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Rick Riordan Quotes
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Rick Riordan Quote: “What do you mean we set the land mines on the wrong hill?”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Almost everything strange washes up near Miami.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I looked into his eyes, and I realized he was the same man I’d seen in my dreams. His face might be totally different, but the same soul was in there, the same intelligence and all the sadness.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “My experience with Khonsu had taught me not be greedy about time. It was best to appreciate what you had and not yearn for more.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The Greeks described her eyes as ‘oxlike’. Believe it or not, that was a compliment. It meant she had large, soft brown eyes that you could get lost in. I guess the Greeks spent a lot of time staring at oxen.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The rivalry ends here,” Percy said. “I love you, Wise Girl.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I wanted to keep things as normal as possible for the trainees, so I led my usual morning class. I called it Magic Problem-Solving 101. The trainees called it Whatever Works.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Things can turn out differently, Apollo. That’s the nice thing about being human. We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it’s going to be.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Annabeth sat up and glared at her ankle. “You HAD to break,” she scolded it. The ankle did not reply.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “One basketball to rule them all.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I didn’t like being a leader. I always had to appear confident for the sake of the others, even when I wasn’t.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Good luck is a sham. The wheel of fortune is a Ponzi scheme. True success requires sacrifice.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Leo. Jason said, you’re wierd. Yeah, you tell me that a lot. Leo grinned. But if you don’t remember me, that means I can reuse all my old jokes. Come on!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Practice makes perfect Ha, ha, ha, I don’t think so Ignore my sobbing.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “My name is Magnus Chase. I’m sixteen years old. This is the story of how my life went downhill after I got myself killed.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Knowledge isn’t always good for you.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Well, now,” Chiron said. “God – capital G, God. That’s a different matter altogether. We shan’t deal with the metaphysical.” “Metaphysical? But you were just talking about – ” “Ah, gods, plural, as in, great beings that control the forces of nature and human endeavors: the immortal gods of Olympus. That’s a smaller matter.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Silena appeared out of the woods, her sword drawn. Her Aphrodite armour was pink and red, colour coordinated to match her clothes and makeup. She looked like Guerilla Warfare Barbie.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Khufu carefully picked out everything that ended with-o – Doritos, Oreos, and some chunks of meat. Buffalo? Armadillo? I was scared to even ask.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “That was Hera,” Thalia grumbled. “Her Majesty, the Loose Cannon.” “That’s it, Thalia Grace,” said the goddess. “I will turn you into an aardvark, so help me –.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Getting eaten by a giant crocodile was bad enough. The kid with the glowing sword only made my day worse.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I think every writer struggles in some way with writers block. The trick is to plan out what you are going to say beforehand. I found out that if you make an outline you’re much less likely to get blocked when you get into the middle of the story.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “If you look at it from any other side, it looks like a pile of enormous deer droppings, but Chiron wouldn’t let us call the place the Poop Pile, especially after it had been named for Zeus, who doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “He offered to stop the tide for me once. He offered to build me a palace at the bottom of the sea.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Stupid Sixteen year old kid falling from the sky! I’m late!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I must admit I’m impressed, Sadie. You controlled your magic and controlled Isis. And you, Carter, did well turning into a lizard.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “My people were the original Athenians – the gemini.” “Like your zodiac sign?” Percy asked. “I’m a Leo.” “No, stupid,” Leo said. “I’m a Leo. You’re a Percy.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Poseidon can come in too! We will eat you both! Seafood!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Percy: I thought I’d lost my mom forever, and I was stuck on a hill in a thunderstorm fighting this huge bull dude while Grover was passed out wailing. “Food!” It was terrifying, man.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “So I took her hand, and I don’t know what everybody else heard, but to me it sounded like a slow dance: a little sad, but maybe a little hopeful, too.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I hadn’t seen my dad get violent since the Great Spatula Incident, and I wasn’t anxious to see a repeat of that.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “So, if I looked him up on google maps-.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “There’s no point in defending camp if you guys die. All our friends are here.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “So what if they were in Tartarus? So what if they stood a slim chance of surviving? He was so glad that they were together, he had the ridiculous urge to smile.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I think the hardest thing we can ever do is see someone for who they really are. Our parents. Our friends. Ourselves.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Heroes like you always have a weak spot. We just have to find it, and then we can kill you. Won’t that be lovely? Have a cheese ‘n’ Wiener!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Such is human memory... you forget the truth and believe what makes you feel better.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “We were ten feet away when we triggered the First Law of Percy Jackson.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Everything living deserves a chance to grow.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “And you, Percy, are my favorite son.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “A little secret, Magnus. There is no good and evil. There’s only capable and incapable. I am capable.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “And flash him!” Annabeth’s face reddened. “That came out wrong. But yeah, good idea.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Will Solace sighed. He was, of course, tied to Nico. He propped his elbow on Nico’s shoulder as if the son of Hades were a convenient shelf.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The people who deserved to die took forever to do so. Those who deserved to live always went too soon.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Vitellius would’ve given Percy an hour-long lecture on the subject, probably with a PowerPoint presentation.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I stared at her. Maybe I wasn’t the brightest guy in the world when it came to girls, but I was pretty sure Rachel had just dumped me, which was lame considering we’d never even been together.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Even from far away, I could see people being chased by hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked through cactus patches or listen to opera music.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I suppose with so many things suddenly getting better, the things that were still missing hurt even worse.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The rivalry ends here,’ Percy said. ‘I love you, Wise Girl.’ Annabeth made a little sigh, like something in her ribcage had melted.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Nobody welcomes a war – not if they’re smart. But war finds everyone sooner or later. It’s inevitable.”
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