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Top 200 Chloe Thurlow Quotes (2024 Update)

Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If you don’t try, you can’t fail. If you do try, you might fail anyway. But better to have failed than never tried.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Spanking outdoors has the double pleasure of doing something illicit and doing it in a place where you might be seen. In every woman, I came to realise, there is a desire to be naked, a desire to be seen naked and the desire to be spanked.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Reading is sexy. Women who read are suspect. Women who write dangerous.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Always say yes and try before you say no.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Women who read are dangerous. Women who write are to be avoided.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Underwear is the female second skin.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Spanking girls and being a girl receiving a spanking captures the feeling of falling from grace, that beyond the pleasure enhanced by the pain is a sense that you are being just a little bit wicked.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Cunnilingus is a girl’s best friend. Cunnilingus is life. Everything else is just waiting. An orgasm during cunnilingus turns you into an angel. You grow wings and glimpse paradise.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you don’t belong anywhere it doesn’t matter where you are or where you go, if you stay or move on. You become a leaf floating with the will of the wind.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There’s a moment when fingers of heat race through your skin and light your clitoris. You start to get wet and your juices douse the flames of pain and erupt in an all-consuming pleasure. This is the joy of spanking.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Reading releases you from the limits of yourself.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Perfection is not something you strive for. Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder. Perfection is a state of grace, of peace of serenity, a moment as fleeting as a smile.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Blindfolded, your feelings are enhanced. You see less, you see nothing, but you feel more. You feel everything.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Him dressed. Me naked. It’s always very erotic and I can feel his temperature rising as he is about to leave for work. “Are you going to be good?” he says, and I nod my head with the first of the day’s lies. “Yes, I’m always good.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Man was not born to be monogamous. What has changed in the 21st century – at 21 the world surely has come of age – is the understanding that woman is not meant to be monogamous either. Just as love hurts, new love heals.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Melancholia is the disease of the middle-class. The Workers don’t know what it means.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Red goes with everything and red goes with nothing.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Life is a long road with lots of junctions and every time you chose to go one way, you may just have easily have gone the other. We don’t make choices so much as choices are made like a new fashion we slip into without realising.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Don’t spit, swallow: there is protein and other good stuff in male semen; it’s an acquired taste and, once acquired, totally addictive.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The best position for spanking girls is over the knees in such a way that your fingertips and toes just touch the ground and your bottom is at an angle that makes it easy for the spanker to maintain a metronome beat. There is something overwhelmingly feminine being exposed in this way, breasts full and pendulous, eyes pressed shut, your mind clear and your body free to plunge into absolute sensation.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Make no mistake: girls love getting head as much as giving head. Giving head is good for your health. Getting head is good for the soul.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “A beautiful woman is like a painting and remains beautiful no matter how old she is.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Life is a maze from which we never escape. Every decision takes us in a different direction and every time we turn one way we could just as easily have turned the other.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “He tastes of rice with a touch of saffron. He says I taste of seafood. I guess we’d make a good paella.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Beauty everywhere and in everything. Beauty hides sometimes; it is invisible sometimes, like the air we breathe. But it is there if you look hard enough and want to find it.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Being spanked is the ultimate obedience, the final pleasure. It is life on the highwire.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Just as the light changes everything, love changes everything. Your face changes. Your body changes. You don’t want to wear any clothes. You just want to be with him, taste him, feel him, be absorbed by him.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “A selfie has nothing to do with ego. It is a constant search for perfection.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Is squirting myth or magic? French scientists say myth, squirting girls say magic. And I say: those who can, do, and they do so because squirting is fun.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You wait and wait, you get used to waiting. But when your time comes, you must not miss it.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Literature is the question without the answer. Philosophy is the answer without the question.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Just a little snack sometimes is better than a whole meal, its like a kiss before orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Life is a juggling act with your own emotions. The trick is to always keep something in your hand and something in the air.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I am made of words. When you cut me, I bleed sentences. When you read me, I speak to your soul.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Spanking is about pleasure, not pain, and contemporary couples of my acquaintance swap positions so that she has a turn at spanking and he submits to her loving hand. He does not have a clitoris, of course, but an erection heated by a good spanking is firmer and lasts long into the night.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If a woman is a work of art, the frame is just as important as the canvas.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Jealousy is only hurt ego. Revenge is meaningless. Life is abstract. There is no point other than pleasure.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Destiny is desire meeting opportunity. You become who you are driven to be.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When a hand comes down across your bottom, the sting is quickly followed by a prickling numbness. The pain vanishes and the heat generated from those slaps sends lines of electric fire through all the tissues and nerve endings, ripples of warmth that gather in a wave of sensations, a million tiny kisses that lap over your clitoris and take you to a breath-taking orgasm. That’s why girls like spanking and spanking girls is a unique pleasure.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “We are flowers in the field seeking our individuality. We may seem similar but we are all unique, without exception. Everyone is special.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is nothing to compare with that moment when you are bent over his knee and feel the material chaff against your bottom as he pulls your panties down. At that second, round cheeks revealed, plump and quivering, it is like jumping out of an airplane, pulling the ripcord and waiting for the parachute to open.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In our own way, in your own way, we are all of us a masterpiece. Everyone is unique.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love enters us like a vague ailment. Your head spins. Your underarms tingle. Love hurts and love has consequences: marriage, babies, separation, longing, human complications.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Masks reveal. They don’t conceal. Masks reveal your cravings, your passion, your deepest most secret desires.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “All love as all life is cliche until you look beyond the obvious, until you look for what’s hidden within what’s displayed.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Girls love kissing. Our lips replicate the lips we discreetly hide. We redden lips to show the health and allure of our labia, the welcoming of your tongue in our mouth a foretaste of lips moistened and blood-gorged by desire. Some kisses last forever in our minds, some kisses are best forgotten. Every kiss is unique and kissing lips is uniquely human.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Art in order to move you has to be political or sexual – whether it is on canvas, in the drum of the cello, in the words of the poet. If it doesn’t move you, what is the point? And if it does move you, what is the point? The point is to touch your senses, your soul. To carve, as a knife in the right hands, carves beauty from a block of wood.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love is like being on a small boat in the middle of the sea with no compass and no one to rely on except each other.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Powerful men need a woman as a sign of their power. Strong women do not need a man, she either wants him or she doesn’t.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Squirting isn’t easy, it has to be said. Then, neither is riding a unicycle. Just as some people sweat more than others, or eat more than others, some girls erupt in surging geysers of vaginal fluids with greater facility and in more generous quantities than others.”
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