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Dan Brown Quotes
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Dan Brown Quote: “When he did, people across the world would realize that the teachings of all religions did indeed have one thing in common. They were all dead wrong.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Nothing activates adrenaline production like pain.”
Dan Brown Quote: “You’re telling me that CERN dug out millions of tons of earth just to smash tiny particles?”
Dan Brown Quote: “History, if it has taught us anything at all, has taught us that the strange ideas we deride today will one day be our celebrated truths.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Everything decayed, the perfectly ordered crystal eventually turned into random particles of dust.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It seemed no amount of praying could diminish the plague’s wrath. By the time city officials realized it was the rats that were causing the disease, it was too late, but Venice still enforced a decree by which all incoming vessels had to anchor offshore for a full forty days before they would be permitted to unload. To this day, the number forty – quaranta in Italian – served as a grim reminder of the origins of the word quarantine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Because the vast majority of the world is made up of half-wits, the President asked Mike to come onboard and dumb everything down for them.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Each of us knows all. We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom.”
Dan Brown Quote: “A little faith can do wonders, a little faith.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sienna expertly maneuvered the Trike through.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Real world signore. You’re in it tonight.”
Dan Brown Quote: “If a Creator designed our universe to support life, he did a terrible job. In the vast, vast majority of the cosmos, life would die instantly from lack of atmosphere, gamma-ray bursts, deadly pulsars, and crushing gravitational fields. Believe me, the universe is no Garden of Eden.”
Dan Brown Quote: “This is the future I would be giving my child?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Let me out, or she dies!”
Dan Brown Quote: “For a thousand years,” Langdon continued, “legends of this secret have been passed on. The entire collection of documents, its power, and the secret it reveals have become known by a single name – Sangreal.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Even respected science channels were doing it, asking their viewers: “Is It Possible That This Temple in Peru Was Built by Ancient Aliens?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Life is not the point of the universe. Life is simply what the universe creates and reproduces in order to dissipate energy.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Where we come from... is not nearly as startling as where we are going.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It is a messy process for a culture to abandon its dieties. Sprititual beliefs are etched deeply on our psyches at a young age by those we love and trust most – our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders. Therefore, any religious shifts occur over generations, and not without great angst, and often bloodshed. – Robert Langdon.”
Dan Brown Quote: “They had fallen onto a section of the glacier that had already begun its inevitable plunge to the sea.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I am not questioning God’s power! It is God who gave us reason and circumspection! It is God we serve by exercising prudence!”
Dan Brown Quote: “The age of religion is drawing to a close, and the age of science is dawning.”
Dan Brown Quote: “That is to say, when the ancients experienced gaps in their understanding of the world around them, they filled those gaps with God.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Secrets interest us all, I think.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Hell, no. A church is the one thing we don’t have. Physics is the religion around here. Use the Lord’s name in vain all you like,′ he laughed, ’just don’t slander any quarks or mesons.”
Dan Brown Quote: “You came back because you’ve been running your whole life, and you finally realized you can’t run anymore.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Very little in any organized faith is truly original. Religions are not born from scratch. They grow from one another. Modern religion is a collage... an assimilated historical record of man’s quest to understand the divine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “They will prove nothing except that we viewers will watch anything if it’s sufficiently hyped.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I beg you to remember that wealth without wisdom can often end in disaster.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I don’t care if he’s the prince,” she fired back.”
Dan Brown Quote: “What’s the matter?″ She immediately started laughin. ″What’s the mattter? Everything is the matter! Rocks! Trees! Atoms! Even anteaters! Everything is the matter!”
Dan Brown Quote: “The promises of science have not been kept. Promises of efficiency and simplicity have bred nothing but pollution and chaos.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The fog began to lift. Langdon felt a wave of relief. He hated hospitals, but they certainly beat aliens harvesting his testicles.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Fugitives were predictable the first hour after escape. They always needed the same thing. Travel. Lodging. Cash. The Holy Trinity.”
Dan Brown Quote: “As we get closer to critical hour, we will make critical decisions.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Kirsch planned to go public with this presentation in a stunning, meticulously choreographed event. When he did, people across the world would realize that the teachings of all religions did indeed have one thing in common. They were all dead wrong.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Faukman stared at the receiver and shook his head. Book publishing would be so much easier without the authors.”
Dan Brown Quote: “And more recently, the world had been led to believe that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq.”
Dan Brown Quote: “New World Order,” Langdon repeated, “based on scientific enlightenment. They called it their Luciferian Doctrine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I know you want to run, but I’m not going to let you. Sooner or later you need to start trusting someone.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Proof, she knew, was a conclusion built on a pyramid of facts, a broad base of accepted information on which more specific assertions were made. Remove all the base assumptions. Start again.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Symbologists often remarked that France-a country renowned for machismo, womanizing, and diminutive insecure leaders like Napoleon and Pepin the Short-could not have chosen a more apt national emblem than a thousand-foot phallus.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I am a cosmic accident, and soon I will be dead.”
Dan Brown Quote: “As a tribute to the magic of Venus, the Greeks used her four-year cycle to organize their Olympiads. Nowadays, few people realized that the four-year schedule of modern Olympic Games still followed the cycles of Venus. Even fewer people knew that the five-pointed star had almost become the official Olympic seal but was modified at the last moment – its five points exchanged for five intersecting rings to better reflect the games’ spirit of inclusion and harmony.”
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