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Shannon L. Alder Quote: “An encounter with God demands a response. An encounter with Satan demands your God’s response.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “God cannot remove the burdens of your heart, but he will prompt you where to go, what to say and what to do, in order to free yourself from your chains.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “They said my solution was foreign because I lived on another planet. It required honesty. It required communication. It required kindness. It required integrity. It required compassion. It required empathy. It required a deep understanding of what it meant to be humane. It required courage to be something above the others. It required proving your love of God.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Never underestimate the woman that holds God’s pen.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “We are chained by our own control. Life is nothing more than finding the key that unlocks every part of our soul.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “When you invite people to share in your miracle, you create future allies during rough weather.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The only way to find peace is to face the unknown and trust that God has heard your tears.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You will never let go of the one thing that God keeps prompting you to fix.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Love is so many things, but it is not safe.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Every writer dreams about the day they can step into their fiction and wander its hallways.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes, we are unable to break free because we are held captive by divine assignment because in our problem God has given us a unique purpose.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes, when we pray for miracles what we are really praying for is God to do the work that we are too afraid to take action about. Often, the miracle resides in us and we need to simply “be all in”, rather than standing on the fence waiting.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Act with God’s compassion, mercy and forgiveness in mind and you will always be right. Act with revenge in your heart and you will always be wrong.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The goal of a life purpose is not what you will create, but what it will make you into for creating it.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Forgiveness happens when you stop wishing for someone else to become what you want them to be.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “What you keep alive is what you truly care about, no matter how many times you die in the process.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The best of who you are is not from who you have in your life, rather who they helped you become because they loved you.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “We don’t yet have a body of scientific knowledge about evil to be called a facet of psychology. Therefore, religious reasoning for actions will always be at the discretion of the psychologist, thus making them the judge and jury over what is delusion and what is a spiritual experience that has to be sedated.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “So many people focus on who they will be that they never get around to figuring out who they are.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The problem with our culture is we cling to so many different truths. Yet, the truths that we cling to also depend on our point of view. Maybe, the journey to a truth that can be free of hatred, bias and injustice requires a journey of the soul to see all view points.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Ambition is putting a ladder against the sky.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The only way through pain is love.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “God’s plan will never look easy when you are sitting in hell. KEEP MOVING!”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you can’t get on your own.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “But here is the thing about the stars and all of it’s faults: We don’t understand everything about it, but we still love it’s beauty and wonder. We know of all the dangers, but we would still go there just because we wanted to touch the stars.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You will finally have dignity when you realize that you are not on the path, but have become the path for others.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Our dreams will always tell us what we are missing in our lives. The smaller we make them tells God how little faith we have in him to make them come true.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “In every experience we get to choose either love or fear as a response. Your character is formed by the percentages of those choices, which then forms your life.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “It takes courage to let go of the past and all the mechanisms you have put in place, in order to ease your pain, regret and fear through avoiding responsibility for it.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “People often tell themselves lies, in order to reach what they consider acceptance in difficult situations. In reality, they fool themselves into believing they are healed, until that lie is corrected by time, further information or their own personal growth. True healing comes when we learn to not avoid truth, but face it. Only then will we be set free.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Do not except anything as love without truth because love and truth have always been best friends.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Nothing is a waste of time if you get paid for it.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Some people look for the obvious and make decisions based on that. However, sensitive people look for the subtle things in life. They observe what is missed, overlooked and rarely observed by others. They dwell at a deeper level of perception that clings to signs, body language and what is left unspoken. They are observers that will trust their instinct first over any fact or well delivered speech.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Healing is that place where we step into 20 seconds of insane courage because we need to either close that door or hold it open. Regardless of the outcome, the truth is what sets you free never the fear of not knowing.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “If you hold onto a man hoping someone else won’t get them you have learned how to be desperate, not wise.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “I could crawl inside the lyrics and know each note intimately. They would claw at my soul, until I could no longer fight the emotions that took me to a place I couldn’t experience. But, it was the possibility that made every verse a heart filled prediction and every beat a direction to follow.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “If you want peace in your life, you have to stop declaring war.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The destination is not the journey. The destination is the person you choose to enjoy the journey with.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You knew... and that is why it hurts so bad.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You will never find peace when the need you cling to is not the want you desire. But when does a want become a need... when it is all you think about?”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The victory is not to change the mind of the critic; it is to evaluate what you can learn and discard, yet still walk away with peace in your heart.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The best part of the gospel is you get to take it with you wherever your heart lands.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Loyalty is what you focus on and won’t give up.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Principles are meant to serve people, not people serving to uphold the principle, while harming the people.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Anyone can find the dirt on someone, but very few can wipe it from their own shoes.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “With dark raven paper and twinkling white ink, I wrote my heart in the night’s sky.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Control doesn’t validate love; it validates the nonexistence of trust and the painful unwillingness to accept the truth.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You really won’t know where your home is until you meet your own kind and realize you’re both playing the same game.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “A goal will always tell you where you don’t want to be.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You don’t go to church to find God; you bring him with you – attitude.”
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