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Dan Brown Quotes
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Dan Brown Quote: “Technology is linking us in ways we never imagined possible: Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, and others – all blend to create a web of interconnected minds.”
Dan Brown Quote: “We are now perched on a strange cusp of history, a time when the world feels like it’s been turned upside down, and nothing is quite as we imagined. But uncertainty is always a precursor to sweeping change; transformation is always preceded by upheaval and fear. I urge you to place your faith in the human capacity for creativity and love, because these two forces, when combined, possess the power to illuminate any darkness.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I am a good person because I am a good person! God has nothing to do with it!”
Dan Brown Quote: “Atheism is simply an admission of the obvious.”
Dan Brown Quote: “In ancient mythology,” Langdon offered, “a hero in denial is the ultimate manifestation of hubris and pride. No man is more prideful than he who believes himself immune to the dangers of the world.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Well, the meek were supposed to inherit the earth, but instead it has gone to the young – the technically inclined, those who stare into video screens rather than into their own souls.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Vittoria slipped off her robe. ‘You’ve never been to bed with a yoga master, have you?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes! – LEONARDO DA VINCI.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Nuclear had proliferated before it was safe, and there were accidents. Solar had proliferated before it was efficient, and people lost money. Both technologies got bad reputations and withered on the vine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Uncertainty is always a precursor to sweeping change; transformation is always preceded by upheaval and fear. I urge you to place your faith in the human capacity for creativity and love, because these two forces, when combined, possess the power to illuminate any darkness.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Although many people erroneously interpreted apocalypse as a cataclysmic end of the world, the word literally signified an “unveiling,” predicted by the ancients to be that of great wisdom. The coming age of enlightenment.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Religious communities cooperate better than nonreligious communities and therefore flourish more readily. This is a scientific fact!”
Dan Brown Quote: “In Christianity, the number eight represented rebirth and re-creation. The octagon served as a visual reminder of the six days of God’s creation of heaven and earth, the one day of Sabbath, and the eighth day, upon which Christians were “reborn” or “re-created” through baptism. Octagons had become a common shape for baptistries around the world.”
Dan Brown Quote: “With pain in his voice, the camerlengo spoke of his late Pope... the victim of an Illuminati poisoning. And finally, his words almost a whisper, he spoke of a deadly new technology, antimatter, which in less than two hours threatened to destroy all of Vatican City.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.” The.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Robert Langdon stood frozen in the doorway of the National Statuary Hall and studied the startling scene before him.”
Dan Brown Quote: “This life is what I always wanted. I had a vision of our happiness.”
Dan Brown Quote: “America’s forefathers had a vision of a spiritually enlightened utopia, in which freedom of thought, education of the masses, and scientific advancement would replace the darkness of outdated religious superstition.”
Dan Brown Quote: “A pattern is any distinctly organized sequence. Patterns occur everywhere in nature – the spiraling seeds of a sunflower, the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb, the circular ripples on a pond when a fish jumps, et cetera.” “Okay. And codes?” “Codes are special,” Langdon said, his tone rising. “Codes, by definition, must carry information. They must do more than simply form a pattern – codes must transmit data and convey meaning.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Most tourists mistranslated Jardins des Tuileries as relating to the thousands of tulips that bloomed here, but Tuileries was actually a literal reference to something far less romantic. This park had once been an enormous, polluted excavation pit from which Parisian contractors mined clay to manufacture the city’s famous red roofing tiles – or tuiles.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Half an hour ago, at the appointed hour, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca had entered the chapel. He walked to the front altar and gave opening prayer. Then, he unfolded his hands and spoke to them in a tone as direct as anything Mortati had ever heard from the altar of the Sistine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Your victory has been inevitable. Never before has it been as obvious as it is at this moment. Science is the new God.” What.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Penjelasan paling sederhana biasanya adalah penjelasan yang paling sulit dipahami.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Mr. Langdon, I did not ask if you believe what man says about God. I asked if you believed in God. There is a difference. Holy scripture is stories... legends and history of man’s quest to understand his own need for meaning. I am not asking you to pass judgment on literature. I am asking if you believe in God. When you lie out under the stars, do you sense the divine? Do you feel in your gut that you are staring up at the work of God’s hands?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sometimes the only choice is the lesser of two evils.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Silas knew the stakes were incalculable, and yet what the Teacher was now commanding seemed impossible.”
