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Isabel Allende Quote: “Since 1973, the year of the military coup that changed so many things, situating has become a little more complex because in the first three minutes of conversation you also have to guess whether the person you’re speaking to was for or against the dictatorship.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “There’s no feminism without economic independence.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I didn’t get to prepare myself as well as I would’ve liked, and now there’s a lady, who must be death, sitting at the foot of my bed, motioning for me to follow her. I can’t distinguish clearly between night and day, and it doesn’t matter, because pain and memory aren’t measured with clocks. The morphine puts me to sleep and transports me to the dimension of dreams and visions.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Desde entonces la gente lo recuerda como Juan del Pedo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “That night, faced with the incontrovertible results, Pinochet, hardened by the arrogance of absolute power and cut off from reality by many years of complete impunity, proposed another coup to keep himself on the presidential throne indefinitely.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “You’ve completely forgotten what it takes to raise a child, Mr. Bogart. And this girl is traumatized – she misses her mother, she’s been pulled away from everything she knows, her family, her friends, her school, her community, her language. Can you imagine what that must be like?”
Isabel Allende Quote: “El primer paso es admitir que uno carece de control sobre su vida.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In the past, adulthood arrived at twenty, middle age at forty, and old age at fifty. Today adolescence lasts until past thirty or forty, maturity comes around sixty, and old age starts at eighty. This is the baby boomers’ achievement. Over the last half century they have redefined many cultural aspects for their convenience.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Neantul este plin de toate lucrurile universului. E neant si, in acelasi timp, e totul. Lumina sacramentala si intuneric nepatruns. Sunt neantul, sunt tot ce este, sunt in fiecare frunza, in fiecare picatura de roua, in fiecare graunte de cenusa purtat de ape, sunt Paula si sunt eu insami, nu sunt nimic si sunt totul, in viata asta si in celelalte, sunt nemuritoare.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He maintained that magic, like cooking and religion, was a particularly feminine affair...”
Isabel Allende Quote: “En las largas horas de silencio se me atropellan los recuerdos, todo me ha sucedido en el mismo instante, como si mi vida entera fuera una sola imagen ininteligible.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Privacy is a luxury of the well-to-do because most Chileans have none. Middle-class families and below live in very close quarters, in many homes several people sleep in the same bed. When there is more than one room, the dividing walls are so thin that every sigh comes right through.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I do not fear my vulnerability because I no longer confuse it with weakness.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “How long does a man spend dying? What does it mean to say “for ever”? Pablo Neruda.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “My grandfather was an exception among Chileans because no man from the middle class up knows how to decipher a manual, nor does he dirty his hands with motor oil – that’s what maestros are for; they can improvise ingenious solutions with the most modest resources and a minimum of fuss.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I realized also that in Nahuel, that town of hospitable neighbors, you only had to scratch the surface to uncover the ugliest of vices, though my mentors insisted that cruelty wasn’t inherent to the human condition, merely something born of ignorance and poverty. “It’s much easier to be generous with a full belly than an empty one,” they said. I’ve never believed that, though, because I’ve seen that both kindness and cruelty exist everywhere.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She was facing exile now with the same courage as she had done then, without complaining, without looking back, her eyes fixed on the future.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Son implacables, predican amor, justicia y caridad, y para imponerlas cometen atrocidades.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In her mother’s last days, Lucia understood that death was not an end, was not the absence of life, but a powerful oceanic wave of clear, luminous water that was carrying her off to another dimension.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Dios no nos manda sufrimientos sin la fortaleza para soportarlos.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She was one of those people who are born for the greatness of a single love, for exaggerated hatred, for apocalyptic vengeance, and for the most sublime forms of heroism, but she was unable to shape her fate to the dimensions of her amorous vocation...”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It was a long week of penitence and fasting, during which there were no card games and no music that might lead to lust or abandon; and within the limits of possibility, the strictest sadness and chastity were observed, even though it was precisely at this time that the forked tail of the devil pricked most insistently at Catholic flesh.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The spotless order of barracks and the artificial peace of fear reigned everywhere.