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Kurt Vonnegut Quotes
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Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I was hoping to build a country and add to its literature. That’s why I served in World War II, and that’s why I wrote books.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The waitress brought me another drink. She wanted to light my hurricane lamp again. I wouldn’t let her. “Can you see anything in the dark, with your sunglasses on?” she asked me. “The big show is inside my head,” I said.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “You develop a style from writing a lot.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “You say what you have to say. But you have to learn to say it in such a way that the reader can see what you mean.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Science never cheered up anyone. The truth about the human situation is just too awful.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “His mother understood my illness immediately, that it was my world rather than myself that was diseased.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Humor is a way of holding off how awful life can be, to protect yourself.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but the living room in your fortified compound.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Round and round we spin, with feet of lead and wings of tin.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “If it weren’t for the message of mercy and pity in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, I wouldn’t want to be a human being. I would just as soon be a rattlesnake.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “We are America’s Great Lakes people, her freshwater people, not an oceanic but a continental people. Whenever I swim in an ocean, I feel as though I am swimming in chicken soup.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I’ve been drawing all my life, just as a hobby, without really having shows or anything. It’s just an agreeable thing to do, and I recommend it to everybody.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It’s perfectly ordinary to be a socialist. It’s perfectly normal to be in favor of fire departments.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I saw the destruction of Dresden. I saw the city before and then came out of an air-raid shelter and saw it afterward, and certainly one response was laughter. God knows, that’s the soul seeking some relief.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “All these years, I’ve been opening the window and making love to the world.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Women are so useless and unimaginative, aren’t they? All they ever think of planting in the dirt is the seed of something beautiful or edible. The only missile they can ever think of throwing at anybody is a ball or a bridal bouquet.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Someday, someday, this crazy world will have to end, And our God will take things back that He to us did lend. And if, on that sad day, you want to scold our God, Why just go ahead and scold Him. He’ll just smile and nod.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Freud said he didn’t know what women wanted. I know what women want. They want a whole lot of people to talk to.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Pretend to be good always and even God will be fooled.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It’s a terrible waste to be happy and not notice it.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The two real political parties in America are the Winners and the Losers.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The nicest veterans in Schenectady, I thought, the kindest and funniest ones, the ones who hated war the most, were the ones who’d really fought.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The things other people have put into my head, at any rate, do not fit together nicely, are often useless and ugly, are out of proportion with one another, are out of proportion with life as it really is outside my head.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “What you can become is the miracle you were born to be through the work that you do.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “You want to know something? We are still in the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages – they haven’t ended yet.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Perhaps some people really are born unhappy. I surely hope not. Speaking for my sister and myself: We were born with the capacity and determination to be utterly happy all the time. Perhaps even in this we were freaks. Hi ho.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “If I wrote something that hadn’t really happened, and I tried to sell it, I could go to jail. That’s fraud!”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “All right – I’ll tell you what you did for me: you went for happy, silly, beautiful walks with me.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I am a very bad scientist. I will do anything to make a human being feel better, even if it’s unscientific. No scientist worthy of the name could say such a thing.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “You’ll forget it when you’re dead, and so will I. When I’m dead, I’m going to forget everything–and I advise you to do the same.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Dr. Brainard Keyes Bullard, President of Wyandotte College, said in an address tonight that most of the worlds ills can be traced to the fact that Mans knowledge of himself has not kept pace with his knowledge of the physical world.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “As for myself: I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing sacred about myself or about any human being, that we were all machines, doomed to collide and collide and collide.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Call me Jonah. My parents did, or nearly did. They called me John.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “That’s the secret of artistic unity. Anybody can achieve it, if he or she will make something with only one person in mind.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “What is flirtatiousness but an argument that life must go on and on and on?”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I think, therefore I am, therefore I am photographable.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I think that novels that leave out technology misrepresent life as badly as Victorians misrepresented life by leaving out sex.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “My soul seemed as foul as smoke from burning cat fur.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The crowd, having been promised nothing, felt cheated, having received nothing.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “One thing I learned, with permission of the school committee of Indianapolis, was that when a tyrant or a government gets in trouble it wonders what to do. Declare war! Then nothing else matters. It’s like chess; when in doubt, castle.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “She hated people who thought too much. At that moment, she struck me as an appropriate representative for almost all mankind.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It often is a terrible insult to some families if one of the kids turns out to be an artist and that’s one way to really shake up the family if you haven’t got nerve enough to turn into a homosexual.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Virtually every writer I know would rather be a musician.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Son – they say there isn’t any royalty in this country, but do you want me to tell you how to be king of the United States of America? Just fall through the hole in a privy and come out smelling like a rose.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “People would be surprised if they knew how much in this world was due to prayers.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The world is too serious. To get mad at a work of art-because maybe somebody, somewhere is blowing his stack over what I’ve done-is like getting mad at a hot fudge sundae.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It was a thunderingly beautiful experience-voluptuous, sexual, dangerous, and expensive as hell.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Hate, in the long run, is about as nourishing as cyanide.”
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