Dan Brown Quote: “A Pope usually worked fourteen-hour days, seven days a week, and died of exhaustion in an average of 6.3 years. The inside joke was that accepting the papacy was a cardinal’s ’fastest route to heaven.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I can’t wait for this to come out in October!”
Dan Brown Quote: “The early Christians built a small shrine over his tomb. As Christianity spread, the shrine got bigger, layer upon layer, culminating in this collosal basilica. The entire Catholic faith had been built, quite literally, upon St Peter. The rock.”
Dan Brown Quote: “He could taste the familiar tang of museum air – an arid, deionized essence that carried a faint hint of carbon – the product of industrial, coal-filter dehumidifiers that ran around the clock to counteract the corrosive carbon dioxide exhaled by visitors.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Actually, Da Vinci was in tune with the balance between male and female. He believed that a human soul could not be enlightened unless it had both male and female elements.”
Dan Brown Quote: “No good deed goes unpunished.’ Langdon.”
Dan Brown Quote: “She was being buffeted by the air currents but grinned and flashed Langdon the thumbs-up sign. Langdon smiled weakly and returned the gesture, wondering if she knew it was the ancient phallic symbol for masculine virility.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Langdon decided not to say another word all evening. Sophie Neveu was clearly a hell of a lot smarter than he was.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Secrets interest us all, I think.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Inferno is the underworld as described in Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy, which portrays hell as an elaborately structured realm populated by entities known as “shades” – bodiless souls trapped between life and death.”
Dan Brown Quote: “If you could throw a switch and randomly kill half the population on earth, would you do it?”
Dan Brown Quote: “It’s prophetic, really. Today, man’s most advanced inventions are being used to study man’s most ancient ideas. The science of Noetics may be new, but it’s actually the oldest science on earth – the study of human thought.” She turned to him now, her eyes filled with wonder. “And we’re learning that the ancients actually understood thought more profoundly than we do today.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I believe future generations will ask themselves how a technologically advanced species like ours could possibly believe most of what our modern religions teach us.”
Dan Brown Quote: “We comfort our physical bodies in hopes our souls will follow.”
Dan Brown Quote: “What had once been life’s quiet moments of solitary reflection – a few minutes alone on a bus, or walking to work, or waiting for an appointment – now felt unbearable, and people impulsively reached for their phones, their earbuds, and their games, unable to fight the addictive pull of technology.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Consider this!” Edmond declared. “It took early humans over a million years to progress from discovering fire to inventing the wheel. Then it took only a few thousand years to invent the printing press. Then it took only a couple hundred years to build a telescope. In the centuries that followed, in ever-shortening spans, we bounded from the steam engine, to gas-powered automobiles, to the Space Shuttle! And then, it took only two decades for us to start modifying our own DNA!”
Dan Brown Quote: “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? – NIETZSCHE.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Fighting communicable disease was often like fighting a forest fire: sometimes you had to drop back and surrender a battle in hopes of winning the war.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Entropy is just a fancy way of saying: things fall apart.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Turkish authorities replied with a simple message: You stole the statue – we’re keeping our foot.”
Dan Brown Quote: “There is a fossil in this meteorite! Not just a speck of bacteria or microbes, but an advanced life-form! Proof of life elsewhere in the universe!”
Dan Brown Quote: “Spiritual inquiry has always been the realm of religion, which encourages us to have a blind faith in its teachings, even when they make little logical sense. – Edmond Kirsch.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Even brilliant scientists Google themselves.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Since the beginning of time, the ignorant have always screamed the loudest... They celebrated their intolerance as proof of their convictions. Now after all these years, mankind had finally managed to utterly erode everything that had once been so beautiful about Jesus.”
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