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Dan Brown Quotes
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Dan Brown Quote: “But most important... what kind of father can look his own son in the eyes... even after all these years... and not even recognize him!”
Dan Brown Quote: “We all seek God in different ways. What are you afraid of? That God will show himself somewhere other than inside these walls? That people will find him in their own lives and leave your antiquated rituals behind? Religions evolve! The mind finds answers, the heart grapples with new truths.”
Dan Brown Quote: “But faith by its very definition, requires placing your trust in something that unseeable and indefinable, accepting something of which there exists no empirical evidence. And so, understandably, we all end up placing our faith in different things because if there is no universal truth. – Edmond Kirsch.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The mind of had the ability to alter the state of matter itself, and, more important, the mind had the power to encourage the physical world to move in a specific direction.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Coincidence was a concept he did not entirely trust. As someone who had spent his life exploring the hidden interconnectivity of disparate emblems and ideologies, Langdon viewed the world as a web of profoundly intertwined histories and events. The connections may be invisible, he often preached to his symbology classes at Harvard, but they are always there, buried just beneath the surface.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I have witnessed people transform cancer cells into healthy cells simply by thinking about them. I have witnessed human minds affecting the physical world in myriad ways. And once you see that happen... once this becomes a part of your reality, then some of the miracles you read about become simply a matter of degree.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sin-cere. Since the days of Michelangelo, sculptors had been hiding the flaws in their work by smearing hot wax into the cracks and then dabbing the wax with stone dust. The method was considered cheating, and therefore, any sculpture “without wax” – literally sine cera – was considered a “sincere” piece of art. The phrase stuck. To this day we still sign our letters “sincerely” as a promise that we have written “without wax” and that our words are true.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Letter to a Christian Nation.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Where we come from... is not nearly as startling as where we are going.”
Dan Brown Quote: “By the end of the eleventh century,” Edmond said, “the greatest intellectual exploration and discovery on earth was taking place in and around Baghdad. Then, almost overnight, that changed. A brilliant scholar named Hamid al-Ghazali – now considered one of the most influential Muslims in history – wrote a series of persuasive texts questioning the logic of Plato and Aristotle and declaring mathematics to be ’the philosophy of the devil.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It is God’s will!” someone was yelling, his voice echoing in the Sistine Chapel. “Who but the chosen one could have survived that diabolical explosion?” “Me,” a voice reverberated from the back of the chapel.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I write slowly. I actually write quickly, but I throw out so much material.”
Dan Brown Quote: “When a computer creates art, who is the artist – the computer or the programmer? At MIT, a recent exhibit of highly accomplished algorithmic art had put an awkward spin on the Harvard humanities course: Is Art What Makes Us Human?”
Dan Brown Quote: “William Blake himself had written a similarly themed work titled All Religions Are One.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I hope Ludwig van Beethoven gets his cut, Langdon thought, fairly certain that the original inventor of bone conduction technology was the eighteenth-century composer who, upon going deaf, discovered he could affix a metal rod to his piano and bite down on it while he played, enabling him to hear perfectly through vibrations in his jawbone.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I think one reason my books have found mainstream success is that they’re written from a skeptical point of view.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The age of religion is drawing to a close, and the age of science is dawning.”
Dan Brown Quote: “She tried to make friends, but her peers immersed themselves in frivolities that held no interest to her. She tried to respect her elders, but most adults seemed like nothing more than aging children, lacking.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Well, this machine is no more me than your physical brain is you. Observing your own brain in a bowl, you would not say, ‘That object is me.’ We are the sum of the interactions taking place within the mechanism.”
Dan Brown Quote: “La chiave,” the raspy voice replied. “The password.”
Dan Brown Quote: “You came back because you’ve been running your whole life, and you finally realized you can’t run anymore.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects.”
Dan Brown Quote: “And history has proven repeatedly that lunatics will rise to power again and again on tidal waves of aggressive nationalism and intolerance, even in places where it seems utterly incomprehensible.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Because most Christians want it both ways. They want to be able to proudly declare they are believers in the Bible and yet simply ignore those parts they find too difficult or too inconvenient to believe.”
Dan Brown Quote: “If we don’t embrace them, then we are as undeserving of life as the caveman who freezes to death because he’s afraid to start a fire.”
Dan Brown Quote: “We’ve been reading the Bible too literally. We learn that God created us in his image, but it’s not our physical bodies that resemble God, it’s our minds.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Capitalism is non-denominational.”
Dan Brown Quote: “A formal invitation had just been delivered. Someone was summoning Langdon to unlock a mystical portal that would unveil a world of ancient mysteries and hidden knowledge.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Cathedral terminology was like stage directions – totally counterintuitive.”
Dan Brown Quote: “I believe life not only obeys the laws of physics, but that life began because of those laws.”
Dan Brown Quote: “History, if it has taught us anything at all, has taught us that the strange ideas we deride today will one day be our celebrated truths.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Never interrogate before you disable your prey. A cornered enemy is a deadly enemy. The.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Where do we come from? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life and the universe?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Fugitives were predictable the first hour after escape. They always needed the same thing. Travel. Lodging. Cash. The Holy Trinity.”
Dan Brown Quote: “When science offers an answer, that answer is universal. Humans do not go to war over it; they rally around it.”
Dan Brown Quote: “No more unnerving than Christians praying at the feet of a man nailed to a cross, or Hindus chanting in front of a four-armed elephant named Ganesh. Misunderstanding a culture’s symbols is a common root of prejudice.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Everything decayed, the perfectly ordered crystal eventually turned into random particles of dust.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The price of greatness... is responsibility – Winston Churchill.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The Divine Comedy has nothing comedic about it. It’s called a comedy for another reason entirely. In the fourteenth century, Italian literature was, by requirement, divided into two categories: tragedy, representing high literature, was written in formal Italian; comedy, representing low literature, was written in the vernacular and geared toward the general population.”
Dan Brown Quote: “He warned that any church that ignored reality would not survive to enjoy the divine.”
Dan Brown Quote: “The power of population is so superior to the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.”
Dan Brown Quote: “In which year did a Harvard sculler last outrow an Oxford man at Henley?” Langdon had no idea, but he could imagine only one reason the question had been asked. “Surely such a travesty has never occurred.”
Dan Brown Quote: “When it comes to passion, I’m not sure you have any choice but to follow.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Because the vast majority of the world is made up of half-wits, the President asked Mike to come onboard and dumb everything down for them.”
Dan Brown Quote: “These two mysteries lie at the heart of the human experience. Where do we come from? Where are we going?”
Dan Brown Quote: “Each of us knows all. We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom.”
Dan Brown Quote: “Sienna expertly maneuvered the Trike through.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It’s called Head On,” Winston offered, unprompted. “Ninety-nine wolves racing blindly into a wall to symbolize a herd mentality, a lack of courage in diverging from the norm.”
Dan Brown Quote: “It came from the world’s first computer – the Mark 1 – a room-size maze of electromechanical circuits built in 1944 in a lab at Harvard University. The computer developed a glitch one day, and no one was able to locate the cause. After hours of searching, a lab assistant finally spotted the problem. It seemed a moth had landed on one of the computer’s circuit boards and shorted it out. From that moment on, computer glitches were referred to as bugs.”
Dan Brown Quote: “For the youth, the changes were too slow. For the aging traditionalists, the changes were blasphemous.”
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