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I related my impressions of La Paz, its purple mountains, its hermetic Indians, and its air, so thin that your lungs are always on the verge of filling with foam and your mind with hallucinations.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It’s hard to make money working; and the harder the work, the worse the pay. It takes effort not to lose everything and end up on the street. It’s easy, on the other hand, to get rich without producing anything, moving money from one place to another, speculating, taking advantage of stock opportunities, investing in the hard work of others.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “No, literature was definitely not a reasonable career path in a country like Chile where intellectual scorn for women was absolute.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Gervasio Lonquimay.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Now that we live longer, we have a couple of decades ahead of us to redefine our goals and find meaning in the years to come. Jampolsky recommends letting go of grievances and negativity. More energy is needed to sustain ill feelings than to forgive. The key to contentment is forgiveness of others and of ourselves. Our last years can be the best if we opt for love instead of fear, he says. Love doesn’t grow like a wild plant, it needs a lot of care.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I grew up surrounded with secrets, mysteries, whispers, prohibitions, matters that must never be mentioned.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Supo morir como supo vivir.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Los soldados aguardaron, cavando trincheras y amontonando sacos de tierra y piedras para formar una barricada, no tanto por la esperanza de protegerse, sino para distraer el miedo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Most people live their lives without any link with the divine and do not note the signs, coincidences, premonitions, and small daily miracles in which the supernatural is manifest.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I was born in 1920, during the influenza pandemic, and I’m going to die in 2020, during the outbreak of coronavirus. What an elegant name for such a terrible scourge.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Poetry is what stays in your head and isn’t forgotten.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It’s very difficult to cut the throat of some creature with which you’ve established a personal relationship, as we could attest from the time my grandfather brought home a young goat to fatten in the patio of our house and roast on his birthday. That goat died of old age. And as it turned out, it wasn’t a nanny but a male, and as soon as it grew horns, it attacked us at will.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I told her she had run an enormous risk rescuing me, and she smiled. It was then I understood that the days of Colonel Garcia and all those like him are numbered, because they have not been able to destroy the spirit of these women.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Ya no es necesario, podemos ejercer nuestro poder desde la feminidad.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “But do you know what I’m most grateful for? Love. That has marked me more than anything else. I was incredibly lucky to have Roser. She’ll always be the love of my life. Thanks to her I have Marcel. Being a father has also been essential for me; it’s allowed me to keep faith in what’s best in the human condition.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I need nothing, he told himself with the cunning pride of those with a calling for solitude.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I can’t criticize mothers’ obsessive love because that’s probably the only reason why species have survived, from bats to technocrats. Nor.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “More than forty years ago Bella Abzug, the famous activist and congresswoman from New York, summarized the above in one sentence: “In the twenty-first century women will change the nature of power instead of power changing the nature of women.” My.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He almost caused a riot among the ladies; he filled all the empty space, as if someone had let a tiger loose in this world of female longing. Even.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Life was beautiful, and America was truly “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” a land where someone like Gregory could become President; all you had to do was stay pure of heart, love God and your mother, be forever faithful to one girl, respect the law, defend the weak, and scorn money – because heroes never expected to be compensated.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “El sabio es siempre alegre.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Creo que ha decidido morirse, y la ciencia no tiene remedio alguno contra ese mal.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The truth is that men control political and economic power – they make the laws and apply them at their convenience –.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Sometimes our fates take turns that we don’t notice in the moment they occur, but if you live as long as I have they become clear in hindsight. At each crossroads or fork we must decide which direction to take. These decisions may determine the course of the rest of our lives.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Girls are denied the right to be angry and to thrash about.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It made her feel sorry for her husband: she was discovering how vulnerable to flattery a conceited old man could be.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She embellished the facts, because she was aware that life is.”
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