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Zach Braff Quotes
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Zach Braff Quote: “I blame Walt Disney; well he has to find voice actors better than me somehow doesn’t he?”
Zach Braff Quote: “When you win your first Grammy, it’s true, you really want to thank all the little people.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I just don’t see how anyone can hate America. I mean, crap, I live there. What more do you need?”
Zach Braff Quote: “I was originally set to star in ‘The Bourne Identity,’ but I found it too difficult to even pretend to forget who I was.”
Zach Braff Quote: “They don’t know I’m staring, what does it matter if I keep on doing it?”
Zach Braff Quote: “For me, acting in scenes with other people is like playing soccer with a bunch of legless five year olds. It’s not really fair to them, but what else can I do, you know?”
Zach Braff Quote: “I don’t think it’s a black and white issue. If a man’s family is starving so to speak, I don’t think I’ll hold it against him for stealing a loaf of bread.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I know the Bible isn’t real because it never once mentions me.”
Zach Braff Quote: “People often ask me when there’s going to be a Mrs. Zach Braff. It’s a confusing question sometimes because many people don’t realize that my mother is named Mrs. Zach Braff.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I mean, I’m a writer, actor, AND director. Not to rock the boat or anything, but compare that to a carpenter and, in the end, who is the better man?”
Zach Braff Quote: “It’s funny when I read the tabloids and they’re reporting on only a fraction of the life I’m leading.”
Zach Braff Quote: “People always tell me I should run for president, but I don’t think they’d give me enough time off to make my films.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I always encourage over-tipping if you can afford it because share the wealth.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I didn’t necessarily have a total idea when I was writing the movie of where everything was going. I just wanted to have really realistic dialogue and write like people I knew talked. I tried to keep it very real.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I did theater for a few years while I was in New York, but it was tough having to perform scripts worse than what I knew I could write.”
Zach Braff Quote: “Lots of people were giving me flak when I made the deal to do the very last season of Scrubs for $350,000 an episode. When really I’m the one that’s being cheated, because the writer’s strike is keeping me from all the money that I could be making. I need to eat, too.”
Zach Braff Quote: “It’s always weird being the only white person in a group. It feels like everyone’s looking to me for guidance.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I always wanted to direct movies. That’s what I set out to do. When I was a little kid I just dreamed of making movies, and I went to film school.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I never really understood all the hype, until I got one of my own.”
Zach Braff Quote: “Michael Eisner contacted me once and asked me if he could change the name of Disneyland to ‘Braffland.’ I said no, because whenever I go to Disneyland there’s always fat people everywhere wearing tight clothes. Disneyland, frankly, has a lot of improving to do before it gets my namesake.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I’d like to think that my scripts are more significant than maybe the Bible or the book that the Jews use, whatever it’s called. And that’s only when I’m having an off day.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I mean, nobody’s ever thrown a big rock at me or my friends, but we’re all pretty tough guys and could probably handle it.”
Zach Braff Quote: “When you’re the director and the writer, you never have to remember your lines, and there’s no one to call you on it. On Garden State I did different lines on every take, just making crap up. And it was great each time.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I really don’t give a care, I’m going to live for ever.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers.”
Zach Braff Quote: “Am I really gonna deny someone the opportunity of a lifetime just because they met me 5 easters early?”
Zach Braff Quote: “It used to be that you came out of school, and you got married – those who were going to get married. But my peers are getting married in their early 30s, so now there’s like this extra 10 years of that angst.”
Zach Braff Quote: “Of course I don’t use my A-material, it doesn’t matter if they think I’m funny or not because they won’t be thinking anything pretty soon anyways, if you caych my drift.”
Zach Braff Quote: “The thing about hitting kids is, think about if you were doing the same thing to another adult. Hitting your kid is really the same as hitting your employee or wife, and the issue become pretty clear when you think about it that way.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I certainly do not consider myself the next Jesus. I’d say he was more of a precursor to Zach Braff.”
Zach Braff Quote: “People keep asking me whether I’m going to vote for Obama or McCain in the election. But I’m like, why bother? There will never be another leader as good as he was.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I think a lot of people are drawn to seeing people that want to be better. We see it in ourselves.”
Zach Braff Quote: “It really is fascinating stuff, and I’ve picked it up on Scrubs. Memorizing lines is at least as hard as studying a text book, I mean, by this point I know about as much as most ‘real’ doctors.”
Zach Braff Quote: “In New York, we tip everyone. We tip doormen, we tip cab drivers, and we tip bartenders at the bar. You’ll get quite an evil eye if you don’t leave a tip at the bar.”
Zach Braff Quote: “The greatest charity you can contribute to is yourself. Instead of spending a dollar to help feed hungry children, why not spend that dollar on hair gel so you can get the perfect cowlick?”
Zach Braff Quote: “The way I write is that I’ll actually have a conversation out loud with myself. In a weird way, I just kind of get schizophrenic and play two characters.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I really don’t know why we need a whole month dedicated to blacks. It’s not like they’re the only ones that suffered. I mean, what about us whites? We’re the ones that have to deal with these monkeys everyday, but you don’t see us demanding a whole month to ourselves.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I find my movie props in my neighbors houses.”
Zach Braff Quote: “My tears cure cancer too, it’s just that I laugh at cancer patients.”
Zach Braff Quote: “The biggest problem I had with starring in Scrubs were the black doctors. I just had to keep telling myself this show was satire.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I’m not saying eating babies should be legal, but when they’re so delicious, what’s the harm in it? I don’t know what tastes better, their innocence or their gooey rib butter.”
Zach Braff Quote: “It’s a good thing I’m a professional and could see the pure genius talent behind the raw sexual beauty.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I’m a busy guy; I just get a lot of people that sound like me to go out and visit them. They don’t know the difference and, let’s face it, they aren’t going to be paying to see my movies anytime soon.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I think the Bible should be re-written for today’s society. We can call it ‘Scrubs.’”
Zach Braff Quote: “If Democrats want to start winning elections in this country, they’re going to have to start connecting with voters as well as I connect with my fans.”
Zach Braff Quote: “The problem with doing commercials is that the only thing good enough for me to sell is myself, and I stopped doing that once I kicked my coke habit.”
Zach Braff Quote: “I had a very funny family.”
Zach Braff Quote: “They say the number on rule in showbusiness is not to work with animals. I guess I’m above the rules because I put up with that for seven years.”
Zach Braff Quote: “Some people just can’t handle that they will never be a better actor than me.”
Zach Braff Quote: “You know, I’ve occasionally tried to watch other shows besides Scrubs, but comparing them is a bit like me competing in the special Olympics. Obviously I would win without contest, but the point is that they are trying their best.”
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