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Isabel Allende Quotes
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Isabel Allende Quote: “I’ve been a story-teller all my life but I realized it only recently.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “All you will have is the present. Waste no energy crying over yesterday or dreaming of tomorrow. Nostalgia is fatiguing and destructive, it is the vice of the expatriate. You must put down roots as if they were forever, you must have a sense of permanence.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I need to tell a story. It’s an obsession. Each story is a seed inside of me that starts to grow and grow, like a tumor, and I have to deal with it sooner or later.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Agosins poetic language engages the reader in a mesmerizing journey of inward reflection and exile.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Writing is like riding a bicycle: you don’t forget how, even if you go for years without doing it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Childhood is a naturally unhappy period of our existence, Lillian. It was Walt Disney who invented the notion that it has to be happy, simply to make money.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I was alone, without a single cent, in an unknown country. If I’d learned anything from last year’s ill-fated adventures, though, it was not to get overwhelmed by minor inconveniences.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “We always think things like that only happen elsewhere,” said Miguel, “until they happen to us too.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I’m very optimistic because I think that the real strength of a nation like the United States comes from blending cultures. There’s no way that you can close the frontiers anywhere. The borders are there to be violated permanently.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The lack of a father leaves a hole in a woman’s heart, Lucia. A girl needs to feel she is protected; she needs masculine energy to develop trust in men and later to be able to give herself in love.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The elderly are the most entertaining people in the world,” she eventually told Irina. “They have lived a lot, say whatever they like, and couldn’t care less about other people’s opinion. You’ll never get bored here. Our residents are well educated, and if they’re in good health they keep on learning and experimenting. This community stimulates them and they can avoid the worst scourge of old age: loneliness.” Irina.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Time moves so slowly. Or perhaps it doesn’t move at all and it is we who pass through it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I’m interested in people who have to overcome obstacles, people who are not sheltered by the umbrella of the establishment, marginals.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “There are a lot of good people, Irina, but they keep quiet about it. It’s the bad ones who make a lot of noise, and that’s why they get noticed.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Her stoic attitude contributed to the air of mystery surrounding her, long before she had any secrets to keep.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The most poor and backward areas in the world are those in which women are subjugated and exploited. Improving the situation of the woman improves the family, the community, and by extension the whole country.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “That was the beginning of the revolution. Many years have gone by and blood keeps running, soaking the soil of Haiti, but I am not there to weep.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “An invisible border arose between the parts of the house occupied by Esteban Trueba and those occupied by his wife. In response to Clara’s imagination and the requirements of the moment, the noble, seigniorial architecture began sprouting all sorts of extra little rooms, staircases, turrets, and terraces... the big house on the corner soon came to resemble a labyrinth.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Her body was growing old, but inside she still kept intact the adolescent she once was.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I have seen these persons speak unthinkingly, not realizing that to speak is also to be. Word and gesture are man’s thought. We should not speak without reason.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Catholics form a majority in Chile, although there are more and more Evangelicals and Pentacostals who irritate everyone because they have a direct understanding with God while everyone else must pass through the priestly bureaucracy.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He knew that her body was his to engage in all the acrobatics he had learned in the books he kept hidden in a corner of his library, but with Clara even the most abominable contortions were like the thrashings of a newborn; it was impossible to spice them up with the salt of evil or the pepper of submission.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She accused him of having grandiose ideas and sloppy habits, a fatal combination for a writer.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Estas largas separaciones son peligrosas, el amor resbala por arenas inciertas.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “And the truth is that if a writer is successful, you gain readers. It benefits all the writers. It’s important for all the writers that as many of us as possible be successful.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The Germans are not a race of psychopaths, Alma. They’re normal people like you and me, but with fanaticism, power, and impunity, anyone can turn into a monster, like the SS at Auschwitz,” he told his sister. “Do you think that, given the opportunity, you’d also behave like a monster, Samuel?” “I don’t think it, Alma, I know it. I’ve been a soldier all my life. I’ve been to war. I’ve interrogated prisoners, a large number of them. But I assume you don’t want details.