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Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Innocence isn’t something we lose, but realise we don’t need.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Beautiful girls – the true beauties – are rarely vain, arrogant, poseurs. It is the girl who makes disproportionate efforts with makeup, clothes, heels and hair who suffers these conceits. They are girls who have made themselves appear beautiful without ever reaching the exalted status of being beautiful girls.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The best way to get over one man is to go down on another.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Words want to be sampled, relished, remembered; they need breathing space in the shape of commas, colons, semi-colons and full stops. Words are individual. They are content to string along together in sentences and paragraphs, but remain mavericks, outsiders beyond the crowd, the mob, the gang. A long novel begins with the first word.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The moment he left the warm sheets and the door clicked shut, I had that feeling you get when you are lost in a strange town at night. I curled into the chair where he had watched me undress and tears wet my cheeks. Then I dried my eyes, I looked in the mirror, and I said these two words. Never again.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The more they erect barriers, the more we feel inclined to pull them down. If the barriers are too high, we will go under them. If the barriers are too deep, we will learn to fly. If your heart is set on freedom, no cage will ever keep you in.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The seed of all impulse is a feeling bursting to express itself in action.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The secret is confusion, make it, create it, live it, be it.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There are many kinds of love and many kinds of lovers. You just have too find the right one for you.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Falling in love is like falling from a high cliff into a warm silky sea, the falling is like flying and the landing is like a glimpse of the divine.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The orgasm is humanity’s driving force. Time freezes and there isn’t a feeling of loss, a void, a little death, but a reminder that of all earthly activity, none is more perfect.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You feel vulnerable but also liberated when you are naked and the man you are with is dressed.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In our own way, in your own way, we are all of us a masterpiece. Everyone is unique.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You are born a caterpillar. If you wish to become a butterfly you must break from your shell and grow wings.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When life becomes a nightmare all you have are your dreams.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In an invisible mirror you see your invisible self.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Once you know who you are you can let go of the things you crave and just be yourself.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In life there are perfect moments. You cannot plan them – the very act interferes with the laws of the universe – but you must be ready to recognise them when they come.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love hurts. Love is fragile. Love comes like a breath of magic, then departs leaving us feeling empty, alone, a paper cup blowing on the wind.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Just as you dress for the occasion you should undress when reading erotica.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “To realise your ambitions, you must take a few minutes each day to meditate on your ultimate goal, not doing anything, just thinking about it. You must try to imagine how you will feel when you achieve your dreams, and that feeling is like a memo in the mind reminding your subconscious to stay the course.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Empty lipstick cases are like spent cartridges from the eternal war that is love. A used tube has the quality of those books you are reluctant to give away and they line the shelves in my bathroom, mementos of nights to remember.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Anything forbidden takes on a significance that draws us into its embrace.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love and being in love are not the same. A woman takes the man she loves into her body and absorbs his oils and essence. A part of him enters her and becomes a part of her.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “People live their lives without ever knowing who they really are.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Time neither flies nor sleeps. It is flexible, plastic, ever changing. Spend two hours watching a movie curled up with your lover and time ceases to exist. Spend two hours waiting for your lover to come and time is the iron bars of a prison.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You undress a woman in the same way that you would open a magic box sealed by an angel’s kiss.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You don’t feel yourself falling in love, like it’s a journey, a process; on the contrary, it hits you like a sudden ague, a fever, the realisation that your life will never be the same again.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “An erotic photograph is like a still from an unfolding story that makes you wonder what has already happened and what is about to happen next.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Inside every great writer there is a naked girl trying to get out.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “What do girls want? That’s easy to answer. They want the same as men. They just want it more often.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “It is at night when sleep like the outgoing sea leaves you dry and cold and the morning light arrives like a small punishment.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “What constitutes a beautiful girl? It is not merely an anatomical or aesthetic quality. Beautiful girls have an inner beauty, an inner light that defeats the darkness. It is a way of walking, smiling, of being. They have a certain smell, sweet as baby breath. They radiate good will, kindness, selflessness.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you cut the cords on the safety net and walk out on the highwire, you become yourself and become all that you can be and all that you were meant to be. But first, you must cut the cords.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You don’t become a success by breaking the rules. You don’t become a success by obeying the rules. You become a success by inventing the rules.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “First love belongs to the young.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Writing is like a religion to those who don’t practise, an act of faith for those who do.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Writers tell you what to think. Great writers make you think.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Write what you want to write. That’s the only advice a writer will ever need.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Being watched in the act of coitus is disconcerting, even for the most brazen. Yet, more than merely making the experience tolerable, masks reveal an innate longing to play to the crowd, to be naked, sweating, screaming in orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You must write as if each word is a precious drop of blood, or a tear to be saved in a glass phial.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Just as the act of love should never be rushed – except between floors in an elevator, or with a stranger on a train – you should undress a woman with the same slow devotion she has shown in getting dressed.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “What’s real and what’s unreal are like two balls that you alternatively toss in the air, catching one as you throw up the other.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Beauty lies between the erotic and the tragic.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “He said: I don’t like to read. And I said, honey, you haven’t found the right girl.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Just a little snack sometimes is better than a whole meal, its like a kiss before orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When we look in the mirror what we see is a version of who we imagine we are. If we imagine we are beautiful, we find beauty. If we imagine we look tired and strained, we see someone tired and strained. The mirror does not reflect back some axiomatic truth. It reflects a version of what it sees that changes instantly.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The secret of success isn’t knowing what you want – that will come; it is knowing what you don’t want.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Each stranger is like an unexplored continent whose depths you want to explore before you plant your flag in his heart.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is only one secret to great writing and that’s great writing.”
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