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Top 200 Chloe Thurlow Quotes (2023 Update)
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Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love hurts. First love is excruciating. Like being burned in orange flames and then cast into icy water. Your emotions change from one second to the next. You can’t sleep. You never sleep. First love is a form of dying and being reborn.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I thought that love would last forever. But nothing is forever. Life is not forever. The only reliable permanence is change. Love hurts because change is painful. Love hurts because love lost is an assault on our ego. We fear that we will fail again and those who live in fear of failure slowly but inevitably fail.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “At the moment of orgasm you grow wings, defy gravity and your soul slips quietly across the universe like a shooting star.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Don’t waste time with people who waste time. Time is precious, fragile as a butterfly wing, meaningful as an orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you have your first virgin orgasm it’s like seeing a mirror reflecting all the good things life has in store.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I told her the clitoris is like a Bonsai tree that needs constant tending and the g-spot is an unexplored island waiting to have a flag pinned on its peak. She laughed and said I should be a poet. Then we went to bed and crossed the sheets as if it were a new continent we had just discovered.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “An orgasm is like the big bang, the explosion that creates life and makes life worth living.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “In a mask we are faceless and classless, ageless and anonymous. Masks reveal the primal urge to behave like the beast in rut that leaps on the stranger or waits in the penumbra to be leapt upon.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Beautiful girls are not a decoration, arm candy, an object. They are, whether they know it or not, the very essence of our humanity.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is an erotic charge prising the top from a new lipstick, leaning into the mirror and painting your masterpiece. Lipstick has its own unique taste and lingers on your tongue like semen.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is a moment after riding when you stop and listen. What you hear is your heartbeat in perfect rhythm with the beat of your horse’s heart. It is a moment of pure magic.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love is the colour of spring sunshine muted through old windows. Love has a taste, a texture – dark chocolate with pistachios; a sound – wind chimes echoing from a distant hill; a rhythm – the tango, obviously.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “It is in the nest of disappointment where depression lays its eggs.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Some people never take a chance and never know what it’s like to live life to the full.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “We have no obligation other than to be ourself. Your friends, your family, the daily beat of life will shape you into a form pleasing to them. Your job is to make something pleasing to you. As soon as a crowd forms, leave it.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Is this love? The light looks different. Actually the shade looks different. I feel different. Everything is just so different I don’t know where to begin...”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you succumb to obedience, in an erotic sense, you are not giving away a part of yourself, but seeking something new, something other, within yourself.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “We make our own destiny, not because we can see the road ahead, but because we cannot see the road ahead. It is the road, the motion, the forward movement, that takes us to ourselves.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I love book books, real books, books with spines and heart, dust jackets, books that smell of books. Take the frame from a painting and you have a painting, not art. Take the pages from a book and print them on a screen and you have the ghost of a book. Not a book.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Photographs shape the past in our own image.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Sometimes love is pastel. Sometimes love is black. And sometimes love is fiery red and you feel as if you are going to burn in the flames.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love is war. The best tactic in attack is surrender.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I understood how strangers met and fell into bed, not how they met and fell in love. I wasn’t sure what falling in love meant. The very notion seemed so corny, so arbitrary, so fragile.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Depression comes from not accepting the way things are – and seeing no way too change them.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you can cross the highwire without falling off, you are in a state of perfect balance, perfect grace. It is the same with obedience. When you submit, submit totally, you enter that same equilibrium, surrender and grace. This is the meaning of erotic.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you feel a snake slither down your spine and your nipples are itchy, when your armpits tingle and your mouth is dry when you see him, that’s first love.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “We are drawn to repetition. We can watch the tide rolling for hours into shore. The clouds skittering across the sky. We can listen to the pulsing beat of bongo drums and are drawn magnetically to the slap, slap, slap of a girl being chastised. The human is a mystery, even too himself.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Choosing whether or not to insert a comma is the same as choosing whether or not to buy a house.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Lips are the outward sign, the emblem of desire, and lipstick is the ink in which we graffiti that message on our smile, our pout and pucker. When a girl blows a man a kiss she is sending him a piece of her soul.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Getting dressed starts with shoes. Getting undressed ends with shoes.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If we sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth, no one can be certain what they are hearing at any given time. Like yin and yang, truth and lies are inseparable, each containing a seed of the other, no words are ever entirely true or entirely untrue.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The definition of a gentleman is a man who enters a revolving door in front of you and exits behind you.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “An attractive woman becomes beautiful when she’s happy and in love.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You enter a book as if you are setting out on a journey and, if it is a good book, you will be a different person when you reach the end.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “One passion leads to another. It’s passion that makes the wheels of life turn, passion for work, passion for pleasure, passion for passion.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love is a noun as well as a verb, a treacherous construct.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The way the leaves on the trees tremble in the passing air is the way love reaches you, from all directions at once, mysterious, overwhelming, indescribable. To be in love is to find something you didn’t know was missing.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Books have a life. They breathe. When you write a book, it grows and changes. You learn from your characters after you create them. They come from you and you become them.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When it happened I was terrified. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I was a cliche. I looked at myself in the mirror and in my eyes was a look I had never seen before: confusion, mystery and, yes, happiness. I had fallen in love.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If the existentialists are right, that life is meaningless, and if we acknowledge that, we are better equipped to find pleasure in small things.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Anything added can be subtracted; anything verbose can be simplified; anything missing can be found. Manuscripts are not books but negatives waiting for the fixer that turns them into prints.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If you are not happy with everything you have you become everything you lack.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Artists, writers, creatives succumb either to vanity of disappointment.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Every time the telephone rings, you feel a frisson of excitement. The call is almost never exciting, but it is in our character to keep on believing.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you’re in love, you put a little bit of yourself in everything you cook.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When innocence ends, pleasure begins.” Chloe Thurlow.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “The first time I was spanked I cried. The second time I cried out for more.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “What is love? Imagine a helium balloon tied down and then you cut the ropes on a windy day. That is love.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There is an urge to believe that getting something you want will make you happy. The secret is to be happy without wanting anything. Is that so hard?”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “There are many ways to live, to love, to aspire. The mountain only has one peak but there are limitless paths that you can take to reach it. The secret, they say, is to find your own path and stick to it. What they don’t tell you is that the path is invisible. If you find it, or imagine you’ve found it, you follow the path in the dark with nothing to guide you but self-belief.”
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