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Quotes About Reality: “The bridge between reality and a dream is work.” — Jared Leto

Quotes About Reality: “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” — Lewis Carroll

Quotes About Reality: “Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Quotes About Reality: “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Quotes About Reality: “The future is unwritten.” — Joe Strummer

Quotes About Reality: “Thoughts become perception, perception becomes reality. Alter your thoughts, alter your reality.” — William James

Quotes About Reality: “Perception precedes reality.” — Andy Warhol

Quotes About Reality: “Science is the poetry of reality.” — Richard Dawkins

Quotes About Reality: “Many of the things that seem impossible now will become realities tomorrow.” — Walt Disney

Quotes About Reality: “Disappointment is the gap that exists between expectation and reality.” — John C. Maxwell

Quotes About Reality: “Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” — Albert Einstein

Quotes About Reality: “Never let someone’s opinion become your reality. Never sacrifice who you are because someone else has a problem with it. Love who you are inside and out.” — Les Brown

Quotes About Reality: “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Quotes About Reality: “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” — Nikola Tesla

Quotes About Reality: “Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love.” — Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes About Reality: “Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. For in reality they are nothing but dream experiences. Play your part in life, but never forget that it is only a role.” — Paramahansa Yogananda

Quotes About Reality: “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” — Frida Kahlo

Quotes About Reality: “Engineers turn dreams into reality.” — Hayao Miyazaki

Quotes About Reality: “Only psychos and shamans create their own reality.” — Terence McKenna

Quotes About Reality: “Your longing for ME is my message to you, All your attempts to reach ME, Are in reality MY attempts to reach you.” — Rumi

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