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Isabel Allende Quote: “I called him Grandfather, because according to him you do not have to be of the same blood or same tribe to be a member of the same family, but in truth I should have called him Maman. He was the only mother I ever knew.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “If I have a perfect lover waiting for me in California, why would I want an imperfect husband?” I argued. “Lovers don’t last; a husband is a captive prey,” she replied.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He had the awkward tenderness of someone who has never been loved and is forced to improvise.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Fourth of July picnic. And by the way, that picnic, like everything else in this land, is a model of efficiency: you drive at top speed, set up in a previously reserved space, spread out the baskets, bolt your food, kick the ball, and rush home to avoid the traffic. In Chile, a similar project would take three days.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I was terrified of being dependent too, Alma,” Dr. Catherine Hope told her one day. “But I’ve realized it’s not such a big deal. You get used to it, and are grateful for the assistance. I can’t dress or take a shower on my own, I have problems brushing my teeth and cutting the chicken on my plate, but I’ve never been more contented than I am now.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The poet thought this was a splendid riposte, and so accepted him on board, together with fishermen, farm and factory workers, manual laborers, and intellectuals as well, despite instructions from his government to avoid anyone with ideas.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The Germans are not a race of psychopaths, Alma. They’re normal people like you and me, but with fanaticism, power, and impunity, anyone can turn into a monster, like the SS at Auschwitz,” he told his sister. “Do you think that, given the opportunity, you’d also behave like a monster, Samuel?” “I don’t think it, Alma, I know it. I’ve been a soldier all my life. I’ve been to war. I’ve interrogated prisoners, a large number of them. But I assume you don’t want details.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Si eres brillante de joven, no significa que de adulto sirvas para algo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Writing is a long process of introspection; it is a voyage toward the darkest caverns of consciousness, a long, slow meditation. I write feeling my way in silence, and along the way discover particles of truth, small crystals that fit in the palm of one hand and justify my passage through this world.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She was one of those stoical, practical women of our country, the kind of woman who has a child with every man who passes through her life and, on top of that, takes in other people’s abandoned children, her own poor relatives, and anybody else who needs a mother, a sister, or an aunt; the kind of woman who’s the pillar of many other lives, who raises her children to grow up and leave her and lets her men leave too, without a word of reproach, because she has more pressing things to worry about.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “But I don’t want more things than I need, either.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The rural women taught me that courage is contagious and that there’s strength in numbers; what you can’t do on your own can be achieved together, the more the better.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Compared to Europe, Chile was a happily backward and distant paradise. It was true that at this moment it had a center-left government: the president was from the Radical Party and a freemason. He was detested by the Right, and his name was never mentioned by the “best families,” but he wasn’t going to last long. The Left, with its coarse realism and vulgarity, had no future; the owners of Chile would make sure of that.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He was so unfamiliar with this peaceful sense of happiness he did not even recognize it.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Las miserias de la enfermedad nos igualan, no hay ricos ni pobres, al cruzar este umbral los privilegios se hacen humo y nos volvemos humildes. Mi.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Very few old folk are happy, Irina. Most of them are poor, aren’t healthy, and have no family. It’s the most fragile and difficult stage of life, more so than childhood, because it grows worse day by day, and there is no future other than death.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “He did not know that she had seen her own destiny, that she had summoned him with the power of her thought, and that she had already made up her mind to marry without love.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Van ons hangt het af of liefde eeuwig is.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Someone like him who thought more about himself than he did his community, had no place in the tribe. Individualism was thought to be a form of madness, like being possessed by a demon.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The reality is that everyone is responsible for their own life. We’re dealt certain cards at birth, and we play our hand; some of us lose, but others may play skillfully from the same bad hand and triumph. Our cards determine who we are: age, gender, race, family, nationality, etc., and we can’t change them, only play them to the best of our abilities. The game is marked by challenges and chances, strategizing and cheating.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Lo peor es tenerle miedo al miedo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “You are going to be judged harshly because success in women is not easily forgiven.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “At the age of twenty-two, suspecting their time was limited, Ichimei and she had gorged on love to enjoy it to the full, but the more they tried to exhaust it, the wilder their desire became, and whoever says that every flame must sooner or later be extinguished is wrong, because there are passions that blaze on until destiny destroys them with a swipe of its paw, and even then hot embers remain that need only a breath of oxygen to be rekindled.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “We have to consider violence against women for what it really is: the greatest crisis that faces humanity.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “No se puede encontrar a quien no quiere ser encontrado.