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Top 450 Dan Brown Quotes (2023 Update)
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Dan Brown Quote: “Futurists don’t consider overpopulation one of the issues of the future. They consider it the issue of the future.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Memento mori,” the monarch whispered. “Remember death. Even for those who wield great power, life is brief. There is only one way to triumph over death, and that is by making our lives masterpieces.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus. And that’s fear.”
Dan Brown Quote: “There’s just no substitute for the truth.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Nothing captures human interest more than human tragedy.”
Dan Brown Quote: “What really matters is what you believe.”
Dan Brown Quote: “But who is more ignorant? The man who cannot define lightning, or the man who does not respect its awesome power?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Force a hand, and it will fight you. But convince and mind to think as you want it to think, an you have an ally.”
Dan Brown Quote: “My sincere hope is that ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ in addition to entertaining people, will serve as an open door to begin their own explorations.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The more man learned, the more he realized he did not know.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Everyone loves a conspiracy.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It’s the age-old battle between mind and heart, which seldom want the same thing.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Never underestimate the ego of a politician.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Chaos was the natural law of the universe. Indifference was the engine of entropy. Man’s apathy was the fertile ground in which the dark spirits tended their seeds.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Fear cripples faster than any implement of war.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The greatest story ever told is, in fact, the greatest story ever sold.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It is said that in death, all things become clear.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Learning the truth has become my life’s love.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I’ve learned never to close my mind to an idea simply because it seems miraculous.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Great minds are always feared by lesser minds.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I write seven days a week, starting at 4 o’clock in the morning, including Christmas.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Telling someone about what a symbol means is like telling someone how music should make them feel.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I spend my life essentially alone at a computer. That doesn’t change. I have the same challenges every day.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Wealth is commonplace but wisdom is rare. I beg you to remember that wealth without wisdom can often end in disaster.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Pure energy is the father of creation.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Seek and ye shall find.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Every generation’s breakthroughs are proven false by the next generation’s Technology.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The act of tattooing one’s skin was a tranformative declaration of power, an announcment to the world: I am in control of my own flesh.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Imagine how different a world might be if more leaders took time to ponder the finality of death before racing off to war.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Is it not possible that we are still living in the Dark Ages, still mocking the suggestion of ‘mystical’ forces that we cannot see or comprehend.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The Holy Grail ‘neath ancient Roslin waits. The blade and chalice guarding o’er Her gates. Adorned in masters’ loving art, She lies. She rests at last beneath the starry skies.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Please accept this humble fax. My love for you is without wax.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Napoleon once said, “What is history, but a fable agreed upon?” He smiled. “By its very nature, history is always a one-sided account.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Can you keep secrets? Can you know a thing and never say it again?”
Dan Brown Quote: “For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove a government’s facade of infallibility, and you remove it’s people’s faith.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.”
Dan Brown Quote: “When in doubt, just spit it out. That all challenges can be overcome by speaking the truth, no matter how itcomes out.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Death is only a byproduct of terrorism.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Death is usually an all-or-nothing thing!”
Dan Brown Quote: “FACT: In 1991, a document was locked in the safe of the director of the CIA. The document is still there today. Its cryptic text includes references to an ancient portal and an unknown location underground. The document also contains the phrase “It’s buried out there somewhere.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Her eyes were olive green – incisive and clear.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten you are divine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “So dark the con of man.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sometimes, all you have to do is shift your perspective to see someone else’s truth.”
Dan Brown Quote: “That is the definition of faith – acceptance of that which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The Bible, as we know it today, was collated by the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.”
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