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Top 200 Zhuangzi Quotes (2024 Update)
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Zhuangzi Quote: “Your preciousness lies in your essence; it cannot be lost by anything that happens.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Let everything be allowed to do what it naturally does, so that its nature will be satisfied.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When deeds and words are in accord, the whole world is transformed.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The living all find death unpleasant; men mourn over it. And yet, what is death, but the unbending of the bow and its return to its case?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Great understanding is broad and unhurried; little understanding is cramped and busy.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Heaven is in everything: follow the light, hide in the cloudiness and begin in what is. Do this and your understanding will be like not understanding and your wisdom will be like not being wise. By not being wise you will become wise later.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Each one’s destiny cannot be altered.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Being is thoughtless-beyond and beneath all categories of thought. Expression is the realization of creative thought. Being is still; expression, moving. But then if I do not strive, who will?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Understanding that rests in what it does not understand is the finest.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The hearing that is only in the ears is one thing. The hearing of the understanding is another. But the hearing of the spirit is not limited to any one faculty to the ear, or to the mind.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “He who does his work like a machine grows a heart like a machine and he who carries the heart of a machine in his breast loses his simplicity. He who has lost his simplicity becomes unsure in the strivings of his soul.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The perfect man of old looked after himself first before looking to help others.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “All the fish needs is to get lost in the water. All man needs is to get lost in Tao.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The little child learns to speak, though it has no learned teachers – because it lives with those who know how to speak.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Never admire a man by his strength; judge him in how he uses it- A way is made by walking it.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Men honor what lies within the sphere of their knowledge, but do not realize how dependent they are on what lies beyond it.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The eyes envy the mind.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Study is to study what cannot be studied. Undertaking means undertaking what cannot be undertaken. Philosophizing is to philosophize about what cannot be philosophized about. Knowing that knowing is unknowable is true perfection.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The torch of doubt and chaos, this is what the sage steers by.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “And how do I know that the hate of death is not like a man who has lost his home when young and does not know where his home is to return to?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When affirmation and negation came into being, Tao faded. After Tao faded, then came one-sided attachments.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “To be constant is to be useful. To be useful is to realize one’s true nature. Realization of one’s true nature is happiness. When one reaches happiness, one is close to perfection.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Listening stops with the ears, the mind stops with recognition, but spirit is empty and waits on all things.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “He who knows the activities of Nature lives according to Nature.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “All men know the utility of useful things; but they do not know the utility of futility.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Verily God does not reward man for what he does, but for what he is.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Look at this window: it is nothing but a hole in the wall, but because of it the whole room is full of light. So when the faculties are empty, the heart is full of light.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “I am going to try speaking some reckless words, and I want you to try to listen recklessly.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “He who knows he is a fool is not the biggest fool; He who knows he is confused is not in the worst confusion.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The Way is to man as rivers and lakes are to fish, the natural condition of life.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Words are for meaning: when you’ve got the meaning, you can forget the words.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The fact is that those who do not see themselves but who see others, who fail to grasp of themselves but who grasp others, take possession of what others have but fail to possess themselves. they are attracted to what others enjoy but fail to find enjoyment in themselves.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The saying goes, ‘The sage rests, truly rests and is at ease.’ This manifests itself in calmness and detachment, so that worries and distress cannot affect him, nothing unpleasant can disturb him, his Virtue is complete and his spirit is not stirred up.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “A sage steers by the bright light of confusion and doubt.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “To regard the fundamental as the essence, to regard things as coarse, to regard accumulation as deficiency, and to dwell quietly alone with the spiritual and the intelligent – herein lie the techniques of Tao of the ancients.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Standards are different for all things, so the standard set by man is by no means the only ‘certain’ standard. If you mistake what is relative for something certain, you have strayed far from the ultimate truth.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Compare birth with death, compare death with life; compare what is possible with what is not possible and compare what is not possible with what is possible; because there is, there is not, and because there is not, there is.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Why don’t you try wandering with me to the Palace of Not-Even-Anything.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Those who seek to satisfy the mind of man by hampering it with ceremonies and music and affecting charity and devotion have lost their original nature.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Luck implies an absolute absence of any principle.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Sound intelligence promises victory in every battle.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Human life is limited, but knowledge is limitless. To drive the limited in pursuit of the limitless is fatal; and to presume that one really knows is fatal indeed!”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The Portal of God is nonexistence. All things sprang from nonexistence. Existence could not make existence existence. It must have proceeded from nonexistence, and nonexistence and nothing are one. Herein is the abiding place of the sage.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Great knowledge sees all in one. Small knowledge breaks down into the many.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “How do I know that loving life is not a delusion? How do I know that in hating death I am not like a man who, having left home in his youth, has forgotten the way back?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it. Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Running around accusing others is not as good as laughing. And enjoying a good laugh is not as good as going along with things.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Yet the stupid believe they are awake, busily and brightly assuming they understand things, calling this man ruler, that one herdsman – how dense! Confucius and you are both dreaming! And when I say you are dreaming, I am dreaming, too. Words like these will be labeled the Supreme Swindle.”
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