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Dan Brown Quote: “Tuileries Gardens – Paris’s own version of Central Park.”
Dan Brown Quote: “For me, a good thriller must teach me something about the real world.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Breathe through your eyes,” she said. “I’m sorry?” “It relaxes the muscles. It’s called pranayama.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor along with.”
Dan Brown Quote: “My lawyers will fricassee your testicles for breakfast. And if you dare board my plane without a warrant, your spleen will follow.”
Dan Brown Quote: “There is your truth and there is my truth... as for the universal truth it does not exist.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Originally, Tarot had been devised as a secret means to pass along ideologies banned by the Church. Now, Tarot’s mystical qualities were passed on by modern fortune-tellers.”
Dan Brown Quote: “And history has proven repeatedly that lunatics will rise to power again and again on tidal waves of aggressive nationalism and intolerance, even in places where it seems utterly incomprehensible.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Oftentimes, those special brains, the ones that are capable of focusing more intently than others, do so at the expense of emotional maturity.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I consider myself a student of many religions. The more I learn, the more questions I have. For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Any life-form advanced enough to travel light-years through interstellar space would have nothing to learn by probing the rectums of farmers in Kansas.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I didn’t understand how funny this play Much Ado About Nothing truly was until I became an English teacher and had to teach it. There is no wittier dialogue anywhere.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Men in power are always interested in greater power.”
Dan Brown Quote: “She was deeply passionate about the sacred feminine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Unfortunately, Da Vinci was a prankster who often amused himself by quietly gnawing at the hand that fed him. He incorporated in may of his Christian paintings hidden symbolism that was anything but Christian – tributes to his own beliefs and a subtle thumbing of his nose at the Church.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Look, you runny-nosed little runt. You’re going to back off right now, or I’m going to rip that safety pin out of your nose and pin your mouth shut.”
Dan Brown Quote: “References to all works of art, tombs, tunnels, and architecture in Rome are entirely factual.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Turkish authorities replied with a simple message: You stole the statue – we’re keeping our foot.”
Dan Brown Quote: “With pain in his voice, the camerlengo spoke of his late Pope... the victim of an Illuminati poisoning. And finally, his words almost a whisper, he spoke of a deadly new technology, antimatter, which in less than two hours threatened to destroy all of Vatican City.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Science itself caused half the problems it was trying to solve. “Progress” was Mother Earth’s ultimate malignancy.”
Dan Brown Quote: “A shroud of stubble obscured his jaw.”
Dan Brown Quote: “One great work of art inspired by another.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Half an hour ago, at the appointed hour, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca had entered the chapel. He walked to the front altar and gave opening prayer. Then, he unfolded his hands and spoke to them in a tone as direct as anything Mortati had ever heard from the altar of the Sistine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Letter to a Christian Nation.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Which would you choose? A world without religion? Or a world without science?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Michelangelo is the gold standard,” Winston said with a chuckle, “brilliantly posing David in an effeminate contrapposto, his limp wrist casually holding a flaccid slingshot, conveying a feminine vulnerability. And yet David’s eyes radiate a lethal determination, his tendons and veins bulging in anticipation of killing Goliath. The work is simultaneously delicate.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Precision can be suffocating.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sophie, every faith in the world is based on fabrication. That is the definition of faith – acceptance of that which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove. Every religion describes God through metaphor, allegory, and exaggeration, from the early Egyptians through modern Sunday school. Metaphors are a way to help our minds process the unprocessible. The problems arise when we begin to believe literally in our own metaphors.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Your world moves so fast that if you stop even for an instant to consider the implications of your actions, someone more efficient will whip past you in a blur.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Suggesting a married Jesus is one thing, but questioning the Resurrection undermines the very heart of Christian belief.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I’ve got to stop being such a snob about leather-bound books, he reminded himself. E-books do have their moments.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Nothing is invented, for it’s written in nature first. Originality consists of returning to the origin.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The truth, however, was stranger still.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Politics is a desperate business.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Faith does not protect you. Medicine and airbags... Those are the things that protect you. God does not protect you. Intelligence protects you. Enlightenment. Put your faith in something with tangible results. How long has it been since someone walked on water? Modern miracles belong to science... Computers, vaccines, space stations... Even the devine miracle of creation. Matter from nothing... In a lab. Who needs God? No! Science is God!”
Dan Brown Quote: “Christians like faces, Muslims like words.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The term ‘atheist,’ ” Kirsch continued, “should not even exist. No one ever needs to identify himself as a ‘nonastrologer’ or a ‘nonalchemist.’ We do not have words for people who doubt that Elvis is still alive, or for people who doubt that aliens traverse the galaxy only to molest cattle. Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make in the presence of unjustified religious beliefs.”
Dan Brown Quote: “To demolish this basilica,” the king said, ” is to pretend our history never happened – an easy way to allow ourselves to move happily forward, telling ourselves that another ‘Franco’ could never happen. But of course it could happen, and it will happen if we are not vigilant. – Father of Prince Julian.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I will not write a lame follow-up. It could take me 20 years. But I will never turn in a book that I’m not happy with.”
Dan Brown Quote: “We all seek God in different ways. What are you afraid of? That God will show himself somewhere other than inside these walls? That people will find him in their own lives and leave your antiquated rituals behind? Religions evolve! The mind finds answers, the heart grapples with new truths.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I can’t wait for this to come out in October!”
Dan Brown Quote: “The Pentacle – The ancients envisioned their world in two halves – masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced there was chaos.”
Dan Brown Quote: “He could taste the familiar tang of museum air – an arid, deionized essence that carried a faint hint of carbon – the product of industrial, coal-filter dehumidifiers that ran around the clock to counteract the corrosive carbon dioxide exhaled by visitors.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Manly P. Hall: If the infinite had not desired man to be wise, he would not have bestowed upon him the faculty of knowing.”
Dan Brown Quote: “To permit ignorance is to empower it. To do nothing as our leaders proclaim absurdities is a crime of complacency. As is letting our schools and churches teach outright untruths to our children. The time for action has come. Not until we purge our species of superstitious thinking can we embrace all that our minds have to offer.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Well, the meek were supposed to inherit the earth, but instead it has gone to the young – the technically inclined, those who stare into video screens rather than into their own souls.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It’s not about what you tell the reader, it’s about what you conceal.”
Dan Brown Quote: “There is a fossil in this meteorite! Not just a speck of bacteria or microbes, but an advanced life-form! Proof of life elsewhere in the universe!”
Dan Brown Quote: “Having faith requires leaps of faith, cerebral acceptance of miracles – immaculate conceptions and divine interventions. And then there are the codes of conduct. The Bible, the Koran, Buddhist scripture... they all carry similar requirements – and similar penalties. They claim that if I don’t live by a specific code I will go to hell. I can’t imagine a God who would rule that way.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make in the presence of an justified religious beliefs. – Sam Harris.”
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