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Isabel Allende Quote: “People are afraid of falling in love because they don’t want to suffer.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I need to tell a story. It’s an obsession. Each story is a seed inside of me that starts to grow and grow, like a tumor, and I have to deal with it sooner or later.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In her experience, light skin and money made almost anything easier. She wanted her grandchildren to come into the world with an advantage.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She awoke from a long childhood in which she had always been protected and surrounded by attention and comforts, with no responsibilities.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Quien se complace en pensar en lo malo, acaba por convocarlo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Heroism is a badly remunerated occupation, and often it leads to an early end, which is why it appeals to fanatics or persons with an unhealthy fascination with death.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I have travelled all over the world and one thing that amazes me is that I can communicate with people. My story may be different but emotionally we are all the same.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He hoped that none of his descendants would get mixed up in politics, which was a trade for butchers and bandits.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I especially like your autumn trees, gracefully letting their leaves fall. That is how I would like to shed my own leaves in this autumn of life, easily and elegantly. Why be so attached to what we are bound to lose anyway? I suppose I mean youth, which has been so present in our conversations.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “No complaining about how hard it is to write, we are all so, so lucky to write, to sit down, inside, and write words on paper. There is no greater freedom, no greater good, nothing that brings more joy.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I try to let go of the intellect and just tell the story. I only read the page I have in front of me on the screen. Then when the whole story is told, I print it, wait a week and read it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Twittering and blogging and all that is fine, but there is no idea of how to phrase something beautifully; how to use language to create an emotion. It’s just passing information and sometimes very superficial information.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “All stories interest me, and some haunt me until I end up writing them. Certain themes keep coming up: justice, loyalty, violence, death, political and social issues, freedom.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “If I didn’t write my soul would dry up and die.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I was a lousy journalist. I could never be objective. Sometimes I invented the whole story.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The lack of a father leaves a hole in a woman’s heart, Lucia. A girl needs to feel she is protected; she needs masculine energy to develop trust in men and later to be able to give herself in love.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Time moves so slowly. Or perhaps it doesn’t move at all and it is we who pass through it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I go, but I always remember you.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Her stoic attitude contributed to the air of mystery surrounding her, long before she had any secrets to keep.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “People do not belong to others, either. How can the huincas buy and sell people if they do not own them. Sometimes the boy went two or three days without speaking a word, surly, and not eating, and when asked what was the matter, the answer was always the same: “There are content days and there are sad days. Each person is a master of his silence.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Although women do two-thirds of the world’s labor, they own less than one percent of the world’s assets.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Her body was growing old, but inside she still kept intact the adolescent she once was.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She tried to understand what it meant to carry winter on your back, to hesitate over every step, to confuse words you don’t hear properly, to have the impression that the rest of the world is going about in a great rush; the emptiness, frailty, fatigue, and indifference toward everything not directly related to you, even children and grandchildren, whose absence was not felt as it once had been, and whose names you had to struggle to remember.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “El espectro de la pobreza, como el de la soledad, rondaba siempre a los viejos.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Ja verujem da se naporan rad uvek nagradjuje.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Scrisul e o introspectie indelungata, o calatorie catre grotele cele mai ascunse ale constiintei, o meditatie lenta. Scriu pipaind tacerea, descoperind particule de adevar, mici cristale care-mi cad in palma si-mi justifica trecerea pe aceasta lume.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I stroke them, and they always like that, because old people don’t have anyone who touches them, and I get them hooked on a TV series, because nobody wants to die before the final episode. Some of them find comfort in prayer, but there are lots of atheists here, and they don’t pray. What’s most important is not to leave them on their own.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Remember that all the others are more afraid than you.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I was alone, without a single cent, in an unknown country. If I’d learned anything from last year’s ill-fated adventures, though, it was not to get overwhelmed by minor inconveniences.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “When a man’s earning his living doing things he doesn’t like, he feels like a slave; when he’s doing what he loves, he feels like a prince.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Her Uncle Jaime felt that people never read what did not interest them and that if it interested them that meant they were sufficiently mature to read it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “We’re not old because we are seventy. We start to grow old as soon as we are born, we change every day, life is a continuous state of flux. We evolve. The only difference is that now we are a little closer to death. What’s so bad about that? Love and friendship do not age.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “It was an election year and there was reason for concern over the turn of events. The country was waking up. The wave of discontent that was stirring the people was beginning to strike at the heart of that oligarchic society.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Si una mujer ofrece la mejilla para que su novio no la bese en la boca, hasta un ciego puede ver que ya no siente amor.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I am frightened. I have known fear before, but there was always an escape; even during the terror of the military coup there was the salvation of exile. Now I am in a blind alley with all doors closed to hope, and I don’t know how to handle so much fear.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The simple recipe for success that Mendel had instilled in his children from the cradle on consisted in never complaining, never asking for anything, striving to be the best in everything you do, and never trusting anyone. Alma had to carry this heavy weight on her back for several decades, until love helped her shed some of it. Her stoic attitude contributed to the air of mystery surrounding her, long before she had any secrets to keep.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Writing is like riding a bicycle: you don’t forget how, even if you go for years without doing it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The Germans are not a race of psychopaths, Alma. They’re normal people like you and me, but with fanaticism, power, and impunity, anyone can turn into a monster, like the SS at Auschwitz,” he told his sister.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Agosins poetic language engages the reader in a mesmerizing journey of inward reflection and exile.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Although stunned and hungry, many sang, because it would have been pointless to aggravate misfortune by complaining.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Childhood is a naturally unhappy period of our existence, Lillian. It was Walt Disney who invented the notion that it has to be happy, simply to make money.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In the Chinese language, do you know what the characters for ‘crisis’ are? ‘Danger’ plus ’opportunity.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I don’t think of literature as an end in itself. It’s just a way of communicating something.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She treated him with the casual kindness usually reserved for other people’s pets.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “How exuberant and boisterous the universe is, Alma! It turns and turns, and the only constant is everything changes. It is a mystery we can only appreciate out of stillness. I’m living through a very interesting stage. My spirit contemplates the changes in my body with fascination, but this contemplation is not from a distance, but from within. My spirit and my body are together in this process.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “This is what women want: to be safe, to be valued, to live in peace, to have their own resources, to be connected, to have control over their bodies and lives, and above all, to be loved.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Catholics form a majority in Chile, although there are more and more Evangelicals and Pentacostals who irritate everyone because they have a direct understanding with God while everyone else must pass through the priestly bureaucracy.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I feel that my life and therefore my writing accept the possibility of all the mystery. Everything we don’t know; everything that can possibly happen.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The last time I was in Chile, I was hypnotized by a friend who is studying to be a curandero, a healer, who led me back through several incarnations. It wasn’t easy to return to the present, however, since my friend hadn’t reached that part of the course, but the experiment was well worth the effort because I discovered that in former lives I was not Genghis Khan, as my mother believes.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The property adjoined the bay, and when the tide came in it was possible to go kayaking, which some of the residents not yet disabled by their infirmities were happy to do. This is how I would like to live, thought Irina, taking deep breaths of the sweet aroma of pines and laurels.”
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