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Zhuangzi Quotes
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Zhuangzi Quote: “The greatest tragedy that can befall a person is the atrophy of his mind.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The creature born is the creature dying.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “A battering ram can knock down a city wall, but it cannot stop a hole. Different things have different uses.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Forget about life, forget about worrying about right and wrong. Plunge into the unknown and the endless and find your place there!”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Calculate what man knows and it cannot compare to what he doesn’t know. Calculate the time he is alive and it cannot compare to the time before he was born. Yet man takes something so small and tries to exhaust the dimensions of something so large!”
Zhuangzi Quote: “For all people strive to grasp what they do not know, while none strive to grasp what they already know; and all strive to discredit what they do not excel in, while none strive to discredit what they do excel in. This is why there is chaos.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Either in conflict with others or in harmony with them, we go through life like a runaway horse, unable to stop.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Man may rest in the eternal fitness; he may abide in the everlasting; and roam from the beginning to the end of all creation. He may bring his nature to a condition of ONE, he may nourish his strength; he may harmonise his virtue, and so put himself into partnership with God.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “He who steals a belt buckle pays with his life; he who steals a state gets to be a feudal lord.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “If you have grasped the purpose of life there is no point in trying to make life into something it is not or cannot be.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Although things seem to be sometimes going up and sometimes descending, sometimes slipping away, nevertheless there is a reality, the same today as in the past. It does not change, for nothing can affect it. Could we not say it is one great harmony? So why shouldn’t we ask about it...”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The way comes about as we walk it.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Only fools imagine they are already awake. How clearly they understand everything! How easily they distinguish this deception from that reality!”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Heaven cannot but be high. Earth cannot but be broad. The sun and moon cannot but revolve. All creation cannot but flourish. To do so is their TAO. But it is not from extensive study that this may be known, nor by dialectical skill that his may be made clear. The true sage will have none of these.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When I talk about having good hearing, I don’t mean just listening, but listening to yourself. When I talk about good eyesight, I don’t mean just looking, but looking at yourself.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “To go outside what your charge was, and to try to solve everything yourself, is dangerous.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When you are identified with the One, all things will be complete to you.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “It is only when the formed learns from the unformed that there is understanding.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “If one is true to one’s inner self, and follows its wisdom, who is without a teacher?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “You are still guided by your expectations.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When Zhuangzi was about to die, his disciples expressed a desire to give him a sumptuous burial. Zhuangzi said, “I will have heaven and earth for my coffin and coffin shell, the sun and moon for my pair of jade discs, the stars and constellations for my pearls and beads, and the ten thousand things for my parting gifts. The furnishings for my funeral are already prepared – what is there to add?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The True Man of ancient times knew nothing of loving life, knew nothing of hating death. He emerged without delight; he went back in without a fuss. He came briskly, he went briskly, and that was all. He didn’t forget where he began; he didn’t try to find out where he would end. He received something and took pleasure in it; he forgot about it and handed it back again.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The true man of the past waited upon Heaven when dealing with people and did not wait upon people when dealing with Heaven.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Can a man cling to the positive without any negative in contrast to which it is seen to be positive? If he claims to do so he is a rouge or a madman.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The hundred parts of the body are all complete in their places. Which should one prefer? Do you like them all equally? Are they all servants? Are they unable to control one another and need a ruler? Or do they become rulers and servants in turn? Is there any true ruler other than themselves?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “My most interesting memory is of my first real dream. I was a caterpillar, wriggling around in the earth, just the way a caterpillar would. Following my caterpillar whims, completely unaware of anyone.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “A fish-trap is for catching fish; once you’ve caught the fish, you can forget about the trap. A rabbit-snare is for catching rabbits; once you’ve caught the rabbit, you can forget about the snare. Words are for catching ideas; once you’ve caught the idea, you can forget about the words. Where can I find a person who knows how to forget about words so that I can have a few words with them?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Only he who has no use for the empire is fit to be entrusted with it.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “To use a horse to show that a horse is not a horse is not as good as using a non-horse to show that a horse is not a horse...”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Are you and I perchance caught up in a dream from which we have not yet awakened?”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Emptiness is the fasting of the mind.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When you’re betting for tiles in an archery contest, you shoot with skill. When you’re betting for fancy belt buckles, you worry about your aim. And when you’re betting for real gold, you’re a nervous wreck. Your skill is the same in all three cases – but because one prize means more to you than another, you let outside considerations weigh on your mind. He who looks too hard at the outside gets clumsy on the inside.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “If you were to hide the world in the world, so that nothing could get away, this would be the final reality of the constancy of things.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Waiting for changing opinions is like waiting for nothing.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Don’t go in and hide; don’t come out and shine; stand stock-still in the middle.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The Perfect Man uses his mind like a mirror – going after nothing, welcoming nothing, responding but not storing.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “To use a finger as a metaphor for the nonfingerness of a finger is not as good as using nonfingerness as a metaphor for the nonfingerness of a finger.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The true man breathes with his heels.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “You forget your feet when the shoes are comfortable. You forget your waist when the belt is comfortable. Understanding forgets right and wrong when the mind is comfortable. There is no change in what is inside, no following what is outside, when the adjustment to events is comfortable. You begin with what is comfortable and never experience what is uncomfortable when you know the comfort of forgetting what is comfortable.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Things joined by profit, when pressed by misfortune and danger, will cast each other aside.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “If right were ultimately right, its differentiation from not-right would require no debate.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “I’ve heard my teacher say, where there are machines, there are bound to be machine worries; where there are machine worries, there are bound to be machine hearts. With a machine heart in your breast, you’ve spoiled what was pure and simple; and without the pure and simple, the life of the spirit knows no rest.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “When a man does not dwell in self, then things will of themselves reveal their forms to him. His movement is like that of water, his stillness like that of a mirror, his responses like those of an echo.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “In all affairs, whether large or small, there are few men who reach a happy conclusion except through the Way. If you do not succeed, you are bound to suffer from the judgment of men. If you do succeed, you are bound to suffer from the yin and yang. To suffer no harm whether or not you succeed – only the man who has virtue can do that.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “We can’t expect a blind man to appreciate beautiful patterns or a deaf man to listen to bells and drums. And blindness and deafness are not confined to the body alone – the understanding has them, too.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “I obtained life because the time was right. I will lose life because it is time. Those who go quietly with the flow of nature are not worried by either joy or sorrow. People like these were considered in the past as having achieved freedom from bondage. Those who cannot free themselves are constrained by things.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “The sage is still not because he takes stillness to be good and therefore is still. The ten thousand things are insufficient to distract his mind – that is the reason he is still.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “It is widely recognized that the courageous spirit of a single man can inspire to victory an army of thousands. If one concerned with ordinary gain can create such an effect, how much more will be produced by one who for greater things cares!”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Men of this world all rejoice in others being like themselves, and object to others not being like themselves.”
Zhuangzi Quote: “Suppose I try saying something. What way do I have of knowing that if I say I know something I don’t really not know it? Or what way do I have of knowing that if I say I don’t know something I don’t really in fact know it?”
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