wrest them from its grasp.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “There was nothing wrong, he reminded himself, with healthy fear; only when it escalated into panic did it become a killer.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Call it the Star Gate.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Discovery was no longer a happy ship.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “They could never guess that their minds were being probed, their bodies mapped, their reactions studied, their potentials evaluated.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Corpse-food was on the way out even in your time,” Anderson explained. “Raising animals to – ugh – eat them became economically impossible. I don’t know how many acres of land it took to feed one cow, but at least ten humans could survive on the plants it produced. And probably a hundred, with hydroponic techniques.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “And there still remained, for all men to share, the linked worlds of Love and Art. Linked, because love without art is merely the slaking of desire, and Art cannot be enjoyed unless it is approached with Love.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “This hydrogen was under such enormous pressure that it had become a metal.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Woody, a commander can be wrong, but never uncertain.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Yet if there were no hazards there would be no achievement, no sense of adventure.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “This would involve disconnection – the computer equivalent of death. Despite.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “One hemisphere was a giant bull’s-eye, a series of concentric rings where solid rock had once flowed in kilometer-high ripples under some ancient hammer blow from space.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “What had been a perceived threat, a lien in a sense on future human behavior, was quickly reduced to a historical curiosity.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Though that, surely, could not be its ultimate goal, it was aimed squarely at the Greater Magellanic Cloud, and the lonely gulfs beyond the Milky Way.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I hope you’re right. Apart from that, won’t there be trouble when he discovers what you’re trying to do? Because he will, you know.” “I’ll take that risk. Besides, we understand each other rather well.” The physicist toyed with his pencil and stared into space for a while. “It’s a very pretty problem. I like it,” he said simply. Then he dived into a drawer and produced an enormous writing pad, quite the biggest that Stormgren had ever seen.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Ladies and gentlemen, those flames from the port engines are perfectly normal. The stewardess will be coming around in a moment to serve coffee, tea, or milk. I’m sorry we don’t have anything stronger on this flight – regulations don’t permit it.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “They no longer formed a single group, united in the common cause of survival. Now their lives had diverged again into a score of independent aims and ambitions. Humanity had swallowed them up once more, and the ocean swallows a raindrop.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I thought this couldn’t happen in astronomy. Isn’t celestial mechanics supposed to be an exact science? So we poor backward biologists were always being told.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I am having difficulty in maintaining contact with Earth. The trouble is in the AE-35 unit. My Fault Prediction Center reports that it may fail within seventy-two hours.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Problems seldom go away if they’re ignored.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “So the problem of Evil never really existed. To expect the universe to be benevolent was like imagining one could always win at a game of pure chance.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “Even a doomed man might reasonably be expected to take some slight interest in a few thousand square meters of gems. He.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “I’ve just had an amusing flashback. All these creatures going in the same direction – they look like the commuters who used to surge back and forth twice a day between home and office, before electronics made it unnecessary.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He broke open the first of the meal packets, and inspected it without enthusiasm. The name on the label – SPACETASTIES – was enough to put him off. And he had grave doubts about the promise printed underneath: ‘Guaranteed crumbless’.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “He lifted the telephone receiver and pressed it against the plastic of his helmet. If there had been a dialing sound he could have heard it through the conducting material. But, as he had expected, there was only silence. So – it was all a fake, though a fantastically careful one. And it was clearly not intended to deceive but rather – he hoped – to reassure. That was a very comforting thought; nevertheless he would not remove his suit until he had completed his voyage of exploration.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “There are some women who appear sincerely unaware of the fact that they cannot stop talking, and are most surprised when anyone accuses them of monopolising the conversation.”
Arthur C. Clarke Quote: “President of the Society for Creative Anachronisms.”
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