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Soccer Quotes: “Everything is practice.” — Pelé

Soccer Quotes: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” — Pelé

Soccer Quotes: “I once cried because I had no shoes to play soccer, but one day, I met a man who had no feet.” — Zinedine Zidane

Soccer Quotes: “If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.” — Arsene Wenger

Soccer Quotes: “Keep working even when no one is watching.” — Alex Morgan

Soccer Quotes: “If you are first you are first. If you are second, you are nothing.” — Bill Shankly

Soccer Quotes: “My heroes were always soccer players.” — Ronaldinho

Soccer Quotes: “You will go through tough times, it’s about getting through them.” — David Beckham

Soccer Quotes: “I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from.” — Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer Quotes: “All I know of morality I learned from football.” — Albert Camus

Soccer Quotes: “Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought.” — Dennis Bergkamp

Soccer Quotes: “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” — Vince Lombardi

Soccer Quotes: “I don’t believe there is such a thing as a ‘born’ soccer player. Perhaps you are born with certain skills and talents, but quite frankly it seems impossible to me that one is actually born to be an ace soccer player.” — Pelé

Soccer Quotes: “The great thing about him, is that he will not quit.” — Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer Quotes: “All human history moves towards one great goal.” — James Joyce

Soccer Quotes: “The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they do not know the game.” — Bill Shankly

Soccer Quotes: “The number 7 shirt is an honor and a responsibility. I hope it brings me a lot of luck.” — Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer Quotes: “I’d rather play tennis than go to the dentist. I’d rather play soccer than go to the doctor. I’d rather play Hurk than go to work. Hurk? Hurk? What’s Hurk? I don’t know but it MUST be better than work!” — Shel Silverstein

Soccer Quotes: “Look at my haircut. I am ready for the war. The objective is to win the Premiershp. I don’t want to dominate, to finish without defeat, record points or goals or consecutive wins. The Premiership is so difficult you cannot be focused on that. I just think about winning.” — Jose Mourinho

Soccer Quotes: “Every kid around the world who plays soccer wants to be Pele. I have a great responsibility to show them not just how to be like a soccer player, but how to be like a man.” — Pelé

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