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Isabel Allende Quotes
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Isabel Allende Quote: “People are afraid of falling in love because they don’t want to suffer.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In her experience, light skin and money made almost anything easier. She wanted her grandchildren to come into the world with an advantage.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She believed that by giving problems a name they tended to manifest themselves, and then it was impossible to ignore them; whereas if they remained in the limbo of unspoken words, they could disappear by themselves, with the passage of time.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “If I didn’t write my soul would dry up and die.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “My worst flaw is that I tell secrets, my own and everybody else’s.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It was an election year and there was reason for concern over the turn of events. The country was waking up. The wave of discontent that was stirring the people was beginning to strike at the heart of that oligarchic society.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In terrible moments, in moments of revolution, of war or repression, of illness or death, people react with incredible strength.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The advantage of being lovers is that we have to work hard at our relationship, because everything conspires to drive us apart. Our decision to be together has to be renewed again and again; that keeps us on our toes.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “People think that they will sit down and produce the great American novel in one sitting. It doesn’t work that way. This is a very patient and meticulous work, and you have to do it with joy and love for the process, not for the outcome.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The deep Chile of the fascists had always been there, beneath the surface, just waiting to emerge. It was the triumph of the arrogant Right, the defeat of the people who believed in that utopian revolution.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The wise man desires nothing; he does not judge, he makes no plans, he keeps his mind open and his.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She felt that everything was made of glass, as fragile as a sigh.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “They could not understand the advantage of living contrary to their inclinations in this world in order to enjoy a hypothetical well-being in another.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She awoke from a long childhood in which she had always been protected and surrounded by attention and comforts, with no responsibilities.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Remember that all the others are more afraid than you.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It was then that I understood that the days of Colonel Garcia and all those like him are numbered, because they have not been able to destroy the spirit of these women.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Going around in a sulk will get you nowhere. Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Walking and walking across the world he will gradually find consolation, and one day, when he is too fatigued to take another step, he will realize that he cannot escape sorrow, he will have to tame it, so it doesn’t harass him.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Writing is a constant exercise in longing.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I don’t think of literature as an end in itself. It’s just a way of communicating something.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She intended to swallow the world and he lived crushed by reality.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “People do not belong to others, either. How can the huincas buy and sell people if they do not own them. Sometimes the boy went two or three days without speaking a word, surly, and not eating, and when asked what was the matter, the answer was always the same: “There are content days and there are sad days. Each person is a master of his silence.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Supongo que en el transcurso de la vida embellecemos algunos recuerdos y procuramos olvidar otros.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The only cure for so much misfortune is love. It’s not the force of gravity that keeps the universe in balance, but the binding power of love.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Souls in pain know no borders.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “No complaining about how hard it is to write, we are all so, so lucky to write, to sit down, inside, and write words on paper. There is no greater freedom, no greater good, nothing that brings more joy.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Because he had hardened his soul and silenced his conscience with the excuse of progress.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I have been a woman for 46 years and I only recently realized I can’t change it and I like it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Because I have time to spare, and for the first time in my life nobody expects anything of me. I don’t have to prove anything, I’m not rushing everywhere; each day is a gift I enjoy to the fullest.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Writers speak for those who are kept in silence.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Eso pasa con la edad: las historias del pasado cobran vida y se nos pegan en la piel.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “All stories interest me, and some haunt me until I end up writing them. Certain themes keep coming up: justice, loyalty, violence, death, political and social issues, freedom.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Her Uncle Jaime felt that people never read what did not interest them and that if it interested them that meant they were sufficiently mature to read it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Intimacy needs time to mature – a shared history, tears shed, obstacles overcome, photographs in an album. It’s a slow-growing plant.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “That was the beginning of the revolution. Many years have gone by and blood keeps running, soaking the soil of Haiti, but I am not there to weep.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “We have often said that loving each other is our destiny, that we have loved each other in past lives and will go on meeting in lives to come. Or it may be there is no past or future, and everything takes place simultaneously in the universe’s infinite dimensions. If that is so, we remain together forever. It’s fantastic to be alive. We are still seventeen years old, my Alma.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Although women do two-thirds of the world’s labor, they own less than one percent of the world’s assets.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I have more freedom when I write fiction, but my memoirs have had a much stronger impact on my readers. Somehow the ‘message,’ even if I am not even aware that there is one, is conveyed better in this form.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “There’s a certain freshness and innocence in people who have always lived in one place and can count on witnesses to their passage through the world. In contrast, those of us who have moved on many times develop tough skin out of necessity. Since we lack roots or corroboration of who we are, we must put our trust in memory to give continuity to our lives... but memory is always cloudy, we can’t trust it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I have seen these persons speak unthinkingly, not realizing that to speak is also to be. Word and gesture are man’s thought. We should not speak without reason.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Death, with its ancestral weight of terrors, is merely the abandonment of an unserviceable shell at the time the spiritis reintegrated into the unified energy of the cosmos. The end of life, like birth, is a stagein a voyage, and deserves the compassion we accord to its beginnings. There is absolutely no virtue in prolonging the heartbeat and tremors of a body beyond its natural span...”
Isabel Allende Quote: “How exuberant and boisterous the universe is, Alma! It turns and turns, and the only constant is everything changes. It is a mystery we can only appreciate out of stillness. I’m living through a very interesting stage. My spirit contemplates the changes in my body with fascination, but this contemplation is not from a distance, but from within. My spirit and my body are together in this process.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “What’s the worst thing about growing old?” she would ask them. They never thought about their age, was a common reply; they had once been adolescents, then they were thirty, fifty, sixty, and never gave it a thought, so why should they do so now?”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I’ve been a story-teller all my life but I realized it only recently.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I need to tell a story. It’s an obsession. Each story is a seed inside of me that starts to grow and grow, like a tumor, and I have to deal with it sooner or later.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Writing is like riding a bicycle: you don’t forget how, even if you go for years without doing it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Heroism is a badly remunerated occupation, and often it leads to an early end, which is why it appeals to fanatics or persons with an unhealthy fascination with death.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I’m very optimistic because I think that the real strength of a nation like the United States comes from blending cultures. There’s no way that you can close the frontiers anywhere. The borders are there to be violated permanently.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Time moves so slowly. Or perhaps it doesn’t move at all and it is we who pass through it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I go, but I always remember you.”
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