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The upper middle class and the economic right, who had favored the coup, were euphoric. At first they were a little shocked when they saw the consequences of their action; they had never lived in a dictatorship and did not know what it was like. They thought the loss of democratic freedoms would be temporary and that it was possible to go without individual or collective rights for a while so long as the regime respected the tenets of free enterprise.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I discovered that social climbing was a middle-class phenomenon, the poor never gave it a thought, they were too busy trying to survive. Over the years these communities acquired political savvy, they organized and became fertile territory for leftist parties. Ten years later, in 1970, they were decisive in electing Salvador Allende and for that reason had to suffer the greatest repression during the dictatorship.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “She embellished the facts because she was aware that life is how we tell it, so why would she jot down trivia?”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Uncle Bruno and I celebrated the miracle of life with every chick that hatched from its egg and every tomato that came from the garden to the table; he taught me to observe and listen attentively, to get my bearings in the woods, to swim in freezing lakes and rivers, to start a fire without a match, to enjoy the pleasure of sinking my face into a juicy watermelon, and to accept the inevitable pain of saying goodbye to people and animals, because there is no life without death, as he always said.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In my family, happiness was irrelevant.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “You say you’re a coward, but it takes courage to say good-bye to everything and cross a threshold without any idea where it leads.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Con cada amor volvemos a nacer y con cada amor que termina se nos abre una herida. Estoy llena de orgullosas cicatrices.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “There was no defense against the shells, he said, but they had calculated that three volumes of philosophy could stop bullets.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “La gente no lee lo que no le interesa y si le interesa es que ya tiene madurez para hacerlo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Dobbiamo rimettere tutto in discussione, dalla religione alle leggi, dalla scienza agli usi e costumi.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Se requiere una voluntad heroica para mantener todo en su sitio.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “AND SINCE we’re talking about nostalgia, I beg you to have a little patience with what follows because I can’t separate the subject of Chile from my own life. My past is composed of passions, surprises, successes, and losses: it isn’t easy to relate in two or three sentences.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The reality is that everyone is responsible for their own life. We’re dealt certain cards at birth, and we play our hand; some of us lose, but others may play skillfully from the same bad hand and triumph.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “El primer amor es como la viruela, deja huellas imborrables.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Respect, compliance, and fear, which are instilled in women from infancy, are so detrimental to us that we don’t even know our own power. So great is that power, the patriarchy’s goal is to crush it by any means, including the worst forms of violence. These methods are so successful that frequently the most rabid defenders of the patriarchy are women.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “In Chile it is bad manners to acknowledge that you’re overly satisfied, because that can irritate the less fortunate, which is why for us the correct answer to the question “How are you?” is “So-so.” That is an opening for sympathizing with the other speaker’s situation.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “What’s at the root of this explosive mixture of desire for and hatred of women? Why are aggression and harassment not civil rights or human rights concerns? Why are women silenced? Why isn’t there a declared war against such violence, like the war against drugs, terrorism, or crime? The answer is obvious: Violence and fear are instruments of control.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “I was so drained I felt as if I were staring through a telescope at the light of a star dead for a million years.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “Esto sirve para tranquilizarnos la conciencia, hija. Pero no ayuda a los pobres. No necesitan caridad, sino justicia.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “After the Spanish Civil War, refugees came to Chile escaping the defeat. In 1939, the poet Pablo Neruda, at the direction of the Chilean government, chartered a ship, the Winnipeg, which sailed from Marseilles carrying a cargo of intellectuals, writers, artists, physicians, engineers, and fine craftsmen.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “There’s a time to live and a time to die. In between there’s time to remember. That is all I’ve done for these past days, silently filling in the missing details to complete this testament – a sentimental legacy, more than a material one.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “La felicidad consiste en alcanzar aquello que hemos esperado por mucho tiempo.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “That fairy tale that all humans are equal before the law and in the eyes of God is a lie, Camilo. I hope you don’t buy into it. Neither the law nor God treats everyone the same.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “During the years he spent in Venezuela he thought he had once and for all overcome the solemnity that had been an essential part of his nature from childhood, as though he was in mourning for all the world’s suffering, violence and evil. Faced with so many disasters, happiness seemed to him obscene. In love with Roser in the green, warm country of Venezuela, he had vanquished the temptation to cloak himself in sadness.”
Isabel Allende Quote: “The strong aroma of meat, fried onion, cumin, and baked dough soaked into my skin so deeply that I have never lost it. I will die smelling like an empanada.”
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