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Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you’ve been everywhere, tried it all and done it all, what’s left is the exploration of self, intellectually and sexually, through curiosity and erotica.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “If you roll a pearl around your mouth it slowly reveals the dreams of oysters, memories of the sea, the taste of orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Girls now lose their virginity long before they lose their innocence.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I gaze out of the window at the lanes of red taillights streaming towards the hills, the city laid out in anonymous grids and quadrants, the view confirming that I was much more alone than I thought, and all those red lights inspired nothing more than a sense that I, too, should be fleeing somewhere.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “With a man, pleasure ends at the moment of his orgasm. With a woman, pleasure begins at the point of her orgasm.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When you search for the truth, you begin to believe in the search and lose sight of the truth.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “When it happens it happens instantly. It’s like diving into a pool of warm silky water, like flying through the air on invisible wings, like shedding an old skin and growing a new one. When you fall in love the spirals of your DNA unwind and rewind in the opposite direction. What was black becomes white.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I followed him into the shadows asking myself why I had said that; why, when you clearly like someone, there is an absurd inclination to show otherwise. We reveal false versions of ourselves, a protective veil we weave with words, then wonder why there are misunderstandings.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Autobiography is a precious broken vase pieced painstakingly together still showing the chips and cracks. It is a broken truth revealing snapshots of a cracked and chipped life pieced pieced painstakingly together.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Love is not a spaceship you construct and then fly off together into the stars. Love is a soap bubble that bursts in the air. Love is the first winter snowflake that falls into you palm, a mirage that glows in the sun and fades in the shadows.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “You know deep down something is over a long time before you face it and do something about it. In bed, as in life, we pass through endless little deaths and wake reborn from them to start again. This is what it is to be human.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I’m my characters’ galley slave.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “We have visions of the way we would like things to be but they rarely are.”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “I began to write and came to see that writing has the same laws as nature. The simplest way to say something is always the best. Is that simple enough?”
Chloe Thurlow Quote: “Happiness is a drug. It creates a biological change in the brain cells that inhibits negative feelings. Happiness boosts energy and increases energy in others.”
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