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Rick Riordan Quotes
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Rick Riordan Quote: “Poseidon held out his arms and gave me a hug. I realized, a little embarrassed, that I’d never actually hugged my dad before. He was warm – like a regular human – and he smelled of a salty beach and fresh sea air.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “She said this in the same way you might say Fields of Punishment or Hades’s gym shorts.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Each person’s grief has its own life span; it needs to follow its own path.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I had weird dreams full of barnyard animals. Most of them wanted to kill me. The rest wanted food.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I wasn’t aiming at the school bus, but of course I got expelled anyway.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Please excuse Jason from eternal damnation. He has had amnesia.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “To my wonderful readers. Sorry about that apology for that last cliffhanger. I’ll try to avoid cliffhangers in this book. Well, except for maybe a few small ones... because I love you guys.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Leo choked. “Your mom is a rainbow goddess?” “Got a problem with that?” Butch said. “No, no,” Leo said. “Rainbows, very macho.” “Butch is our best equestrian,” Annabeth said. “He gets along great with the pegasi.” “Rainbows, ponies,” Leo muttered. “I’m gonna toss you off this chariot,” Butch warned.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Travis: The Aphrodite kids were ripping each other’s clothes and throwing lipstick and jewellery. It was like a rabid herd of wild Bratz.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Feel the wrath of wheat!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “We were just looking at maps...”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The meeting was like a war council with donuts. Then again, back at Camp Half-Blood they used to have their most serious discussions around the Ping-Pong table in the rec room with crackers and Cheez Whiz, so Percy felt right at home.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Scrawny? Baby, I invented scrawny. Scrawny is the new sizzling hot.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I couldn’t help thinking about my dream, with Annabeth crumpled and lifeless in Luke’s arms. Here I was rescuing baby monsters, but I couldn’t save my friend.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The truth hit him. Jason wasn’t quite Roman anymore. His time at Camp Half-Blood had changed him. Reyna had recognized that. Apparently, so did the undead legionnaires. If Jason no longer gave off the right sort of vibe, or aura of a Roman leader...”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Laughter is a good way to hide pain”- Leo Valdez.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “You can’t call a ninja lord dweeb.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Leo and Calypso’s Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters.” “Fresh fruits and vegetables,” Calypso offered. “Cider and stew,” Leo added. “We could even provide entertainment. You could sing and I could, like, randomly burst into flames.” Calypso laughed – a clear, happy sound that made Leo’s heart go ka-bump. “See,” he said, “I’m funny.” She managed to kill her smile. “You are not funny. Now, get back to work, or no cider and stew.” “Yes, ma’am,” he said.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “All right, cupcakes. You are about to see the Grand Canyon. Try not to break it. The skywalk can hold the weight of seventy jumbo jets, to you featherweights should be safe out there. If possible, try to avoid pushing each other over the edge, as that would cause me extra paperwork.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I didn’t answer, but, please – nothing is obvious with boys. For such simple creatures, they are quite baffling.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “You mix Greek and Roman, you know what you get? You get BAM!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Leo had seen Tia Callida in action; she liked knives, snakes and putting babies in roaring fires. Yeah, definitely let’s unleash her rage. Great idea.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I gave her a smile that I hoped conveyed something like: Hey, you know I’m on your side. Gods are such jerks! But what can you do? Probably my expression actually conveyed: It’s not my fault! Please do not kill me!”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I stepped forward. Call me old-fashioned, but I wanted to keep his focus on me and not Annabeth. I think it’s polite for a guy to protect his girlfriend from instant incineration.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “A long white ribbon shot out of the crack in the wall. The ribbon just kept coming, weaving itself into some kind of shape next to Anubis, and my first thought was, My god, he’s got a magic roll of toilet paper.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “June cackled with delight, muttering, “Whoops!” as a car almost killed them.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “When she kissed me, I had the feeling my brain was melting right through my body.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Never bet against a cat.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Kids are baby goats. They’re cute and they have redeeming social value. You are definitely not kids.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “If not for the horses, Piper would’ve died.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Piper, you’re the strongest, most powerful beauty queen I’ve ever met. You can trust yourself. For what it’s worth, you can trust me too.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Leo fell in love with every girl he saw-as long as she was completely out of his league.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah, you could say that.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I could hear hopefulness in her voice, but also doubt. She was waiting for me to admit the obvious: I’d forgotten. I was toast. I was boyfriend roadkill.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The coach launched himself at the spirit with some serious goat fu – lashing out with his hooves, knocking Leo free from the spirit’s grasp.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Happy the Dragon was not so happy.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I’ve always found the second book in a series is the hardest to write.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “If you don’t like it you can kiss my quiver.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I pictured my mom, alone in our little apartment on the Upper East Side. I tried to remember the smell of her blue waffles in the kitchen. It seemed so far away.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Just for you non-sea-god types out there, don’t go swimming in New York Harbor. It may not be as filthy as it was in my mom’s day, but that water will still probably make you grow a third eye or have mutant children when you grow up.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “You are one freaking awesome baboon.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “You must carry on my spirit. It can no longer be carried by a god. It must be taken up by all of you. – Pan.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “Monsters don’t die. They just dissipate into smoke and dust, which saves heroes a lot of trouble cleaning up after a fight.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “A surgeon would never hesitate to amputate a rotting hand, no matter how faithfully it had served its owner in the past.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “He could’t have survied a hundred foot drop. I’m sorry Annabeth.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I got ready for bed and crawled in. The covers were comfortable and warm, but the pillow was just too weird. It gave me neck cramps, so I put it on the floor and went to sleep without it. My first big mistake.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “It was beautiful in a harsh I’m-going-to-gut-you-like-a-fish kind of way.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “The cafe windows wrapped all the way around the observation floor, which gave us a beautiful panoramic view of the skeleton army that had come to kill us.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “I thought maybe he was seeing another tree. – Juniper.”
Rick Riordan Quote: “To save a friend, you would sacrifice the world.”
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