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Si una mujer ofrece la mejilla para que su novio no la bese en la boca, hasta un ciego puede ver que ya no siente amor.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She was one of those people who was born for the greatness of a single love, for exaggerated hatred, for apocalyptic vengance, and for the most sublime forms of heroism but she was unable to shape her fate to the dimensions of her amorous vocation, so it was lived out as something flat and gray trapped between her mother’s sickroom walls, wretched tenements, and the tortured confessions with which this large, opulent, hot-blooded woman made for maternity, abundance, action, and ardor- was consuming herself.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I especially like your autumn trees, gracefully letting their leaves fall. That is how I would like to shed my own leaves in this autumn of life, easily and elegantly. Why be so attached to what we are bound to lose anyway? I suppose I mean youth, which has been so present in our conversations.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She treated him with the casual kindness usually reserved for other people’s pets.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The simple recipe for success that Mendel had instilled in his children from the cradle on consisted in never complaining, never asking for anything, striving to be the best in everything you do, and never trusting anyone. Alma had to carry this heavy weight on her back for several decades, until love helped her shed some of it. Her stoic attitude contributed to the air of mystery surrounding her, long before she had any secrets to keep.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He missed his venerable master, who had marked him forever with a thirst for knowledge as persistent as the drunk’s thirst for alcohol or the ambitious man’s thirst for power. He no longer had his mentor’s library or his inexhaustible fount of experience.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “No me preguntes lo que no quieres que te conteste.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She tried to understand what it meant to carry winter on your back, to hesitate over every step, to confuse words you don’t hear properly, to have the impression that the rest of the world is going about in a great rush; the emptiness, frailty, fatigue, and indifference toward everything not directly related to you, even children and grandchildren, whose absence was not felt as it once had been, and whose names you had to struggle to remember.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I feel that my life and therefore my writing accept the possibility of all the mystery. Everything we don’t know; everything that can possibly happen.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The world starts to exist, for Americans, when we are in conflict with a place. And then all of a sudden, Afghanistan pops up on the TV screen and it becomes a place. And it exists for three weeks and then it disappears into thin air.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “What happens in the world affects me. Sometimes, that’s part of the writing.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Word by word I have created the person I am and the invented country in which I live.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “How would I run with my bad leg? And what would become of the people who need my care? Besides, it doesn’t mean anything for me to be free and everyone else slaves,” the healer answered. Tete hadn’t thought of that, and it kept buzzing around her brain like a bottlefly. She talked about it with her godmother many times, but she was never able to accept the idea that her freedom was irreparably bound to that of the other slaves.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “But I don’t want more things than I need, either.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Boredom, Timothy Duane assured me, is nothing more than anger without passion.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In the United States, the fact that you can start again gives a lot of energy and strength and youth to this country. That is why it’s so powerful in many ways, and so creative.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Maybe the war against this cancer is lost, but meanwhile we can win a few battles.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I don’t think that we have to look like the models in the magazines because they are 19 year olds and they have been photo shopped extensively, not but given what I, we have as the raw material, take care of it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Next to the tree was a short, broad-shouldered Asian man in overalls and a straw hat, leaning on a spade. His face was weathered, and in a halting English difficult to follow, he told Alma that this moment was beautiful, but that it would last only a few days before the blooms fell like rain to the ground; much better was the memory of the cherry tree in bloom, because that would last all year, until the following spring.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “More and more books are published every year. If people were not reading them, they wouldn’t be published. We are now reading electronic books or whatever else, but people are still reading, and people still need stories.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “My books are based on emotions, feelings, relationships. In these areas women are experts, so it’s not strange that the main characters of my novels are females.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I tried and tried to sleep, lulled by the movement, the purring of the motor, and the snores of the other passengers, but it’s never been easy for me to sleep, and much less now, when I still have residues of the wild life running through my veins.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He had a presentiment that their fates would be intertwined, but immediately rejected it; he always tried to avoid falling into the traps of intuition.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He had a booming laugh that bubbled up from the bowels of the earth and shook him from head to toe.”
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