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Robert G. Ingersoll Quotes
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Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “An infinite personality is an infinite impossibility.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Whoever imagines himself a favorite with God holds others in contempt.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Any doctrine that will not bear investigation is not a fit tenant for the mind of an honest man.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “For thousands of years people have been trying to force other people to think their way. Did they succeed? No. Will they succeed? No. Why? Because brute force is not an argument.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “As long as a man lives he should study. Death alone has the right to dismiss the school.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Epithets are not arguments. Abuse does not persuade.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “As long as every question is answered by the word “God,” scientific inquiry is simply impossible.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “There is more real devotional feeling summoned from the temple of the mind by great music than by any sermon ever delivered.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Is it necessary that Heaven should borrow its light from the glare of Hell? Infinite punishment is infinite cruelty, endless injustice, immortal meanness. To worship an eternal gaoler hardens, debases, and pollutes even the vilest soul. While there is one sad and breaking heart in the universe, no good being can be perfectly happy.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If all the historic books of the Bible were blotted from the memory of mankind, nothing of value would be lost...”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Lincoln never finished his education. To the night of his death he was a pupil, a learner, an inquirer, a seeker after knowledge. You have no idea how many men are spoiled by what is called education. For the most part, colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed. If Shakespeare had graduated at Oxford, he might.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “No God can put a man in hell in another world, who has made a little heaven in this. God cannot make a man miserable if that man has made somebody else happy.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Only the very ignorant are perfectly satisfied that they know. To the common man the great problems are easy. He has no trouble in accounting for the universe. He can tell you the origin and destiny of man and the why and wherefore of things.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Not only are we here to protect the public from vicious criminals in the street but also to protect the public from harmful ideas.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “As a matter of fact, no one knows that God exists and no one knows that God does not exist. To my mind there is no evidence that God exists – that this world is governed by a being of infinite goodness, wisdom and power, but I do not pretend to know.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Now the struggle for life is so sharp, competition is so severe, that few men can succeed who carry a useless burden. The businessmen of our country are compelled to lead temperate lives, otherwise their credit is gone.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “They knew no better, but I do not propose to follow the example of a barbarian because he was honestly a barbarian.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Liberty is the breath of progress.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “We do not need the forgiveness of God, but of each other and of ourselves.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “To me, the most obscene word in our language is celibacy.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The only evidence, so far as I know, about another life is, first, that we have no evidence; and secondly, that we are rather sorry that we have not, and wish we had.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “It is incredible that only idiots are absolutely sure of salvation. It is incredible that the more brain you have the less your chance is. There can be no danger in honest thought, and if the world ever advances beyond what it is to-day, it must be led by men who express their real opinions.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The emblem of equal rights. It means free hands, free lips, self- government, and the sovereignty of the individual.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If the reason I give is a good one, you will act upon it. If it is a bad one I cannot make it better by piling epithet upon epithet. There is no logic in abuse; there is no argument in an epithet.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The first step is for man to cease to be the slave of man. The second, is to cease to be the slave of the monsters of his own creation, the ghosts and phantoms of the air.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Custom meets us at the cradle and leaves us only at the tomb.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “He who treats his friends and enemies alike, has neither love nor justice.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I believe in the religion of reason – the gospel of this world; in the development of the mind, in the accumulation of intellectual wealth, to the end that man may free himself from superstitious fear, to the end that he may take advantage of the forces of nature to feed and clothe the world.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “When a fact can be demonstrated, force is unnecessary; when it cannot be demonstrated, force is infamous.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Twenty years after the death of Luther there were more Catholics than when he was born. And twenty years after the death of Voltaire there were millions less than when he was born.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I do not believe in loving enemies; I have pretty hard work to love my friends. Neither do I believe in revenge. No man can afford to keep the viper of revenge in his heart. But I believe in justice, in self-defense.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If you have ever clothed another with woe, as with a garment of pain, you will never be quite as happy as though you had not done that thing.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “It is impossible for me to conceive of a character more utterly detestable than that of the Hebrew god.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “It has always seemed to me that a being coming from another world, with a message of infinite importance to mankind, should at least have verified that message by his own signature. Is it not wonderful that not one word was written by Christ?”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “It is hard to overstate the debt that we owe to men and women of genius.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “I do not see how it is possible for an intelligent human being to conclude that the Song of Solomon is the work of God, and that the tragedy of Lear was the work of an uninspired man.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Lincoln was not a type. He stands alone – no ancestors, no fellows, no successors.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The more liberty you give away the more you will have.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Commerce makes friends, religion makes enemies; the one enriches, and the other impoverishes; the one thrives best where the truth is told, the other where falsehoods are believed.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Liberty sustains the same relation to mind that space does to matter.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Take from the church the miraculous, the supernatural, the incomprehensible, the unreasonable, the impossible, the unknowable, the absurd, and nothing but a vacuum remains.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Sometime, it will be found that people can be changed only by changing their surroundings. It is alleged that, at least ninety-five percent of the criminals transported from England to Australia and other penal colonies, became good and useful citizens in a new world.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “The object of all education should be to increase the usefulness of man – usefulness to himself and others.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Liberty is the condition of progress. Without Liberty, there remains only barbarism. Without Liberty, there can be no civilization.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Darwin has done more to change human thought than all the priests who have existed.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “To avoid pain we must know the conditions of health. For the accomplishment of this end we must rely upon investigation instead of faith, upon labor in place of prayer. Most misery is produced by ignorance. Passions sow the seeds of pain.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “If we have the right to use our reason, we certainly have the right to act in accordance with it, and no god can have the right to punish us for such action.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “Only those who live on the labor of the ignorant are the enemies of science. Real love and real religion are in no danger from science. The more we know the safer all good things are.”
Robert G. Ingersoll Quote: “To give up your individuality is to annihilate yourself.”
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