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Robert G. Ingersoll Quotes
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Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I have had some trouble in regarding evil as having been intended by infinite Goodness.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If the world ever advances beyond what it is today, it must be led by men who express their real opinions.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If this religion is true, then there is only one Savior, only one narrow path to life. Christianity cannot live in peace with any other religion.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The Church has always been willing to swap off treasures in heaven for cash down.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Surely there is grandeur in knowing that in the realm of thought, at least, you are without a chain; that you have the right to explore all heights and depth; that there are no walls nor fences, nor prohibited places, nor sacred corners in all the vast expanse of thought.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I want no heaven for which I must give my reason; no happiness in exchange for my liberty, and no immortality that demands the surrender of my individuality. Better rot in the windowless tomb, to which there is no door but the red mouth of the pallid worm, than to wear the jeweled collar of a god.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I belong to the Great Church which holds the world within its starlit aisles; that claims the great and good of every race and clime; that finds with joy the grain of gold in every creed, and floods with light and love the germs of good in every soul.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I would not for my life destroy one star of human hope, but I want it so that when a poor woman rocks the cradle and sings a lullaby to the dimpled darling, she will not be compelled to believe that ninety-nine chances in a hundred she is raising kindling wood for hell.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation, and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be believed only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance, called faith.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Catholicism is contrary to human liberty. Catholicism bases salvation upon belief. Catholicism teaches man to trample his reason under foot. And for that reason it is wrong.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “One laugh of a child will make the holiest day more sacred still.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Good nature is the cheapest commodity in the world, and love is the only thing that will pay ten percent to both borrower and lender.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The intellectual advancement of man depends on how often he can exchange an old superstition for a new truth.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Every sect is a certificate that God has not plainly revealed his will to man. To each reader the Bible conveys a different meaning.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Logic is not satisfied with assertion. It cares nothing for the opinions of the great; nothing for the prejudices of the many, and least of all for the superstitions of the dead.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “It seems to me that if there is some infinite being who wants us to think alike he would have made us alike.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Nothing could be more dangerous to the existence of this Republic than to introduce religion into politics.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I admit that books were voted in and out, and that the Bible was finally formed in accordance with a vote.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “By physical liberty I mean the right to do anything which does not interfere with the happiness of another. By intellectual liberty I mean the right to think and the right to think wrong.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Do you not know that every religion in the world has declared every other religion a fraud? Yes, we all know it. That is the time all religions tell the truth – each of the other.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Is there an intelligent man or woman now in the world who believes in the Garden of Eden story? If you find any man who believes it, strike his forehead and you will hear an echo. Something is for rent.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Religion is one of the phases of thought through which the world is passing.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I have no confidence in any religion that can be demonstrated only to children.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Martyrdom, as a rule, establishes the sincerity of the martyr, never the correctness of his thought. Things are true or false in themselves.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “We are not accountable for the sins of “Adam”.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The church teaches us that we can make God happy by being miserable ourselves.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I found that the clergy did not understand their own book.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Honest investigation is utterly impossible within the pale of any church, for the reason, that if you think the church is right you will not investigate, and if you think it wrong, the church will investigate you.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Our hope of immortality does not come from any religions, but nearly all religions come from that hope.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Either god should have written a book to fit my brain, or he should have made my brain to fit his book.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “He raised his hands, not to strike, but in benediction. Lincoln was the grandest figure of the fiercest civil war. He is the gentlest memory of our world.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The Old Testament filled this world with tyranny and injustice, and the New gives us a future filled with pain for nearly all of the sons of men. The Old Testament describes the hell of the past, and the New the hell of the future.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “They say: Belief is important. I say: No, actions are important. Judge by deed, not by creed.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The history of intellectual progress is written in the lives of infidels.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The credulity of the church is decreasing, and the most marvelous miracles are not either ‘explained,’ or allowed to take refuge behind the mistakes of the translators, or hide in the drapery of allegory.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If, with all the time at my disposal, with all the wealth of the resources of this vast universe, to do with as I will, I could not produce a better scheme of life than now prevails, I would be ashamed of my efforts and consider my work a humiliating failure.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I cannot see why we should expect an infinite God to do better in another world than he does in this.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I know of no crime that has not been defended by the church, in one form or other. The church is not a pioneer; it accepts a new truth, last of all, and only when denial has become useless.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I thank thee, Mother Nature, that thou hast put ingenuity enough in the brain of a child, when attacked by a brutal parent, to throw up a little breastwork in the shape of a lie.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Fear is a dagger with which hypocrisy assassinates the soul.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Many people think they have religion when they are troubled with dyspepsia.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “There are some truths, however, that we should never forget: Superstition has always been the relentless enemy of science; faith has been a hater of demonstration; hypocrisy has been sincere only in its dread of truth, and all religions are inconsistent with mental freedom.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “An infinite God ought to be able to protect himself, without going in partnership with State Legislatures. Certainly he ought not so to act that laws become necessary to keep him from being laughed at. No one thinks of protecting Shakespeare from ridicule, by the threat of fine and imprisonment.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The hope of science is the perfection of the human race. The hope of theology is the salvation of a few, and the damnation of almost everybody.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “When one of your children tells a lie, be honest with him; tell him that you have told hundreds of them yourself. Tell him it is not the best way; that you have tried it. Tell him as the man did in Maine when his boy left home: “John, honesty is the best policy; I have tried both.””
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The doctrine of eternal punishment is in perfect harmony with the savagery of the men who made the orthodox creeds. It is in harmony with torture, with flaying alive, and with burnings.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I am not so much for the freedom of religion as I am for the religion of freedom.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The careful reader of the New Testament will find three Christs described: – One who wished to preserve Judaism – one who wished to reform it, and one who built a system of his own.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “When struck on one cheek to turn the other, is really joining a conspiracy to secure the triumph of brutality. To agree not to resist evil is to become an accomplice of all injustice.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “When passions and appetites are stronger than the intellect, men are savages; when the intellect governs the passions, when the passions are servants, men are civilized. The people need education – facts – philosophy.”
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