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Kurt Vonnegut Quotes
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Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Some automatic device clicked in her big brain, and her knees felt weak, and there was a chilly feeling in her stomach. She was in love with this man. They don’t make memories like that anymore.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Perhaps I am the turtle, able to live simply anywhere, even underwater for short periods, with my home on my back.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I go on many thrilling adventures and wondrous, profound escapades through books.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I can have oodles of charm when I want to.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I keep losing and regaining my equilibrium, which is the basic plot of all popular fiction. And I myself am a work of fiction.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I’ve been living alone for so long, everything about me’s private. I’m surprised anyone’s able to understand a word I say.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Now, the engineers and managers believe with all their hearts the glorious things their forebears hired people to say about them. Yesterday’s snow job becomes today’s sermon.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Literature is by definition opinionated. It is bound to provoke the arguments in many quarters, not excluding the hometown or even the family of the author.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Dwayne’s bad chemicals made him take a loaded thirty-eight caliber revolver from under his pillow and stick it in his mouth. This was a tool whose only purpose was to make holes in human beings.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Puny man can do nothing at all to help or please God Almighty, and Luck is not the hand of God.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “He ate a pear. It was a hard one. It fought back against his grinding teeth. It snapped in juicy protest.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “All the new technology seems redundant to me. I was quite happy with the United States mail service. And, I don’t even have an answering machine, for God’s sake.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Sometimes I wonder if he wasn’t born dead. I never met a man who was less interested in the living. Sometimes I think that’s the trouble with the world: too many people in high places who are stone-cold dead.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I was raised by a black maid by the name of Ida Young and I probably talked to her more than anybody, so whatever is nutty about me was nutty about her, too, I think because I saw a lot more of her than I did of my parents.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Everybody knows that the dumbest people in any American university are in the education department, and English after that.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “He had supposed for years that he had no secrets from himself. Here was proof that he had a great big secret somewhere inside, and he could not imagine what it was.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I’m mad about being old and I’m mad about being American. Apart from that, OK.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The insane, on occasion, are not without their charms.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Ideas or the lack of them can cause disease.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The most heartbreakingly beautiful girl I ever hope to see.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “A story has to be a good date, because the reader can stop at any time. Remember, readers are selfish and have no compulsion to be decent about anything.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Symbols can be so beautiful, sometimes.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “And I apologize to all of you who are the same age as my grandchildren. And many of you reading this are the same age as my grandchildren. They, like you, are being royally shafted and lied to by our Baby Boomer corporations and government.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “If I am ever put to death on the hook, expect a very human performance.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I pity the Jews trying to get through life with only half a Bible. That’s like trying to get from here to San Francisco with a road map that stops at Dubuque, Iowa.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I’ve often thought there ought to be a manual to hand to little kids, telling them what kind of planet they’re on, why they don’t fall off it, how much time they’ve probably got here, how to avoid poison ivy, and so on.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The Population Reference Bureau predicts that the world’s total population will double to 7,000,000,000 before the year 2000. I suppose they will all want dignity, I said.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It is almost always a mistake to mention Abraham Lincoln. He always steals the show.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “He had the air of a spy in a melodrama, missing nothing, liking nothing, looking forward to the great day when everything would be turned upside down.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Or they’ll talk about fear, which we used to call politics- job politics, social politics, government politics.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “There is a riddle about a man who is locked in a room with nothing but a bed and a calendar, and the question is: How does he survive? The answer is: He eats dates from the calendar and drinks from the springs of the bed.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “What do men want? They want a lot of pals, and they wish that people wouldn’t get so mad at them.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I love cell phones. I see people so happy and proud, walking around. Gesturing, you know. I’m like Karl Marx, I’m up for anything that makes people happy.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The umpire had comical news. The congregation had been theoretically spotted from the air by a theoretical enemy. They were all theoretically dead now. The theoretical corpses laughed and ate a hearty noontime meal.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “This person has just arrived on this planet, knows nothing about it, has no standards by which to judge it. This person does not care what it becomes. It is eager to become absolutely anything it is supposed to be.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Vonnegut could not help looking back, despite the danger of being turned metaphorically into a pillar of salt, into am emblem of the death that comes to those who cannot let go of the past.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Sons of suicides seldom do well.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Mere opinions, in fact, were as likely to govern people’s actions as hard evidence, and were subject to sudden reversals as hard evidence could never be.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Children get smashed for hours on some strictly limited aspect of the Great Big Everything, the Universe, such as water or snow or mud or colors or rocks.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “There is a tragic flaw in our precious constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The most damning revelation you can make about yourself is that you do not know what is interesting and what is not.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “The computer revolution has allowed white-collar criminals to do what the Mob would have loved to do – put a pawnshop and a loan shark in every home!”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “I am simply impressed by the unexpected insights which shower down on me when my job is to imagine, as contrasted with the woodenly familiar ideas which clutter my desk when my job is to tell the truth.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Mankind flung its advance agents ever outward, ever outward. Eventually it flung them out into space, into the colorless, tasteless, weightless sea of outwardness without end. It flung them like stones.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “Thanks to their decreased brainpower, people aren’t diverted from the main business of life by the hobgoblins of opinion anymore.”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “It is always pitiful when any human being falls into a condition hardly more respectable than that of an animal. How much more pitiful it is when the person who falls has had all the advantages!”
Kurt Vonnegut Quote: “No matter how wonderful a sentence is, if it doesn’t add new and useful information, it should be removed.”
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