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Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Most people believe the journey they begin with Christ goes forward, but that is not how he works. A spiritual life is not cutting ties with people, in order to walk clean in the future. The journey home isn’t running away from obstacles. It is learning to stand where you are now and handle people, assert yourself, set boundaries and never feel your happiness is dependent on another person’s approval of your choices, beliefs or spiritual needs.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “People who made their dreams come true didn’t simply go after it. They changed the person they were, in order to fit the type of person that would live that type of dream.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You will know what and who really matters to you the moment you feel you have lost them.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Give up trying to convince people who you are, instead confuse them. It is a lot more fun!”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Every insecure soul has a government of their own and a paid judge in their court room.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Live is not about constantly fighting to keep someone in your life. It is about constantly fighting for a better life together.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “When did trust ever become more important than love? Then God whispered, “You never did trust me. You gave up so many times, but I knew you still loved me.” In the wind his words echoed the answer – love was always more important.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes all you need is one person with a guilty conscience to come forward and do the right thing. Often, the miracle you need resides inside of yourself, when you humbly ask for forgiveness.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes God doesn’t deny, he delays.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You are loved deeper than any ocean. Let your mind swim through it’s depth because I will never let you drown.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “With humor and humility you can withstand anything.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “There are so many random questions in life, but the important ones harldy have a random answer.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Joy comes when you turn it over to God to deal with. This is when you will feel the true release from it’s weight.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Every broken heart has screamed at one time or another, “I want to know why!”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The words, I love you, are empty without clarification. Women prefer to be told what they can expect. It is measurable like a Weight Watcher’s diet, with extra points at the end of the week if you don’t cheat.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Happiness is when you fight for souls that barely hang on.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You must do what you need to do to survive, but you will never survive your own heart if you don’t also make it a need.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The wise do not buy into other people’s perceptions of who they are and what they are capable of. Instead, they bypass a person’s public persona and see who they are in their highest expression. When you see actions taken with integrity, instead of words only, you will then know a soul’s worth.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “When what you value and dream about doesn’t match the life you are living, you have pain.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “You will know it is love not when you think about them all the time or want to be with them, but when you worry about them and you want their approval and happiness.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Each of us has empty spaces in our heart that go through life being filled temporarily, by the various people we meet along the way. The trick is to find what needs to remain permanently filled in our soul and what needs to be filled occasionally through encounters.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Her wounds brought her a great source of power because they lived in the same place as her heart.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Empowered Women 101: Happiness is something that you establish before a relationship. It is not the relationship that establishes it first.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Kindness is as simple as being grateful for the love anyone has shown you, by not destroying them because it isn’t on your terms.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Reasoning with senselessness will never build faith. Faith is strengthened when you stop collecting fragmented signs and questionable hunches, in order to build an acceptable reason for your wrong decisions and less than desirable circumstances.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Two people that have the same wants are two people that should be friends.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “She was a collector of reflections looking for souls that could see deeply inside her soul.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “If you don’t know what you value in life, then you won’t be able to make any meaningful decisions you can live with in the future.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “God doesn’t hand you an easy life because you will grow in it. He hands you a dream with hurdles, obstacles, setbacks, battles and challenges because he knows the real you is at the finishing line.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “We are not at the bargaining table in agreement to end abuse to our world. We are on the battlefield deciding everyday if we will let this world die or live, by how we contribute to its treatment.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “A man worth loving is a man that never makes you feel like an option.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Happy people can look back and say they chose their life, not settled for it.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes, you can be more than enough for someone, but they choose not to be in your life. Always remember that Satan works hard to keep people miserable by feeding their fears, so they stay in their comfort zone. The truth is some people value what is predictable, more than chemistry.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “There is no failure in loving someone, only in never letting them know.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “In order to be authentic, you have to make decisions based on what you want, rather than how it will be perceived.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Sometimes we can spend too much time trying to fix our life that we forget to live.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Your dream is to feel good; God’s dream is for you to do good.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Don’t talk yourself into falling in love with someone. Either, you are in love or you are not. True love is not a choice. It is something you know in your heart when all guilt, doubt and fear are removed.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The only person worth risking everything for is the one person that would never let you risk everything for.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Only a demon would prevent a person from saving lives or fulfilling their life mission. There is no reasoning with the devil. Stand with pride because your heart is filled with the goodness of helping others, while theirs is filled with helping themselves.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “What separates people who made their dreams come true is not setting goals to achieve a life the way they expect it to be, but how they expect to be, in order to achieve it.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “I’ve never been bothered with my conduct. I’ve only been bothered by people that don’t get it correct when they gossip about me.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Often what people don’t say or leave out, tells the real story.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Like hatred, guilt can’t be locked in the silence of forgetting, without taking part of your soul with it.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Some will wear masks their entire life because they care about what other people think, while others remove the mask to be who they truly are. The difference between the two is not the ability to trust others, but to trust in God.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Staying for your children is noble. However, staying with someone that teaches your children that “selective” evilness is okay is mental illness.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Judgement is always based on experience and sometimes you will battle a person’s history first, before commonsense will ever win the war.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “Stressed by any other name is fear.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “The purpose of life is the lesson.”
Shannon L. Alder Quote: “If he loves you he will meet your effort.”
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