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Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Squirting isn’t easy, it has to be said. Then, neither is riding a unicycle. Just as some people sweat more than others, or eat more than others, some girls erupt in surging geysers of vaginal fluids with greater facility and in more generous quantities than others.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Spanking must be steady, rhythmic, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, moving from one area to another until both cheeks glow with a rosy bloom that lights the charge and sends the electric message to the restless clitoris.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Inside our mind there is hidden place that contains the mind within the mind. There, you will find another version of yourself that may be your true self. We do not find that self by travelling, by searching. We find that self by sitting still, being quiet and looking inside. Ask yourself: who am I? And your true self will answer.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is a moment when you realise you are not doing what you want to do or being who you want to be. It is at that moment that you become who you really are.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “A girl’s red lips imitate the hot blood coursing through the lips of her labia, a sign that she is healthy and ready for breeding. She may not know that. He may not know that. But this is the design, the primeval impulse to redden our lips.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Every time you have an orgasm an angel comes to life.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Getting dressed for a woman is an art form, surreal, vaguely abstract, figurative and byzantine. When you undress a woman you enter her subconscious kingdom, her scents, her secrets and her fantasy.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Cunnilingus is not a three-minute twerking fad, here today junked tomorrow. It is Tchaikovsky. An overture. An operatic experience that makes you high, then takes you higher. Orgasm is the waft of smoke seen at the top of the volcano. As we know, the journey is pure pleasure, the arrival like the Big Bang that created the universe.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Having an affair puts a sparkle in your eyes. An affair makes you go out and buy new shoes with an extra spring in the step. When you’re having an affair you get thinner without trying. The lines around your eyes disappear. Your skin glows.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Nudity is fun, especially out of doors, but it is far more erotic when the wrappings are only partly removed from the treasures they conceal. When you undress a woman you are opening the drapes in a darkened room to gaze upon a glimpse of paradise.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “We discover the depths of our humanity when we let go of reality and enter the realm of the senses.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Once we are aware that our nudity makes us objects of desire, we become naked.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In the Garden of Eden, Eve wore a fig leaf, not to cover her moist parts, but to draw Adam’s gaze to what lay hidden in the undergrowth. Extending the metaphor, the snake symbolizes Adam’s tongue, the apple the rosy, blood-engorged bundle of nerve endings pulsing within Eve’s clitoris.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The erotic is not about nudity and nudity is rarely erotic. The erotic is subtle, a feeling, a gesture, a mood, a story frozen in the moment that holds you breathless waiting for the next moment. Understand this, and you understand the erotic.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Everyone to their own. But a nice, warm, friendly spanking never did anyone any harm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If you drink champagne when you are sad it makes you happy. If you drink champagne when you are happy you can taste the stars.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If you are having an affair, it could save your relationship. If you are not having an affair, and your relationship is rocky, then perhaps you should.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Words have a taste, sweet but subtle, like dark chocolate; the scent of old bookshops; a flamenco rhythm; the feeling of the rain on your face on sunny days. Words are cruel and spiteful sometimes, wise and loving at others.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Girls fantasize about being tied up and bent over a broad pair of knees. Girls dream of being dominated and worshipped. Girls adore dressing up, role play, changing roles. Yes, that’s right, perfidious submissives are itchy to switch to the Domme and grab the whip handle.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Each clip and zip and fastening, each button and bow, each stretch of elastic as you undress a woman reveals hidden treasure, a clavicle, a shoulder blade, the shadowy line of a breast, a hip bone carved by Michelangelo, the discreet charms and mystery of the navel, a neglected erogenous zone cherished by the Ancient Greeks.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The stairway to heaven is not a sweeping spiral vanishing to infinity but a tiny step that leads to the next step.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Being naked strips away more than your clothes, it reveals unknown facets of your true nature. I had thought of myself as a career girl on the slippery pole of achievement and success. But really, I was just as content to follow where the road of life led. Had he seen something in me I had not known existed? Did he look at me and see a girl who wanted to be spanked?”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you dance, your whole body dances, your skin and bones, your soul, The tips of your fingers and the roots of your hair. When you stop dancing you stop living.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In red, you feel naked even when you are dressed.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Inner beauty is never found in the mirror.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Life is a long boring drive on an empty road punctuated by special moments that make the journey worth taking.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Forget the past, it’s gone, but glance back occasionally to remind yourself where you came from and where you are going.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Porn is about orgasm. Erotica is about suspending orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “They say the best things in life are free, and they are if you can afford them.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Relationships are nine parts intuition, one part madness.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The future is trapped in a cage opened only by the key of genius.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When one sense is diminished, the others burn more brightly. In a blindfold, you feel every minute motion of his hand as it crosses your body, his fingertips finding secret places, his palm on bare buttocks, his cock nudging at your clitoris.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “First love is a gun that fires a bullet at your heart and when it hits, it turns into a flower and seeps into your blood like pollen.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Words hate to waste energy. If you can’t find the right word, don’t look for it. It will find you. The right word at the right time stops wars, cures heartaches, mends bridges, sweeps away barriers.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The problem with being a liar is you can never believe anyone else.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The mask in which you choose to disguise yourself uncovers who you subconsciously are or want to be. Masks reveal in the eyes the face that lies hidden as if the mask is a dark glass mirroring your soul.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The moment of orgasm is like the first dramatic moment of birth when you draw breath and scream out that you are alive. It is hard to imagine the moment when you fade back into the vacuum and draw your last breath.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If you are open to change and welcome surprise, you know the secret of creativity and the secret of life.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There was a monster in me that had to be fed by success. There is a monster in us all that has to be fed by something.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Happiness is achieving your goals. Contentment is not having any.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Little matters much and much doesn’t matter at all.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “All fiction is based on fact and moves into fantasy. It is the writer’s task to make the unbelievable believable.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I have never had more pleasure than riding a horse naked at a fast gallop across an empty landscape. Riding is life. They rest is just pedestrian.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I had avoided writing about love. I had never sensed that rush and buzz that comes with love, the release into the brain of body chemicals, pheromones and dopamine – the taste of love to which I was becoming addicted, his spearminty tongue when we kissed, his male sweat, the outdoor vanilla tang of his semen.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is a moment when dancing when the body defies gravity. This is the moment to strive for.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “All good art is political. Between the lines of every book, the author implants messages for the unsuspecting reader. If not, what point does it serve?”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Never give up.′ This is not sound advice, it is bad advice. You must give up when there is no point in continuing. Then begin a new course. There is no greater failure than not changing course when the time is right to do so.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “It’s lost time that matters – the time between time – the moments when you forget time and life just happens.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Writing is draining. Every word is like lifting a stone and levering it into place. Your head aches, your muscles ache and every word you conjure up is heavier than the last one.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When I was young, a teen, fresh as a glass of water, my first lover said I should break the mirror and never seek on out again. He was right, of course.”
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